What are the test types of marketing material for Direct Mail?

Benefits of direct mailThere are many types of marketing material out there, which can be confusing if you’re trying to decide which one to use!

Choosing the wrong format can result in your message being lost. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right one! 

Struggling to decide between a flyer and a leaflet? A poster and a postcard?

Wondering if business cards are even important anymore?

Here’s our guide to what type of direct mail marketing material is best for which situation. 





Brochures—also known as pamphlets—are information-heavy, folded pieces of mail. You can usually choose how many folds you want, but 2, 3, and 4 are the most common. They’re great for mixing info with pictures, and leading your reader along an information path to a strong CTA. 

Great for: Sharing a lot of information in an easy-to-read way, info that needs to be presented in 4, 6, or 8 sections (one per panel) 



Calendar marketing can be a handy way of promoting your brand. Everyone uses calendars, and you know they’ll have your contact details in front of them for at least the next year! Don’t overdo it on the promoting, though—stick to a logo and contact details on every page, with a tagline about what you do. 

Great for: Promotional material (send to clients as a “thank you” or to your target audience) 



Catalogues are very specific types of marketing material that not everyone will use. If you have a collection of products or a wide range of services, a catalogue is the perfect way to do it. It’s laid out so the reader can easily find the info on each one and compare to others. 

Great for: Showcasing your array of products or services, targeted letterbox distribution.



Flyers are the most common and often the cheapest form of direct mail. They’re a single sheet of paper, sometimes double-sided but sometimes printed on just one side. 

Great for: Advertising events, specials, price cuts, bulk/mass campaigns, anything that doesn’t require too much information or pictures. 



Leaflets are similar to flyers, but catered to a bit of a higher-class audience. Although they have the same kind of design as flyers – single or double-sided – they’re often printed on better paper and designed to be kept for longer. 

Great for: Advertising events, tailored offers, price cuts, basically the same as flyers just to a more upmarket audience. 



Postcards are not as common as other forms of direct mail marketing. They’re fun and garner interest. Keep in mind that you’re quite limited with space on a postcard, though. 

Great for: Marketing your offer in a way that has a chilled vibe to it, being unique, short, sweet messages, excellent for travel- and vacation-related companies. 



Posters are more visual types of marketing material than text-based. Although they do contain some text information, it needs to be short and big enough to be seen as one is walking/driving past. They can range from A4 to A0 in size! 

Great for: Advertising events like concerts, parties, etc, anything with strong visuals, ads that need minimal information. Not really suitable for direct mail!


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