Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing in 2018 

By now, I’m sure you’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you want to run more, expand your social network or pick up a new hobby. But have you considered what your business goals are for 2018? When it comes to the marketing of your business, there are so many different methods you can employ. Well, in this week’s blog, we share why you should make a resolution to use direct mail marketing in 2018.  

1) Too many emails 

Most of us are bombarded by large amounts of emails every day. So how do you expect your marketing message to be fully ingested in an age of inbox overload? It is highly likely that your marketing message, and hence the foundation of your company, is sitting at the bottom of someone’s inbox, where it is more likely to be deleted. While people do throw out physical mail, it is much more likely they will open your marketing message and absorb it as opposed to email.  

2) A personalised message 

The second benefit of direct mail marketing is that it’s more personal. You can be creative and use your sales piece to connect with your customers on a personal level. While someone may be multi-tasking while reading an email marketing message, the first-hand nature of direct mail marketing commands your potential client’s attention. 

For your information, there are many direct mail option depending upon your goals as well as your budgets.

Look at these options: Your Options for Direct Mail Marketing

3) Increased trust  

Direct mail marketing also offers increased trust from your consumers. In our digital age, scams and spam are common. People are thus less likely to trust attachments and links in an email. However, with direct mail letterbox distribution, you can include as much as you want without people seeming skeptical of the information. There is a lot more trust and value placed on physical direct mail.  

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