What You Should Know About Shrink Wrapping

While direct mail marketing is a fantastic option to consider, it is quite obvious that this method of marketing is exposed to a variety of elements that can compromise the quality of the product. In today’s blog, we investigate how to prevent the damage of your product from such elements using shrink wrap.

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a plastic film that shrinks tightly around the product it is wrapping when heat is applied. It can be used to wrap a range of items – from boxes, to food and drinks, to magazines and newspapers.

The main purpose of shrink wrap is to protect the products inside from dust, water and other forms of contamination or damage.


Why is shrink wrapping a good choice for me?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider shrink-wrapping your products, especially if they are forms of direct mail marketing (such as for hamper mail-outs, newspaper subscriptions or prospectuses).


  • A major problem that may be faced by those using direct mail marketing is a simple one: the weather! Without any kind of protection, rain or general dirt and dust can ruin the quality of your products.
  • Luckily, shrink wrapping is an easy solution. It protects your products from all kinds of weather, so you no longer have to worry about the quality being compromised by natural elements.

Smart marketing:

  • Not only will shrink wrapping protect your mailed marketing, but transparent shrink wrap film will also display the contents and design of your product, unlike traditional envelopes or cardboard boxes. This captures, engages and interests your target market upon a single glance.


  • Due to its sturdy nature, shrink wrap plastic also protects your mailed marketing from potential transport and handling damage. Such damage may include tearing and page folding.


  • Shrink wrapping is a far more space-efficient option when compared to boxes or bulky envelopes. This makes it a more convenient choice for your business (in terms of storage and transportation) and also for consumers; mailboxes aren’t big!

How do I get my products shrink wrapped?

The best way to find out about shrink wrapping costs and other logistics is to get in touch with a professional shrink wrapping service. At Direct Mail Solutions, we pride ourselves on our range of shrink wrap solutions tailored to the direct mail products you need to be wrapped.

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