Why choosing direct mail marketing over email Will be your key to success

In an age driven by technology, it’s easy to forget that traditional marketing tactics can be just as, if not more, effective at reaching audiences than digital strategies. While it’s possible to target a broad audience through email, the personalised approach of direct mail is often better at engaging interest. Here’s how direct mail marketing could help you gain more business.

Physical mail is engaging

A well-executed direct mail campaign can be extremely beneficial, as it is a great way to engage your audience. Promotional material delivered directly to the mailboxes and doorsteps of your target audience is far more likely to be read than an impersonal email. Customers may even bring catalogues and brochures into your physical store, to be used as a point of reference. When a potential customer has the option to read over marketing material at their own pace, they’re able to consume brand messages more thoroughly and effectively —something direct mail allows businesses to take advantage of.

It’s more approachable

Consumers often feel overwhelmed by the number of emails sitting in their inboxes, which is why so many marketing and subscription emails go unread. Emails containing advertising material will be deleted very quickly, and digital newsletters from businesses are often viewed as spam. Direct mail marketing gives your audience a chance to read your material before dismissing it as junk, and allows you more of an opportunity to show consumers your business is trustworthy and deserving of their time.

It’s extremely flexible

It’s the many facets of direct mail that make it truly appealing. Unlike email, direct mail has the power to be unique, visually stunning and memorable. You may choose to customise your direct mail campaign by including personalised envelopes, free gifts or vouchers, or even link to your digital marketing pages with QR codes or NFC chips. Direct mail provides you with opportunity to captivate new audiences, while also nurturing existing customer relationships.

Direct mail is still as relevant as ever and a strong campaign has the potential to achieve conversions, increase sales and enhance brand presence. Direct Mail Solutions are experts in direct mail marketing, and create custom campaigns from print to distribution.

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