5 Best Ways To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

dentist marketing

Connecting with your target audience in the right place at the right time is what marketing is about. Especially with your dental practice, you need to keep in touch with your clients/patients more often to build their trust. 

And in this digital world, most people spend their time online or browsing the internet.

That means you need to meet them there, right? You can start working on your Dental Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and the like… but would you believe that printed collateral still wins the hearts of potential patients looking for reliable dental services?

Though most of us have switched to online advertising and communication, traditional postcards and pamphlet distribution are exceptionally effective to target the health and wellbeing sector, especially in this age of digital fatigue.

Improve Your Dental Patient Marketing Methods

Our Top 5 Printed Collaterals For Dentists

Not only baby boomers, but also younger generations express their love for mail postcards. In the epoch of impersonal online advertising, printed postcards are something highly personalized and unique. 

Printed Discount Vouchers

An essential element of most direct mail campaigns is printed discount vouchers.

You can offer your potential patients the option to exchange their voucher for a discount of services, following a visit to your dental office.

Flyer Marketing


Another useful printed collateral that you can use is the flyers. Dental flyers that are engaging and have interesting information will compel the readers to evaluate their dental health. Especially if it has a great design and is printed with high-quality materials.



Printed postcards are something highly personalised, unique and are cost-effective. It is also a great way to get potential clients to take a closer look at what your dental practice can offer. 



You can also send out brochures to your potential clients/patients.

Your brochure should include relevant images, details about your dental practice and what can you offer them so it’s easy to see why your dental practice is on top of the others.

Catalogues & Pamphlets

direct mail marketing

And last but not the least on our list is catalogue and pamphlet distribution for your dental practice.

Showcase your products and services with eye-catching, full-colour catalogues, pamphlets.

Whether you are offering a discount, have released new products, or are promoting a new service, catalogue & pamphlet distribution can act as powerful marketing tools which allow your dental practice to stand out from the crowd.

How Can Direct Mail Solutions Boost Your Dental Direct Mail Marketing?

We provide a range of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses which will help you reduce your costs and discover efficiencies within your operations.

Direct Mail Solutions provide end-to-end direct mail services; tailored to suit your specific business needs and goals.

Whether you need us to simply handle a mailout or require help identifying the right target market and formulating a comprehensive direct mail marketing strategy, our direct mail specialists will ensure your campaign is a success.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we will print, pack and post your direct mail job.

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Want to save money and man-hours by giving us the task of organising your direct mailing campaigns, printing marketing material and stuffing envelopes & packages?

7 Printed Collaterals to boost sales in Real Estate Agency

Real estate collaterals are important for any agent. This is one of the many crafts they need to master in order to have a successful career in the real estate industry which also includes strong communications. And one of the strongest ways to communicate with potential buyers is still through printed collaterals.

Unlike on digital platforms, printed collaterals are tangible and interactive. They are easily accessible and are designed to draw special attention to your message in an efficient manner. Having said that, there are 7 printed real estate collaterals that every agent should have in order to boost their sales.

Real Estate Signage

When it comes to printed collaterals for real estate, the signage is the first one you’d think about. These are the ones placed right in front of properties for sale or lease with a contact number. It creates alertness among people that lets people know that a property is available.

This is one of and still among the most important real estate collaterals. Make sure to have these in front of every property you manage and ensure that it carries your branding properly.

Business Cards

Business cards are used as a reference point for potential customers and even your business partners. When you share your business card, you are also indirectly branding your business.  As the person you shared your business card with is literally carrying your brand with them. Whenever they check your business card it would remind them about the conversation you had together which is quite similar to what an instant reply does on TV.

It also helps that it is customary to exchange business cards so this means real estate agents get to collect the contact information of potential clients and customers.


Like business cards, stationery can be powerful real estate collaterals. This helps you maintain a sense of continuity when it comes to your branding.  The design in stationeries  should match your business cards, flyers, brochures, website, and other items in your marketing items.

These stationaries work for you in several ways.  First, it can be used by every person involved in the company. Secondly it’s even much more efficient as it can be used Secondly, it can be used as a giveaway to potential customers to further increase the brand’s visibility.

Business Forms

Just like with stationaries, every business form of your real estate practice should carry customised design showcasing your brand as well. Business forms are passed around to other people within and outside the organization and having your logo and contact number would greatly help in reminding potential customers about you.


In any business, flyers are one of the most effective ways to market a product or service. This rings true for real estate collaterals as well. People looking for a property would first consider a location. Once they have one in mind, they’d try to look for properties in the specific locations either by going on the internet or by going to the actual location. If they do the latter, flyers all around town will help point them in the direction of your property.

Flyers provide potential customers with all the basic information they need about a property or properties that you are selling/leasing including your contact number,

Data Sheets

Data sheets are not common when it comes to real estate agents. But having them is quiet handy in keeping up track with all the properties you have in your portfolio. This would contain their addresses, features, and functionalities regarding properties so that when you get a query you can easily find the answers with the use of a data sheet.


