Why to use visual data and statistics in direct mail campaigns

Visual Data In Direct Mail

If you’re not already using visual data in direct mail campaigns, you should be. It’s an easy way to increase customer understanding, add character, and improve engagement! 

There’s more to great mail than just text. Don’t get me wrong—your message and how you say it is vital to your success. But visual data is an often-overlooked part of a direct mail campaign, and it could be the one thing you really need to make an impact. 

Read further to learn some reasons why you should be using visual data in direct mail campaigns.

The good news is that if you aren’t already, it’s super easy to start doing! 


The Brain on Visual Data 

Did you know that the brain processes visual data roughly 60,000 times faster than other info? Or that it takes just 13 milliseconds of seeing an image before we can identify what it is? 

The brain is visual! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a “visual learner”, the truth is, visuals are always easier for the brain to process. 

Using Visual Data In Direct Mail 

Of course, text is necessary. You need to inform the reader about what your piece of mail is offering. But you can’t expect them to wade through giant walls of text to find that out. 

Why Use Visual Data? 

You need to catch your reader’s attention. Remember that statistic above? 13 milliseconds. If you’ve got something visual on your bulk mail flyer, your reader can glance at it, process it, and make the choice to keep reading. 

If there’s simply text on your direct mail, all one glance is going to do is make your reader want to put it down without reading it!

Use visual data to catch their attention upfront. From there, you need to lead them down the road of finding out everything they need to know. 

How to Incorporate Visual Data 

Using visual data in letterbox distribution campaigns doesn’t mean just sticking pictures into your mail. You need to be smart about it and use value-packed graphics that offer important information about your product or service. 


Graphs are amazing bits of visual information for printed collateral. They take complicated concepts and make them easy to understand by putting them in a visual format. 

If you have graphs or pie charts (or can make some) relating to your product or service, pop one or two in there. Just make sure that they’re fun and easy on the eye… Not overly complicated or too professional-looking. 


As their name suggests, these are graphics full of info. You’ve no doubt seen them floating around… Well, everywhere, really. They’re a great way to share steps, benefits, or anything else about your product. 


People like seeing how things work. Don’t just stick pictures of happy, grinning people in there. Rather, take the chance to showcase your product or an element of your service. Or even put a headshot in there if one particular person is important. 

Just make sure your pics are professional and look great. No hasty photos snapped on a smartphone at the last minute!

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