Why Letterbox Marketing is Still Remarkably cost-Effective?

We live today in the digital age wherein everyone looks for information on the internet. Websites, social media, and emails are the most powerful channels today that companies focus on with their marketing efforts. So, it comes to no surprise that they’ve overlooked the power of letterbox marketing.

The overall idea of letterbox distribution is very simple, you take a printed marketing material of your product or service and leave it in people’s letterboxes. It is simple and it is an effective way to gather leads.

The Appeal of Letterbox Marketing

One of the major appeals of this is that since it is delivered directly to the person, it somehow feels more personal. The materials can be tailored further based on the area and demographic they will be sending to.

Much like in email and other digital campaigns, letterbox distribution marketing can be targeted despite what others might think. This is because you also get other information such as demographic data and the address provides a location which can be used for proper targeting as well.

Another appeal of letterboxing is the fact that every household has a letterbox. In essence, it can reach everyone! Unlike with digital assets, there are some people who are not tech savvy yet or they choose not to participate in anything digital. This is not a problem for sending a flyer into their letterbox because they will surely see it.

In Australia, physical catalogues have been a staple for so long. This has become a normal, and even expected, part from many businesses especially supermarkets and retail chains.

Also, today’s technology allows for very sophisticated designs on paper like never before. Vibrant colours, unique elements, and new materials provide a wide range of options for letterbox marketing and for your marketing material to leave a lasting impression on the customer.

Last but certainly not the least, letterboxing is wide open nowadays. Since most companies have transitioned to digital and are fighting for every piece of ad space they can find there, people’s letterboxes have become uncluttered. This opens up a huge possibility for your business to send a promotional material and be sure that people will find it and get their attention.

Running a Letterbox Marketing Campaign is deceptively straightforward.

This is not to say that letterbox distribution marketing can replace any other digital or print campaigns. The point is that there is a huge opportunity with letterboxing and can even be a great compliment to any other marketing campaigns that you do.

This can be done by first, having a single voice on your communication. Everything should be consistent from naming conventions to prices and other important information. Next, the design should be unanimous as well and people should know they are looking at the same company when they see your flyer and your website.

Overall, the trick to running a letterbox marketing campaign is to have the right material. It should stand out and it should be useful for your target audience. And at Direct Mail Solutions, we can help you achieve exactly that. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in bulk mailing and direct marketing. And as an Australian-owned company, we know and understand the market.

So if you are looking to do a letterbox marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about how we can ensure your campaign deliver results.

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