Why Choose Direct Mail Solutions?


Direct mail marketing is an excellent illustration of offline marketing.

It’s a common misconception that direct mail isn’t targeted enough. On the contrary, with the correct consumer data, sending collaterals by mail makes it significantly easier for brands to get noticed by their target audience, with tangible marketing.

Some examples of direct mail are letters, postcards and brochures that land directly in the mailbox of your ideal customer.

If you’re customer-focused and are seeking cost-effective, Australia-wide direct mail services, leave it to the industry experts. We’re a highly experienced, Melbourne-based, direct mail services specialist, providing the solution for all of your direct-mail advertising and bulk-mailing needs.

But Why Choose Direct Mail Solutions…

Because we offer a truly customisable business solution.

Take a look at just 4 of the key service areas we offer; solutions that can be commissioned for on an individual basis or, when combined, will create an exceptionally effective campaign – in line with your businesses’ KPI’s and marketing ROI.

1. Targeted Data Solutions

data base

We can provide you with extensive mailing lists, segmented by the industry, demographics and customer behaviour that you require.

Learn how to identify your target audience.

Our data solutions can be integrated with our direct mail marketing services to provide the complete package required to achieve your desired business outcomes.

2. Bulk Mail


We can handle bulk mail jobs of all shapes and sizes at competitive prices.

Printed, packaged and personalised to your exact specifications (on time, every time).

3. Fulfilment Services

common shrink wrapping mistakes

Direct Mail Solutions also offers fulfilment services including storage, full management, packaging, for instance, shrink wrapping services, and distribution of all your sales-fulfilment material, directly from our Melbourne warehouse – to anywhere in Australia.

4. Invoice Mail

invoice mailing

Save money and time with your business invoice mail processing and distribution. With Direct Mail Solutions, you can make sure your staff spend their time on more important activities and improve both your productivity and, in turn, scale and profit.

Customised Business Solutions

Talk to us about your business goals and objectives. Given our wealth of in-house resources, expert knowledge and a vast network of partnerships, we can tailor a service package to meet your specific goals.

We provide end-to-end solutions for both online and offline objectives.

Prompt efficiency, dependability and product accuracy are our promise. We guarantee to provide immediate action; including 24-hour processing.

“On time, every time” is what we do!

It’s a big call, but we put actions into words, maintaining timeline objectives for all direct mail advertising and bulk-mail commissions.

We hasten to add that no job is too big or small for our operational and professional-handling capacity. You will always receive expert, personalised and reliable guidance from our knowledgeable team, with absolute accuracy to ensure the finished product exceeds expectations.

Direct Mail Solutions is an established mail house offering specialised data solutions to help you communicate with your target demographic.

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Benefits to Outsourcing Invoice Printing?


Invoicing and mailing are important elements for companies no matter what service they are offering. Most smaller businesses try to do all this in-house or within their own means; however, is this really the best way to go about it? Or is it better to outsource invoice mailing solutions?

Any business that prints, processes, and mails out regular statements can save time and money by having others do this task for them. At Direct Mail Solutions, we provide you the best invoice and mailing service for your business. Here’s why you should outsource invoice to us rather than spending too much time and resources in doing this yourself.

Benefits of Invoice Outsourcing.

1. Outsource Invoice Mailing Reduces your Costs

Overall, you spend more money when you try to print your invoices in-house. This is because of the number of machines and materials you need to maintain along with hiring people who have the skills to operate these machines.

At the same time, you will have to cover extra costs of mistakes and misprints. You reduce all these costs through outsourcing.Accuracy is 2.

2. Scale-up with Outsource Invoice Mailing Solutions

By entrusting your outsource invoice to us at Direct Mail Solutions, you can be sure about the accuracy and efficiency of your invoices and mailing. Mistakes and misprints will not only be reduced but eliminated. And if they do happen, you do not have to bear the burden of its cost.

Also, if ever we encounter bad addresses, we will report this immediately to you so that it can be sorted out as soon as possible.

3. Send Customer Invoices on Time

Obviously, your customers and clients cannot pay their bills without a proper invoice. We help ensure that each one is sent out on time so that your company gets paid as soon as possible without risking any delay and disruption to the business.

