Why Real Estate Brochure Marketing Could Be Your Secret Weapon

A real estate brochure might not be the first thing you think of when considering how to market yourself. But is it worthwhile? We believe so! Here’s why. 

Digital marketing is big right now, and for good reason. It’s easy to reach a huge amount of people very quickly, and you can include engaging things like video. 

In the real estate world, most people do check things out online if they’re in the market. But don’t underestimate the power of a marketing brochure for commercial real estate companies. 

Not everyone is looking online for properties. Some are toying with the idea of moving but haven’t committed yet. Some know of other people who are planning on moving. 

Not everyone is actively looking online for property. But placing real, tangible information in their hands could be the catalyst to something. 

Why Choose Physical Mail? 

Physical mail has some advantages over online advertising. While we highly recommend marketing your real estate business online, adding physical mail to your repertoire can really boost your reach and increase your business. 

Brochures are tangible, and they’re there to stay. Unless someone physically throws it away, it hangs around reminding them every time they walk past it. Unlike social media algorithms, a brochure isn’t just going to fade into the crowd. 

Here’s are the top reasons we think you should be getting your brochure on: 

No Distractions 

Real estate brochures are easier to read than digital ads, because there aren’t any distracting ads or notifications from other apps. Instead of having a bunch of different things to look at, you really only have the piece of paper in front of you. 

In most cases, people are going to skim through the content on the web. Most of the information is dismissed, if they even take it in at all! 

Your reader is able to pick up the brochure and easily find the information they’re looking for, even if they’re skimming through it. 

Without all the distractions, the information is easier to absorb and your prospective client will be able to make an informed decision

If they’re interested in the listing, they’ll also be reminded of it every time they glance at your brochure. No getting lost in a bookmarks folder! 

Cost Effective 

Real estate brochures are a cost effective way to deliver a personalised campaign to 100s or 1000s of prospective buyers in specific suburbs. 

It’s quick and easy to create a brochure and should be incorporated with your digital marketing campaign. This will provide you with a well-rounded campaign that will maximise your return-on-investment

Easy to Read & Share 

Brochures are one of the best ways to spread the news about a new listing! Prospective buyers are able to read it at their leisure and share it with their spouse or friends. 

It acts as a bit of a teaser, encouraging people to come and view the listing. Better yet, they’ll be able to pull it out and look at it when it comes to making important decisions. 

On the other hand, if they aren’t in the market right now but know someone who is, it’s easy to stick into a handbag and pass on to interested parties. 

Can Hold Lots of Info 

Unlike digital marketing campaigns, which limit how many words and images you can use, brochures allow you plenty of space for valuable information. 

You’ll have plenty of room to showcase all the best parts of the new property listing that will help attract prospective buyers. 


If you’re not really the creative type, real estate brochure design design may be a little intimidating! However, this is where you can really have fun with it and stand out from the competition. 

Brochure size, shape, colours, and design can all be used to catch the eye of readers. Remember, you’ve got to get their attention before you can expect them to follow your CTA. 

The creative nature of a brochure also gives you the freedom to adapt and respond to the needs of your business, so that you can pair potential clients with their dream home. 

How to Make A Real Estate Brochure 

The best real estate brochure design creates curiosity and entices the reader to keep reading. Creative real estate brochure ideas will always get more attention than your standard design! 

There are two elements you’ll need to pay attention to: your design and your content. Ultimately, your design should catch their eye, and your content should show them everything they want to know about the property you’re advertising. 

Google is your friend when it comes to finding real estate brochure inspiration! If you’re stuck for interesting ideas, you should be able to find a commercial real estate brochure template that you can tweak to make our own. 

Decide On Your Content 

Content needs to include photos and text, which need to complement each other. 

Don’t simply list features; instead, express to the reader why these features are beneficial. For example, instead of saying “large kitchen” and leaving it there, say something like: “Spacious kitchen, ideal for family baking days”. 

Cater these benefits to your target audience, and you’ll capture imaginations and find yourself with more interested buyers than you expect. 

Choose Your Layout 

Once you have an idea of words, you need to choose the paper design it’s printed on. Again, tailor this to your target market. A funky-shaped design may be appropriate for some, but luxury real estate brochure design may call for something more elegant. 

Also, make sure the design you pick works nicely with your content. If it’s difficult to see how your content will fit onto a particular design, it may not be the right one. 

Craft A Strong CTA 

Once you’ve captured the reader’s attention and painted a picture of them living in the home, you need to finish off with a strong call to action

Don’t assume that they’ll know what to do. In fact, the more direct you can be, the better! Tell them exactly what to do next; “Give us a call to enquire”, “Book a house tour”, or “Visit our website to view similar properties” are good choices. 

Don’t Forget Contact Details 

Once you’ve added a compelling CTA, don’t forget to give them the exact info they need to do just that. A phone number, website, or other way of contacting you is necessary to create those connections.