The DMS Guide to Spring Marketing

With spring less than two days away, it’s time to think about adjusting your marketing for the warmer months. Seasonal marketing is a great way to keep your business relevant, and tailor your branding to the current mood of your customers. This week, we take a look at four key ways you can incorporate a spring theme into your marketing.

Use bright colours

Vibrant spring colours are a great way to break away from a weary winter mentality and visually revitalise your business. Be bold and use whimsical fonts, contrasting colours, and vibrant graphics. Using traditional spring pastels such as sky blue, blush, lilac and mint are a great way to signify something fresh and new.

Push renewal

Spring is all about things waking up and coming to life after the long winter, but the concept of renewal can also be extended into the world of business. As such, spring is the perfect time to debut new branding, launch a new campaign, promote a new product or service, and start up a new social media channel.

Run a spring cleaning sale

Springtime is traditionally a dry period in terms of sales, as most retailers tend to save up for the rush after Christmas, but it can be good to buck the trend and mix things up by offering discounts or specials as part of a spring cleaning concept. Alternately, encourage your customer base to clean out their closets and homes by debuting your new product range.

Capitalise on the good weather

The end of winter means the beginning of the sunny weather and whole host of exciting end of year events that get people going outdoors again. As a business, you can capitalise on this by talking about the good weather on your social channels, or by finding a way to align your product or service with this desire to get outdoors. One example of this might be if you are a cleaning company, emphasise how your services will cut the client’s household chores in half, so they can spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather.

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