4. Keep On Track with Outsource Invoice Mailing

By going with our outsource invoice mailing solutions, you can keep up with everything that is happening such as:

  • Allows you to monitor which client was sent an invoice and for what product or service
  • Helps you send the right type of invoice for specific clients who may have special requests on their invoices
  • Track which invoices needs to be sent and when

5. Outsource Invoice Mailing offers Faster Mail Turnaround

Our mailing services are faster than regular post deliveries. This is a very helpful aspect as it ensures clients get their statements on time and you get paid on time which improves your company’s cashflow.

6. Print Significantly Better Invoices

We’ve seen this a lot where business owners don’t give much thought about the look of their invoices. This is a mistake. Customised invoices that carry your branding can go a long way with reminding your clients to pay their bills.

We cam also help create statements properly designed and formatted to maximize clarity while reducing the need for customer service calls regarding the invoice.

7. Free Up Space in the Office

You also get to free up a lot of office space when you outsource invoice mailing solutions. Printers, folding machines, and all that ink and paper will need huge amounts of space and storage space. You can now turn this space into something else that helps employee productivity and morale instead.

8. Focus on growing your Business

And speaking of employees, if you do your printing and mailing services in-house, you either hire an expert to do it for you, which can be expensive, or simply add the task to your existing employees. Most of the time, they are not experts in this field, and they might take a lot of time in accomplishing the printing task. This can lead to mistakes, additional costs, and frustration from the employee.

Outsource invoice mailing solutions changes all of that as it allows your employees to simply focus on their jobs. In the long run, this can provide you with better productivity as well.

Outsource your Invoicing with Direct Mail Solutions

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help your company become more efficient by doing the following tasks for you:

  • Actual printing of invoices and statements
  • Maintenance of machines needed for printing
  • Purchasing of the right materials for your invoices
  • Pre-sorting mail
  • Documenting and reporting any miscommunication, wrong addresses, names, etc. so they can be solved as soon as possible.

Benefits of Invoice Mailing for Dental Practices

benefits of using invoice mailing

Running a dental practice takes work. Not only are dentists responsible for their stream of patients, but there’s also an entire operational backend of to run, including administration. Invoice mailing services have many benefits, and even more when it’s outsourced to a mailing company.

Less burden

Outsourcing your invoice mailing lessens the burden of your practice’s administration staff. In an industry where efficiency is crucial, it’s important to reduce mundane administrative tasks. This contributes to overall greater productivity from staff that can put their efforts into their other areas, rather than worrying about payments from patients.

Outsourcing your invoice mailing has a greater, indirect effect on productivity in the practice. There are both direct and indirect monetary benefits to invoice mailing for dental practices.

Harder to ignore

As a dental practice owner, you want to be paid on time for your services. Invoicing is critical to ensure that you’re able to pay your staff and yourself.

Rather than e-invoicing, invoice mailing services is more difficult for your patients to ignore. Tangible invoices have a greater effect, as they’re more prominent. This is often considered a more effective method rather than having the invoice sit amongst a myriad of emails which can be often overlooked.

Invoice mailing is also beneficial for patients as it gives a sense of urgency and a timely reminder of their outstanding fees.

Older demographics prefer hard copies

Although digital seems to be taking over, there are still demographic groups who prefer tangible mail invoices. It’s important not to ignore the fact that some demographics, particularly the elderly, don’t own or know how to use a computer or smartphone.

The core demographics of each dental clinic depend on its location, so practices in suburbs with a generally older demographic, still prefer invoice mailing.

While it’s generally not as common as digital, invoice mailing is still widely used in dental practices.

Invoice Mailing: Why You Should Outsource?

invoice mailing

How do you increase your bottom line, while also improving the products and services of your business? While outsourcing is not necessarily the perfect solution for every business, we know all of our clients save time and money by outsourcing their invoice mailing. In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of outsourcing your invoice mailing. 

You’re putting it in the hands of specialists 

When you outsource your invoice mailing, you’re giving it to a team that specialises in the task at hand. This means you can trust them to deliver an efficient and high-quality job. 

You can save money  

In most situations, outsourcing your needs to a business that orders in bulk and has a streamlined system and process can save you money. While you might think it can cost more, as earlier mentioned, businesses that specialise in invoice mailing are more likely to deliver you the work in a more efficient manner.  

