The Advantages of Marketing in Colour

If you can possibly afford it, marketing in colour has several huge advantages over working in black and white. This week, we take a look at some of the proven reasons why colour helps you get the result you want when it comes to direct mail marketing.  

Colour draws in the eye

Perhaps most obviously, printing in colour helps catch your target audience’s eye at a glance, which is crucial if they’re only rifling through letters on the walk back from the mailbox.

Colour is ideal for invoicing

If the due date on a bill is highlighted, people are 43% more likely to pay it and 31% more likely to pay it in full.

Colour gets the message across

Not only are readers 54% more likely to read content if it is in colour, they are 69% more likely to understand it.

Colour can be used for more effective audience targeting

You can use colour to communicate to a demographic that your advertising is for them. For example, using ‘millennial pink’ in your print marketing will signify to the younger millennial demographic that your products or services are designed for them.

Colour helps memory

Audiences are anywhere between 25-75% more likely to remember the message of your advertising if it is in colour as it will create a stronger visual impact.

Colour helps decision making

Consumers find it 60% easier to make an acceptance or rejection decision and some studies also suggest it can boost the likelihood of purchase up by as much as 80%.

Colour is easier to design in

When working in monochrome, it’s much more difficult for a designer to highlight the core message of your advertising. Instead of using colour, designers usually have to vary either font or size, which can upset the spatial balance of the design. However, using just two different colours for an advertising campaign makes it simple for a designer to highlight a heading or core message.

Colour makes your brand stand out

Colour plays a crucial role in many brand identities, so if your brand as a distinct colour scheme, printing it in monochrome will make it much harder for your target audience to recognise it.

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