Quick, Easy Ways to Improve Response Rate to Direct Mail Campaigns

Unsure how to drive more responses from your customers when you send out mail? Here are a few quick, easy ways to improve response rate to direct mail campaigns. Try them and let us know how they go! 

Ultimately, the outcome you want from your direct mail campaign is getting people to buy into your product or service. You aren’t just sending love letters! 

You want action. If you aren’t getting it, here are a few quick and easy things you can do to up that response rate. 

Double-Check Your Targets 

One in every 6 Australians move house every year. And more than 160,000 people pass away annually. Which means that if your direct mail database isn’t up to date, you could be sending mail to ghosts! 

Manage your data to prevent double-sends, incorrect addresses that don’t get to your target market, and being ghosted… Literally. 


Nothing catches someone’s attention like their own name on a piece of mail. Don’t just stick it in there and hope for the best, though. Be creative… So it seems like the mail is reeeeally catered to them. 

There are plenty of exciting ways to personalise your mail, though. It’s not just all about a name. Check out this article for a few more ideas! 

Get Creative 

What do you think is more likely to be opened… A boring ol’ rectangular brochure in muted colours, or a funky cut dressed in something eye-catching and bright? 

There are many ways to make your flyer stand out in a crowd. Colour, shape, content… Put something together that’s attractive and entices them to open, read, and remember. 

Give ‘Em A Direct CTA 

Don’t fluff around in your communication. If you don’t tell your reader EXACTLY what you want them to do, you can’t really be upset when you aren’t getting those responses! 

The more direct you can be with your CTA, the better. You need to be direct with your reader and leave them in no doubt as to what to do. 

Direct Them Online 

Here’s a quick tip to improve your engagement and keep that customer engagement going. As part of your CTA (or your full CTA), encourage your readers to interact with you online. 

Whatever social media platform you’re on, get your readers talking to you and you’ve got more opportunity to make a sale. 

A/B Testing 

Comparing two pieces of mail can yield invaluable information. You’ll be able to see at a glance what messaging, colours, style, shape, etc worked better with your target market. 

Take note that this is only really useful if you compare a large volume of mail. 5,000 to 8,000 is usually a decent volume for a single mailing, so you’ll need at least twice as much for an effective A/B test. 


Upping your response rate doesn’t have to be hard. Implementing just a few of these quick, easy ways to improve response rate may be all you need to take your business from blah to booming!

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