3 involvement devices to use in your direct mail

direct mail involvement strategies

While direct mail marketing is much more likely to be opened by consumers than an email, provisions should be taken to ensure the target audience becomes actively involved with the mail outs they receive, rather than just throwing them in the bin. Direct mail involvement devices are a great way to engage consumers and increase the likelihood of them purchasing a product or service from your business. Here are 3 involvement devices to use in your next campaign to increase customer involvement and sales.

direct mail involvement strategies

Quizzes and checklists

Quizzes and checklists are a great way to get potential customers to take notice of your product or service as they can prompt readers into realising needs or wants they were previously unaware of. Quizzes should be structured to elicit as many “yes” answers from the prospect as possible, as each yes answer brings them a step closer to realising they qualify for, want, or even need, a particular product or service.  Similarly, checklists can also alert potential customers to products or services that may benefit them.

Discount codes or coupons

A great way to get readers to interact with your direct mail is by providing them with perks such as discount codes or coupons. Most people appreciate a good bargain, which is why including discount offers (either a percentage off or a set dollar amount) or other deals (e.g. free gift with purchase, buy one get one free) in your mail outs is such an effective way to drive sales. Ensuring your offers come with a clear, approaching expiration date to encourage quick purchases and ensure readers do not forget about the offer.

Coupons also serve as a great way to collect customer data, without the need for surveys or questionnaires. By including tracking codes in each mail out you will easily be able to measure ROI when a coupon is redeemed, either in-store or online.

Free samples

In the same vain as coupons, free samples are also a great way to generate sales as consumers respond very well to freebies and bonuses. Samples are a great way to introduce consumers to new products; the consumer is excited about receiving something for free, and, once the sample runs out, they may be inclined to buy more. Samples work particularly well for cross-promotion, for example if your brand incorporates a range of products, you may send a sample of a new product to someone who has previously shown brand loyalty as they will be more likely to purchase the new item.

There are many ways you can involve readers in your direct mail campaigns to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Direct Mail Solutions have many years of experience designing and distributing direct mail campaigns and can incorporate involvement strategies perfectly suited to your business.

Choosing the Right Type of Direct Mail for a Business

Direct mail is an incredibly diverse marketing channel which can be utilized by virtually every business model to establish both a strong market presence and build up a loyal customer base. That being said, it’s important to select a direct mail format that aligns with the promotional requirements, budget and scope of your enterprise. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of direct mail and the business models they’re best suited to.


This is the most basic format of direct mail marketing. This budget friendly format can be used by almost every type of business to inform and promote goods and services. Additionally, the option to personalise the letter by addressing it to the recipient is a simple but effective way to make them feel valued. Letters tend to work best when they are used to accompany brochures, catalogues, and coupons/discount vouchers.


This format is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way to garner interest in your business. Simple, compact and striking, the diminutive proportions of a postcard can make a big impact if they are properly utilized. Postcards have long been used as collectable mementos and using them in a commercial context is an ingenious way to increase the visibility of your business. Choose a witty or aesthetically pleasing image to print on the front and chances are, it will end up on the fridge or pin-board of the recipient. This option is ideal for small businesses on a budget as well as those within creative industries such as visual design.


Coupon mailers

Everyone likes a bargain and coupon mailers are a great solution for start-up businesses looking to establish a client base in a competitive industry. Modern consumers are willing to switch between service providers and retailers provided the right incentive is there and there are few things more enticing than the prospect of saving money.


The psychology of packages is a powerful one. The potential of the unknown, coupled with the possibility of a free gift almost guarantees that recipients will open a promotional package if you send it to them. However, due to the significantly more expensive nature of sending promotional packages, this option is only really suited to companies wishing to target a select few customers or more significant direct mail marketing budgets.


For large businesses selling a wide variety of products, catalogues can be used very effectively to visually advertise individual products as well as upcoming promotions or sales. With their bright colours and innumerable product listings, a catalogue has something that will appeal to every consumer. Direct Mail Solutions’ catalogue distribution services make it easy and convenient to use catalogues to showcase your products and services to your target audience.


This format tends to suit enterprises who are advertising costlier products and services. Brochures give you space to inform the potential consumer about the advantages of paying a premium for your goods. The higher quality printing and paper involved in manufacturing these are more of an investment, but they are also more likely to catch the reader’s eye and impart an impression of quality.

If you would like some expert advice on the best direct mail format for your needs and audience, speak to our friendly team today on 1800 70 6245 or email us at sales@directmailsolutions.com.au.