Eliminate a task from your plate – and focus on what you do best 

By outsourcing a company to take care of your invoice mailing, you can devote your time to the more high-pressing demands of your business. So if you’re feeling overwhelming with tasks, outsourcing is a fantastic way to lessen your load. 

Your employees can focus on other tasks too 

Not only does outsourcing allow you to focus on other tasks, it does the same for your employees, as well.  

Blog: Invoice Mailing: Why You Should Outsource?

At Direct Mail Solutions, we have a range of printing options for your invoice mailing needs. We implement quality assurance and verification measures at every stage, ensuring that all potential errors are identified and any risk to your billing is eliminated.  

6 Tips for Getting Clients to Pay Invoices

Invoice Mailing

As a small business owner, having clients who consistently fail to pay their invoices (on time or at all) is more than just an annoyance, it can seriously affect your business cash flow. This week we look at 6 simple ways you can encourage your client base to pay their invoices on time.

  1. Positive reinforcement

Encourage your customers to make their payments on time by offering same kind of incentive such as a discount. However, it’s important to strike a balance by offering your customer something that seems valuable to them, but doesn’t put you at a loss.

  1. Make it easy

Ask your client what the most convenient time and payment format would be for them. Being flexible and illustrating that you are customer service focused increases the likelihood that your client will make their payment on time.

  1. Offer more than one payment option

Consider being a little more flexible in terms of the payment types you are willing to accept. For example, you might expand into online payment, a format which is extremely convenient for the client and low cost.

  1. Follow up

If you have a client who regularly pays their invoices late, get into the habit of following them up with calls or emails in the days leading up to a due date. Aside from reminding them that there is a payment due (if they are indeed forgetting), they will eventually get tired of your pestering and change their payment habit to get you to stop.

  1. Consider negative reinforcement

For some clients, negative reinforcement such as a penalty or late fee can be an effective way of illustrating that you are not willing to put up with late payments. Just like with positive reinforcement, you want to strike a balance between an amount that is large enough to make your customer reconsider their behaviour, but not so large that they leave you for a competitor.

  1. Clean up your invoice design

Sometimes invoices aren’t paid because clients find it difficult to understand the bill and intend to query it but never get around to doing so. Make your invoices easy to understand by showing your calculations clearly down the page and clearly summarising the final payment amount at the bottom. Make sure your number is prominently displayed so that if customers are still confused, it’s easy to get in contact with you.


Direct Mail Solutions offers an invoice mailing service for Melbourne businesses.

The Advantages of Marketing in Colour

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If you can possibly afford it, marketing in colour has several huge advantages over working in black and white. This week, we take a look at some of the proven reasons why colour helps you get the result you want when it comes to direct mail marketing.  

Colour draws in the eye

Perhaps most obviously, printing in colour helps catch your target audience’s eye at a glance, which is crucial if they’re only rifling through letters on the walk back from the mailbox.

Colour is ideal for invoicing

If the due date on a bill is highlighted, people are 43% more likely to pay it and 31% more likely to pay it in full.

Colour gets the message across

Not only are readers 54% more likely to read content if it is in colour, they are 69% more likely to understand it.

Colour can be used for more effective audience targeting

You can use colour to communicate to a demographic that your advertising is for them. For example, using ‘millennial pink’ in your print marketing will signify to the younger millennial demographic that your products or services are designed for them.

Colour helps memory

Audiences are anywhere between 25-75% more likely to remember the message of your advertising if it is in colour as it will create a stronger visual impact.

Colour helps decision making

Consumers find it 60% easier to make an acceptance or rejection decision and some studies also suggest it can boost the likelihood of purchase up by as much as 80%.

Colour is easier to design in

When working in monochrome, it’s much more difficult for a designer to highlight the core message of your advertising. Instead of using colour, designers usually have to vary either font or size, which can upset the spatial balance of the design. However, using just two different colours for an advertising campaign makes it simple for a designer to highlight a heading or core message.

Colour makes your brand stand out

Colour plays a crucial role in many brand identities, so if your brand as a distinct colour scheme, printing it in monochrome will make it much harder for your target audience to recognise it.

If you need help managing your next direct mail marketing campaign, Direct Mail Solutions is here to help with a full suite of fulfilment services.