Why Your Business Should Consider Bulk Mailing

The main factor that can affect business growth and the need for any business to keep in touch and promote their products and services to its consumers is to execute it using an efficient and effective mode of communication. With the power of Internet marketing and its benefits, it seems that bulk mailing has lost its significance in companies’ marketing strategies. But did you know that bulk mailing services can save you time, money, it can also have a positive impact on your marketing and grow your customer base? 

Why your business should consider bulk mailing? 


Sending large quantities of mail is costly. Using bulk mail instead of manually composing and sending promotional material through a mailing house can be quite cost-efficient. But, this still depends on the size of the company and their needs for mailing services to homes and offices. You can get great deals on bulk mail services that will definitely fit within your financial plan especially if your marketing plan requires sending promotional material to households on a monthly basis.

Better targeting

Targeting is a critical part of any letterbox distribution strategy. Poor targeting simply means that the message you’ve been trying to convey has been sent to the wrong audience, that’s why the whole marketing plan has failed. 🙁

Targeting with bulk mail can be at the highest level because mailing lists from mail houses are most reliable, unlike e-mail listings. Mail houses provide up-to-date and real customer information.

Higher customer response

Compared to other direct marketing media like e-mail, radio, TV, bulk mailing can be more effective in reaching a targeted audience. We can all agree that TV and radio services can reach millions of customers, right? But how effective are these marketing channels in terms of receptivity or response?  In simple words, you may notice a promotional message on your TV or radio but the question is, are you really paying attention to it? Bulk mailing services can have a better effect. People still read their mail so the messages will be delivered to them.

Get help with your mailing list!

Let Direct Mail Solutions handle your regular billing, invoice mailouts, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, marketing materials or prospectuses for shareholders. 

We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications, and most importantly – on time, every time.

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