What’s the Environmental Impact of Direct Mail Marketing?

Concerned about the planet? You may be wondering… What’s the environmental impact of direct mail marketing? Let’s explore it in more detail so you can make sure you’re only having a good impact on the planet. 

Direct mail marketing involves a lot of paper. There’s not much way of getting around that! But what impact does it actually have on the environment? And is your marketing doing bad things for the planet? 

Let’s check it out in more detail… And look at some ways you can make sure you’re being an eco-friendly marketer. 

The Environmental Impact of Direct Mail Marketing 

There are two concerns when it comes to the environmental impact of direct mail marketing. One, the sheer amount of paper it uses, which of course is a result of a destructive process that has a huge impact on our forests. 

Two, plastic envelopes. These aren’t biodegradable and often end up in landfills, because in truth, the envelope means very little when it comes to content or information. 

What You Can Do To Be More Eco-Friendly 

The good news is that the environmental impact of direct mail marketing can be a positive one with just a few small changes! Here are a few things you can start implementing to make your mail more eco-friendly. 

Use Recycled Paper 

This is easy to do and costs you nothing. Check what your paper choices are and go for recycled over anything else. Another handy tip—repurpose old, unused flyers as packaging material! 

Design Carefully 

Design down so you fit everything into as small a space as possible. Wasted space equals wasted paper and wasted resources, which is a negative environmental impact of direct mail marketing.

Edit down your content so you can get your message across in as small a space as possible. Rather have a value-packed one-pager than three pages of fluff! 

Another excellent way to boost sustainability is to add a “Please Recycle” badge or CTA to your mail. This lets customers know that you’re eco-friendly and encourages them to do their bit. 

Target More Directly 

A scattergun approach means your mail will be going to people who don’t want/need what you’re selling and simply throw it away. Spend some time targeting more directly so you’re only sending mail out to people with a high likelihood of buying. 

Forgo Plastic Envelopes 

If you do need to enclose your mail in something to protect it from the elements or hide sensitive information, choose polyethylene bags over plastic. It’s recyclable and does exactly the same job your plastic envelope would do! 

Choose Your Direct Mail Partner Carefully 

The best way to make sure your direct mail marketing campaign is eco-friendly is to partner up with a service provider who values sustainability as much as you do. 

Here at DMS, we believe the planet is worth saving. Speak to us about our eco-friendly products and processes if you’re conscious about the environmental impact of direct mail marketing and you’re planning on running a direct mail campaign that’s good for your business and the environment!

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