The Benefits of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

In our highly saturated digital marketing world, qualities such as, engagement and retention have never been more important. This is what direct mail offers: a powerful form of advertising to captivate your customers’ attention. 

So, keep reading to find out the top four benefits of direct mail and why it is an effective form of marketing in the Digital Age.

Direct mail is trustworthy

As people living in the information society, we’re constantly being bombarded by advertisements. This results in a social media landscape which is highly saturated. From fake news to clickbait headlines, consumers are slowly becoming less trusting of content distributed in the digital realm. This is a perk of direct mail and letterbox distribution: it has a certain level of authority which digital media is struggling to maintain. 

We’re wired for print

A study at a Canadian Neuromarketing firm on the effects of paper marketing versus digital media revealed that direct mail required 21% less cognitive effort process than digital media. This means that direct mail is more memorable and easy to comprehend, resulting in greater retention rates of your brand and message.

Direct mail encourages undivided attention from potential customers

As a general rule of thumb, approximately 2% of the advertisements we see each day hold our valued attention. This translates to only 100 out of every 5,000 ads producing any meaningful impact on the consumer. Unlike digital marketing which constantly competes and struggles to capture your undivided attention, print media, such as direct mail, commands your complete concentration. It is ‘quiet’ and allows people to engage fully with what is being advertised.

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