Target lapsed customers with personalised direct mail campaigns

While many marketing regimes focus on targeting new customers, it’s also important to regularly engage with existing customers, especially those whose patronage has lapped. Find out how to reengage existing customers in 5 easy steps with a targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

Determine why customers are inactive

It should be relatively easy to determine your inactive customers by simply looking through your customer data. If you don’t have sufficient data, it’s a good idea to invest in professional data solutions so you can better track your customer’s spending habits and organise your mailing list accordingly. After identifying which of your customers are no longer purchasing your products, you need to determine why they are no longer spending money on your business. Some businesses work on a one-time purchase model, however it’s important for businesses relying on repeat customers to maintain regular contact with their client base.

Examine your recent marketing efforts to see where you may have neglected lapsing customers. You may need to make your marketing towards these customers more personal, or perhaps you’ve bombarded them with too much material. Whatever the reason, the better you try to understand your customers’ individual circumstances, the easier it will be to win them back.

Tailor your direct mail campaign

Once you’ve figured out why your existing customers are no longer purchasing your products or services, you can then use this information along with personal details to create a targeted marketing campaign. Design a campaign that is able to be tailored to each individual customers wants and needs, taking into account their transaction history and personal preferences. Put an emphasis on personalised approach by including your customer’s name in the mail out and notifying them of new products or services that align with their spending history. If possible, it’s also a good idea to use A/B testing on lapsed customers to figure out how best to reengage similar customers in the future.

Win them back with rewards

If a customer has strayed from your business, steps need to be taken to show them they are still valued and appreciated. A great way to do this is with rewards such as discount coupons, special offers or even free gifts. Rewards should be clear in their intent and should communicate a sense of exclusivity: you’re offering this reward to the customer because you noticed their lack of activity and value their custom. Rewards should be as personalised as possible (without being creepy) and a friendly “We miss you” message never goes astray.

Direct Mail is a fantastic way to communicate with lapsed customers as it lets them know you’re thinking of them and can be personalised to ensure repeat business. Direct Mail Solutions specialise in targeted direct mail marketing campaigns, from data solutions and design, right through to fulfillment.

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