Strengthen Your Brand Positioning With Effective Direct Mail Marketing

The way you position your brand through marketing is hugely important if you want your business to be successful. You need to know your target audience and position yourself in a way that builds brand awareness and stands out amongst the competition.

When your potential customers are looking for the product or service you provide, you want them to think of you first, and to do that you need a marketing strategy that works to your advantage.

What Is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is simply how you position your brand in your customer’s minds and against the competition.

You should have a brand positioning strategy in place that showcases why you’re different, what you offer and how you do what you do, for example, your brand’s personality and style.

This strategy will often include many digital platforms, but also the trusted medium of direct mail marketing.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is an old and trusted medium that involves sending physical mail to your target audience. From letters, flyers, brochures and more, direct mail still holds an important place in marketing strategies when positioning your brand.

Many people are being bombarded each day with email and social media campaigns, so a smart and attention-grabbing piece of direct mail can really stand out to potential customers.

How Can Direct Mail Strengthen Your Brand Positioning?

Research suggests direct mail receives better response rates than emails because consumers like to get mail. On average, people receive 121 emails per day, so you really have to fight for a response, whereas with direct mail your brand message and call to action is physically being dropped into the homes of your target audience.

Direct mail also requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email, and offers a 29% return on investment!

If you spend time analysing your competition and understand what your consumers really want, you can send highly effective direct mail that will resonate with people and stand out from your competitors.

Whether you want to generate new leads, upsell to existing customers or just increase brand awareness and strengthen relationships, direct mail can be the golden ticket to attract those consumers who are overwhelmed by constant emails and social media campaigns.


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