Ways your Business Can Benefit from a Letter Drop Service

Direct Mail Solutions is proud to support Melbourne businesses with a comprehensive letter drop service that makes it simple and affordable for our clients to advertise their business in print format. This week, we look at some of the reasons why so many Melbourne businesses choose to take advantage of our letter drop service.

Focus on core competencies

Choosing to outsource your letter drop requirements enables you to focus on growing your business and leaves the logistic aspects of a direct mail campaign in the hands of experts. As a specialised mail house, Direct Mail Solutions has the resources, experience and skills to ensure your letter drop campaign is professionally executed.


Outsourcing your letter drop requirements to a company that specialises in direct mail marketing means you don’t have to worry about quality control issues as a high standard is guaranteed as part of our service delivery assurances.

Database access

Working with a professional letter drop service provider also enables businesses to access quality mail databases. This is ideal for businesses looking to introduce their brand to a new customer base. Direct Mail Solutions offers access to high quality mailing databases and can help you find a suitable database for your business needs.

Delivery guarantee

Engaging letter drop services ensures that your mail will be delivered in a timely fashion that will align with your other campaign activities. As a side note, choosing to run a print campaign ensures that your message is not only delivered, but also read as the direct mail marketing route is currently underused in Australia. The average Australian household receives less than two unaddressed promotional items per week, so it’s far more likely that a customer will read your promotional message on the walk back from the mailbox as opposed to opening one of the dozens of spam emails they receive every day.

Cost effective

Outsourcing your letter drop requirements is generally much more cost effective than doing it yourself as it saves time as well as printing, and delivery costs.

Direct Mail Solutions offer letter drop services to businesses of all sizes throughout Melbourne.

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