Tips for Effective Direct Mail Envelopes 

A direct mail envelopes is an essential part of any direct mail package. But with not much space to put your design or copy, it can be difficult to decipher the most important things to include to ensure an effective direct mail envelopes design. That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re breaking down our top tips for effective direct mail envelopes. 

1) Use teaser copy targeted for your specific audience 

Upon receiving your envelope, it should be clear that your message is addressed specifically to your reader. A simple way to do this is to include key words such as “exclusive offer for shoppers inside” or “for serious investors only”. Make sure to select words relevant to your audiences’ interests and identity.  

2) Use directive language 

Entice your reader to open the envelope by using clear, directive language. Examples include “see inside” or “open immediately“. Combine this approach with a benefit the reader will receive, such as “FREE recipes! Look inside” or “How to save hundreds on your taxes! See inside for more information… 

3) Get creative with illustrations or photos 

Pictures are a great visual tool to engage your audience. Furthermore, they communicate instantly. While words are great, pictures can enhance your overall message. For example, a photo of a book with the word “FREE” next to it can be far more effective than several lines of text. 

4) Put your deadline on the outside 

Deadlines inspire action. If you include a clear deadline on the outside of your envelope, there is a greater chance that your audience will be propelled to act. It is best to use a real deadline over a random one as it maintains the honesty and authenticity of your company.  

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