The Five Biggest Don’ts of Direct Mail

While there is a wealth of information available on how to construct an effective direct mail marketing strategy, you should also consider potential areas where your campaign may get it wrong. By understanding some of the most common direct mail mistakes, you can actively take measures to avoid them in your next campaign. Here are five of the biggest “don’ts” in direct mail.

Don’t: neglect quality control

While the concept, design, tone, and overall aesthetics of your direct mail campaign are important, these elements are nothing without proper quality control. It’s extremely important to thoroughly check your direct mail for errors such as typos, formatting issues and inconsistencies before sending it out to potential clients. By investing in proper editing and proofreading you will be able to maintain a professional image, increasing the likelihood of a successful campaign.

Don’t: forget the importance of a mailing list

You may have the best direct mail campaign in the world, but it won’t be successful without a relevant mailing list. Mailing list rental is valuable service offered by many mailing houses. The right mailing list will ensure you are in touch with a suitable target market, which will inform the structure of your campaign and increase your potential response rate.

Don’t: fail to follow up

Good direct mail marketing isn’t just about making one-off sales; it’s about growing a loyal customer base. Make sure you follow up all responses to your direct mail campaign in order to cultivate an ongoing business relationship with the customer.

Don’t: skip the incentives

A good direct mail campaign will not only be catchy and attractive, it will also a clear incentive. Don’t forget to include an incentive such as a coupon code, special offer, or giveaway in your next campaign.

Don’t: ignore other marketing channels

Multi-level marketing is always the best approach, so it’s important not to neglect your other marketing channels when developing a direct mail campaign. Stay on top of things like social media and digital marketing, and try to integrate them into your direct mail campaign for the best results.

By avoiding these common direct mail mistakes, you will be setting your campaign up to achieve the best possible results. Direct Mail Solutions are a professional mailing house, covering all aspects of direct mail design and distribution.

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