The Benefits of Bulk Mail

If you need to send out a mass mail order of 500 items or more by post, bulk mail is an efficient tool. It will not only help save time and manpower but also help cut costs. In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of bulk mail.  


Bulk mail can be quite an effective way to save money. Depending on the size of your company and mailing service needs, bulk mail can be cheaper than distributing promotional material through a mailing house. If you’re preparing a large-scale event and require hundreds or thousands of leaflets for a specific, target audience, bulk mail can be financially advantageous. Or if you need monthly promotional materials delivered to your target market, bulk mail might be the way to go.  

More specific, impactful targeting 

Another benefits of bulk mail is that that your targeting is more focused and impactful. While email listings can contain thousands of addresses, many of which are not interested in the product or service one is selling, mail houses provide true and up-to-date contact information. Bulk mail therefore allows you to target at the highest level because mail houses are reliable. Having an appropriately targeted database is important as effective targeting is key to any successful marketing strategy. Poor target results in the message being sent to the wrong audience, rendering your whole marketing plan ineffective.  

Increased customer receptivity  

While digital realms provide amazing platforms to reach large numbers of people, they can be highly saturated, calling their effectiveness into question. The extent to which people are truly reading and engaging with marketing messages online is disputed. This is where traditional forms of advertising like bulk mailing stand apart. Mailing services can be more effective as people are more likely to read their email and give their full attention to it as they read.  

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can take care of all your bulk mail needs. We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications.

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