Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Planning & Running a Direct Mail Campaign

This week we’ve come up with ten quick tips to help your next direct mail marketing campaign run smoothly and successfully.

  1. Include the three basic elements

Every direct mail campaign needs an offer, enough information to induce the reader to accept the offer and a mechanism for responding to the offer.

  1. Repurpose

Repurpose extra copies of your direct mail as flyers instore, at networking events, and in information packs for vendors.

  1. Use data to inform your editorial choices

Whilst direct mail marketing isn’t an exact science, there are some techniques which prove to be effective time and time again including:

  • A yes/no option is more effective than a campaign without a no option
  • A negative option offer is more effective than a positive option offer
  • Offers with a time limit are more effective than offers without
  • A gift is more effective than a discount
  • Sweepstakes increase the order volume for impulse items
  • Listing benefits is more effective than listing features
  • Audience involvement encourages readership
  • Envelope packages are more effective than self-mailers
  1. Test first

Before you invest in any large-scale print marketing campaign, it’s important to test out your campaign with a smaller market to make sure it’s worth the money by determining the rate of return. If you have the budget, try testing several different campaigns to determine what’s most effective.

  1. Follow up

Actively pursue both responders and non-responders with a phone call to capture any possible conversions and assess responses.

  1. Personalise

Find opportunities to make a personal connection with your target audience by using their name as much as possible in the copy, and including pictures of your staff and business to foster a sense of familiarity.

  1. Integrate

To be truly effective, direct mail needs to be integrated into a larger campaign that uses other channels (such as digital or telemarketing) as repeat exposure helps customers become more familiar with your brand. A series of mailings is also more effective than a standalone communication for the same reason.

  1. Make sure your database is up to date

Make sure your database records are up to date before mailing out a large campaign. This includes removing bounce back addresses and touching base with your existing customer base regularly to ensure all details are current.

  1. Appeal to emotion, back up with reason

Studies suggest that decision making is governed by emotion and backed up by logic so to get a sale, your pitch should first make an emotional appeal and then use reasons to finalise the transaction.

  1. Invest in a graphic designer

To give your mailings a professional polish, invest in the services of a graphic designer who will be able to present your marketing message in the best possible light.


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