Top 5 Leaflet Distribution Tips

Leaflet distribution can be cost-effective for small businesses and startups aiming to promote their brand and products within their marketing campaigns.

It is also a great strategy to use in conjunction with digital marketing campaigns. However, you can waste precious time and money if your leaflet distribution efforts are not carefully planned or poorly executed. Here are 5 key steps you should follow to ensure your leaflet advertising and distribution is effective and delivers a decent return on investment.

Targeting, Targeting, Targeting

One of the most important keys to leaflet marketing success is targeting. When planning your campaign you need to first sit down and identify your target audience. Invest some time in research and understanding who your target audience is, how old they are, what gender they are, their ethnicity, where they live, shop, work and what they buy, read, watch etc. You can focus you leaflet distribution on particular geographical areas based on the demographic information you have compiled about your target audience. You can work out exactly which factors influence your target market’s purchasing decisions and plan your campaign accordingly.

Identify your goals

It is essential that you work out what the main goal of the campaign is and exactly what you want to achieve by distributing your leaflets, flyers or pamphlets. Do you want to promote a new product, event or offer? Do you want the target audience to visit your website? That way you can effectively measure your success at the end of the campaign.

Get the Timing Right

If you don’t plan the timing of your leaflet distribution correctly, all your hard work could go to waste. If you are promoting an event you need to send out your leaflets far enough in advance to give your audience the chance to fit the event into their busy schedules. A special offer may coincide with a season or particular holiday. For example, if the occasion is Father’s Day you’ll want to send the leaflets out at least a week prior so that they have time to browse your products and take advantage of your offer before Father’s Day comes around. However, if you send your leaflets out too early many people will not see any urgency in your offer and potentially end up forgetting about your campaign altogether.

Size Does Matter

You need to consider how you will be distributing your leaflets when selecting the appropriate size. If you are distributing leaflets at trade shows and exhibitions you will want to make them small enough for people to pop into their wallets or bags sending leaflets as direct mail you might like to make them pocket-sized – A7 or A6 – whereas if you intend to send your leaflets via mail you may to wish got with a larger size such as A5, DL or even A4 if you want to really grab the recipient’s attention.

Partner with a Mail House that Knows Leaflet Distribution

In order to have a successful leaflet marketing campaign it is important to partner with the experts.  Align your business with a company that has significant expertise and a good reputation in the industry. They should be able to provide you with helpful advice regarding the best ways to achieve your campaign goals and how best to engineer a campaign to suit your needs and budget. You can avoid wasting your marketing dollars by leveraging their experience in leaflet distribution.

Direct Mail Solutions has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and thanks to our machinery, databases and know-how we can achieve economies of scale that allows us to bring the cost of your leaflet distribution far below that which your business can manage in-house.

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