Why You Should Choose Shrinkwrap Over Envelopes

Deciding on the right packaging for your next advertising campaign can be a bit of a conundrum. Whilst the humble envelope is the most common choice amongst advertisers, it’s not the only option and in fact often falls short when it comes to protecting your material from the elements. In our opinion, shrink wrapping is the future for direct mail marketing services and we will explain why this packaging is superior to the traditional envelope.


One of the biggest hurdles direct mail marketers must get over is finding a way to get their audience to open the envelope and read their content. A lot of the time, envelopes which the reader identifies as marketing material are thrown out, regardless of the potential value or appeal of the message inside. Shrink wrap on the other hand, eliminates this problem as the core message of your marketing material is visible to the reader from the moment they pull it out of the mailbox.


In the same vein, because your marketing material is not obscured or hidden by an envelope, any images or design elements are clearly visible and will catch the eye of your reader. Packaging your marketing material in this way can also help to improve brand awareness.


Envelopes only really work for rectangular marketing material and don’t perform very well when it comes to bulky objects. Shrink wrap on the other hand can be moulded to securely wrap almost any product shape or size. Shrink wrap is also far more effective when it comes to protecting your carefully designed marketing material from the elements (dirt, humidity and moisture).


Plastic is a lot harder to damage than paper, so shrink wrapping is particularly useful to protect marketing material from damage during transit. Shrink wrapped catalogues and promotional products packaged in an envelope are particularly vulnerable to damage when in transit, as they tend to more around inside the packaging. Shrink wrap however, holds your marketing material firmly in place, ensuring it arrives to your target audience’s mailbox in pristine condition.


Shrink wrap is far superior to envelopes in terms of weight and material use. Because it uses so much less material than say corrugated cardboard products and produces minimal offcuts, shrink wrap is incredibly cost effective to use and is virtually weightless, helping to keep shipping rates low.

Direct Mail Solutions offer a convenient and cost effective shrink wrapping service for Melbourne businesses.

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