How to plan the most effective direct mail campaign

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What are the stages of a complete end-to-end direct mail campaign? Understanding the anatomy of a campaign beforehand will ensure you plan your direct mail campaign correctly.

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into running a direct mail campaign? It’s fairly straightforward, but there’s a definite process that takes place in order to ensure that your campaign is successful. 

Here are the steps that we take when you decide you want to run a direct mail campaign. If you work with us, this is what you can expect! 




1. Planning and preparation

To make sure your mass mail or direct marketing campaign is successful, you’ll need to do some research and planning. The first step is to identify your target audience, and then put your target distribution list together. 
Next, decide what your goal is. This will influence your campaign greatly! Do you want to make sales or lead your customers to take a particular action? It’s important to decide on what your call to action is. This will provide your audience with a way forward and needs to work hand-in-hand with your goal. 
You can go with a soft CTA, here are a few examples:
• Try Us Out! 
• Get Started
• Learn More
• Try For Free
• Sign Up 
Or something much more direct, like: 
• Visit Our Website 
• Book an Appointment 
• Buy Yours Now 
Make sure the information that you provide for your end-to-end direct mail campaign includes: 
• Who you are and what you do 
• What you’re offering 
• Why should they choose you? 
In this stage, you’ll also need to decide if you want to personalise the campaign or include free samples in your printed mail.


2. Design work

Make sure that the design and format of your mail makes your information appealing, easy to read, and highlights your goal and your CTA. 
You can choose from a number of formats, such as brochures, flyers, oversized postcards, booklets, leaflets, or regular-sized postcards, not to mention custom envelopes.
There are two ways to can go about the design work: 
1) Use a direct mail template and do your own design 

2) Make use of Direct Mail Solutions’ super designers
We can take care of all the niggly design work, and make sure that: 
• The campaign is customised to your goals, including branding & colours 
• Your focus points aren’t lost in text or graphs 
• The format keeps your goal & CTA at the forefront

3. Printing, folding, and collating 

Once the format and graphic design work are completed, your direct mail marketing campaign will go to print. Depending on your needs, this could be either litho or digital printing. 

Digital printing is a good choice when you need faster delivery, have smaller print runs, or need to print personalised mail. It can also be more affordable. 

Litho printing is usually used on longer or larger print runs, or where the design is being printed on cardboard or similar media. 

You can choose the quantity to be printed, but in most cases it will be based off of your targeted mailing list. It can be time-consuming and complicated to print, fold, collate, & send large volumes of mail to hundreds (or thousands) of different recipients! 


Which is where we come in. Let Direct Mail Solutions handle your complete end-to-end direct mail campaign, from design work to distribution and everything in between!


Take your direct mail, marketing and printing to new heights
with our end-to-end services.

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