Promote Your Business With Flyer Distribution This Christmas

Despite living in a digital world, some good old marketing techniques such as flyer distributions are still effective in promoting businesses. That’s because they have a range of benefits, that even digital marketing techniques can’t always match.

Stand out

For one, the fact that tangible marketing collateral isn’t as prevalent as digital marketing means that flyer distributions will stand out to consumers.


Using a marketing technique that stands out allows your business to be creative and unique in the design of their flyers. Tangible flyers can be creative with colour, graphics and design, as well as paper type and texture. This includes choosing between glossy or matte paper.

Additionally, flyers can be printed using either digital printing or offset printing. Both are different in method but offer a range of advantages depending on the nature of the printing job. Both methods offer high-quality printing.


Flyer printing and distribution proves to be a very cost-effective marketing technique. It allows businesses to work within a set budget.
Although cost-effective, flyer distributions don’t compromise on quality, results and success.

Highly targeted

In fact, flyer distribution is one of the most highly targeted marketing techniques. It lands on your consumer’s doorsteps, so it’s a perfect ideal for promoting local businesses and proves to be highly effective for lead generation.

Flyer and leaflet distribution also generate measurable results, as it determines the success of their marketing campaigns.

So how can it promote your business at Christmas time?

Christmas time is often a preferred time of the year to promote your business. This includes retailers, where customers buy presents and dinnerware for celebrations, grocery shops and local food stores. It even extends to Boxing Day.

A flyer promotion is a perfect way to market your business to consumers who are preparing for Christmas. It’s a busy time of year so consumers will want to shop locally as much as possible. Promoting your business to a targeted audience is highly effective and will be very convenient for your consumers.

Not only does this work well for Christmas flash sales and Boxing Day sales, but also for festive events, if your business runs an event and invites the general public.

Promotional flyers can be creative at Christmas time, as they can be designed to look like invitations, and will grab the consumers attention.

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, and receiving a Christmas-themed promotional flyer in the mail is sure to entice consumers and generate leads for your business.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help with all your flyer distribution needs.

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