The Pros and Cons of Laser Printers 

A laser printer is a popular type of printer that uses a non-impact, photocopier technology to create images on paper. Laser printers are relatively high-speed printers that are most common in the office environment, although inkjet printers are gaining momentum too. When a document is sent to the printer, the laser bream “draws” on a selenium-coated drum using electrical charges. In this week’s blog, we discuss the pros and cons of laser printers.  

1) Up-front costs 

While laser printers used to be too expensive for the home users, prices have dropped substantially in recent years. Laser prints used to cost a few thousand dollars. Whereas, you can find great laser printers today for only a few hundred dollars. While these more expensive models still exist, the price difference is typically reflected in quality and functionality.  

2) Cost-effective printing supplies 

With laser printers, you get more value for your money with printing cartridges in comparison to inkjet printers. This is because toner cartridges, which are designed for laser printers, are more long-lasting than an inkjet cartridge. Although toner cartridges are more expensive up-front, their longer life span ensures you get much greater value for your money.  

3) Speed 

Laser printers are incredibly quick. In fact, for basic, monochrome jobs, laser printers can produce more than 40 pages per minute.  

4) Colour 

Historically, laser has been the more economical and efficient choice for coloured printing. However, if your printing only requires a limited number of pages, the cost of colour toner cartridges can be unreasonably high. Printing coloured pages with a laser printer is therefore best for large jobs. Laser printers are also not created to produce photo-prints because the mechanics of toner formulation don’t lend themselves to quality and durability like inkjet printers do.  

5) Durability 

Laser printers also have a lot of moving parts that can easily break down. However, luckily, these parts can be replaced or repaired. Besides from this, laser printers typically last many years so are a great investment. 

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