Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Wondering about the pros and cons of outsourcing for your business? Let us put your mind at rest. Here’s what you need to know. 

We know – it can be hard to hand over important parts of your business to a virtual stranger to complete! However, what if we told you that it could be the best move you make to supercharge productivity in the office and bring in more business? 

There are some sizable advantages to outsourcing. If you aren’t already making use of it, there’s never a better time to start. 

However, carefully consider these pros and cons of outsourcing so you can make the best decision for your own business. 

Pro #1: No Additional Hires 

First of all, hiring someone new involves an interview process, multiple candidates, and reviewing interviews. Secondly, once someone is hired, there’s training and benefits to consider. That’s both time and money that you’re spending. 

Outsourcing reduces all those costs. There’s no lengthy waiting period – you can get your tasks started and finished as fast as possible. There’s no training or paying for benefits either, leaving you extra capital to allocate to other important things. 

Pro #2: Quicker Turnaround Time 

Unless you hire someone exclusively to do the task you’re outsourcing, your employee will be doing it in between other things. That means the job won’t get done as fast as it could. 

Outsourcing, though, offers a much higher turnaround time. Instead of adding extra work to an already busy staff member, let someone focus on your job and get it out in double time. 

Pro #3: Lower Stress Levels 

Outsourcing fiddly tasks like printing and invoicing frees up time for your employees who would otherwise be trying to fit it in between their other work. 

Imagine how your office environment would change if your employees were less stressed? Simply outsourcing a few things and removing that stress can make a huge difference to employee morale. 

Con #1: Communication 

This isn’t always an issue, but has the potential to become difficult. Depending on where the company is and how you’re communicating with them, there could be a bit of a delay in communication. 

Generally, companies are good about staying in touch. However, you’ll need to be prepared for slightly spotty communication. Of course, you can’t just walk into their office and ask how it’s going, as you might with an employee! 

Con #2: Less Control 

While you can offer information and provide direction to the outsourcing company, you have to accept that the job is out of your hands. For some, this can cause a high level of anxiety! 

Because outsourcers are usually working in a different place, there’s really no way for you to keep a direct eye on things. However, as long as you choose a reputable outsourcing company, you should have no cause for concern. 


Which of the pros and cons of outsourcing could make the biggest difference to your business? How much more efficient could your business be if you let someone else help with the nitty-gritty things? 

If outsourcing sounds like a good idea to you and you’re ready to free up time and space in your own life and those of your employees, get in touch! We’d be happy to help take the load off your shoulders and help you with professional, fast, and high-quality work.


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