What Makes Generation X Tick?

Often characterised as the cynical, insecure and lazy grunge generation, Generation X has done a lot of growing up since the nineties, and their driving motivations and aspirations have evolved as well. Although this demographic is often overlooked by marketers, Gen X has more spending power than any other generation, so having a working understanding of their psychology has incredibly lucrative potential. In this article, we delve into the psyche of this forgotten middle demographic.

Family values

Children of divorce, Generation X places a strong emphasis on family values and is driven by a desire to raise their children in a safe, supportive environment with all the opportunities they never had. This core value has a widespread range of implications and applications in marketing, some of which include a passion for nostalgia, receptiveness towards all inclusive advertising, and an interest in lasting value as well as the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ concept. Because of this, marketing your product or service in a way which suggests it can strengthen the family unit, by creating more family time, becoming an heirloom, or helping the next generation will resonate strongly amongst Gen X.

A sense of security

Perhaps the most marked shift in Generation X is their transition from moody nihilists to forward thinking optimists. As an extension of their family values, Generation X is very focused on their future and leaving behind a legacy for their children. Concerns about crime, climate change, and saving for retirement are all driving motivations for this demographic, so it can pay to emphasise the sustainability, or long term benefits of your product.

Self care

Gen X is beginning to feel the affects of middle age, and this makes them particularly receptive to the idea of self care. Health and fitness concepts, as well a cosmetic and beauty related products all perform strongly amongst this demographic. Marketers can harness this concern for self care by emphasising the health benefits of products, or illustrating how they might fit in to a balanced lifestyle.

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