No agent should leave the office without a brochure. This is one of the, if not the most important real estate collaterals. It is considered to be the most important real estate collaterals There are many uses for a brochure:

  1. You can use it for a presentation with your client or customer.
  2. Give the brochure away after the presentation to remind them about your conversations.
  3. You can distribute brochures in public areas to generate leads.

If you only have space for one printed collateral, go with a brochure. And if you need help with your real estate collaterals getting designed and printed, contact us at Direct Mail Solutions. We will help you achieve your goals with the look and feel of your printed collaterals.

Creative Ideas for Eye-Catching Brochures

eye-catching brochures

With competition increasing everywhere, innovation and creativity are what makes you stand out from the others. After spending time, effort and money you are looking for results.
People receive many brochures in a day and many are probably thrown away without a glance. What are the chances that your brochure will be looked at?
Think outside of the box!
Here are some creative ideas for eye-catching brochures:


Using different cut styles in the brochure can be impressive and creates an interest amongst the reader. When specialised cutting is carefully used, while matching up with the layout and style, it can be very effective.
This can be used on the front cover or anywhere in the body of a brochure.


People usually use square or rectangular shapes to print their brochures There may be printing issues and layout is important.
The unusual shapes not only attracts the reader towards your brochure but also can create brand awareness through it.


brochure tips

Adding tabs in your brochures increases its usefulness. It assists the user to navigate the contents easier.

In addition, using colors add special effects on the appearance of the brochure. And it is favourable when you have many pages.


Origami is fun for everyone. Using origami for your brochure is unique and cost-effective. It catches the reader’s instant attention.

You will be surprised by the amount of information that a small space can contain in an origami brochure. Since origami does not allow your brochure to be flat, it can be difficult for your prospects to keep the brochures for future reference.

Make it shiny

Using shiny material can be attractive for readers. Be mindful that it will align with your brand.


Unusual binding

Most brochures are either bound or saddle stitched. Using an unusual binding method can catch your reader’s attention.

Styles of binding vary but a spiral one is cost-effective

Add a border

Add a border in a brochure can make an ordinary brochure look more sophisticated and intriguing. However must be mindful about the size, style, color and the boldness of a border.

creative brochures

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer printing solutions for brochures and other business materials.

3 Effective Brochure Marketing Strategies

brochure marketing

Brochure marketing is a tried and true method, but with a little work you can make yours stand out from the crowd! There are so many ways to get your point across, but some of them are wrong. In this week’s article, we’ll be outlining three key ways to make sure your brochure marketing strategy is more effective today.

Understand your audience’s POV

There’s no point in putting together a brochure if it won’t be read. This means that your audience’s point of view is king in the creation stage. Obviously, the content should follow a logical flow, but it should follow the flow that is most relevant to your reader. To understand this, you need to understand the kinds of questions your reader will want answered, and how this process of information will unfold before them. Essentially, your brochure should follow your audience’s train of thought. One of the best ways to do this is to pretend that you are the audience, and think of the kinds of questions you might have in relation to your product, service or business.

Motivate your audience to actually read the brochure

In with the earlier point, a brochure needs to cater to your audience. But before setting out all the information inside, make sure to create a compelling cover so that your audience wants to read on! Consider highlighting the benefits of your product or service, using catchy slogans or adding intriguing imagery. This should be more than just your company’s brand identity- it could include a special discount, free report or exclusive invitation. Just make sure to think outside the box with this one!

Make your brochure something to remember

There’s no better way to create a brochure that stands out than by adding a personal touch. Firstly, make sure the brochure is personal to your audience, and that it caters to their needs by providing some kind of benefit or solution. Secondly, make it personal to you and your brand! Think about changing up the shape, the colour, font choice, imagery use… the list really does go on and on. It’s all about making your brochure marketing stand out.

Direct Mail Solutions offers a range of solutions for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Choosing the Right Type of Direct Mail for a Business

Direct mail is an incredibly diverse marketing channel which can be utilized by virtually every business model to establish both a strong market presence and build up a loyal customer base. That being said, it’s important to select a direct mail format that aligns with the promotional requirements, budget and scope of your enterprise. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of direct mail and the business models they’re best suited to.


This is the most basic format of direct mail marketing. This budget friendly format can be used by almost every type of business to inform and promote goods and services. Additionally, the option to personalise the letter by addressing it to the recipient is a simple but effective way to make them feel valued. Letters tend to work best when they are used to accompany brochures, catalogues, and coupons/discount vouchers.


This format is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way to garner interest in your business. Simple, compact and striking, the diminutive proportions of a postcard can make a big impact if they are properly utilized. Postcards have long been used as collectable mementos and using them in a commercial context is an ingenious way to increase the visibility of your business. Choose a witty or aesthetically pleasing image to print on the front and chances are, it will end up on the fridge or pin-board of the recipient. This option is ideal for small businesses on a budget as well as those within creative industries such as visual design.


Coupon mailers

Everyone likes a bargain and coupon mailers are a great solution for start-up businesses looking to establish a client base in a competitive industry. Modern consumers are willing to switch between service providers and retailers provided the right incentive is there and there are few things more enticing than the prospect of saving money.


The psychology of packages is a powerful one. The potential of the unknown, coupled with the possibility of a free gift almost guarantees that recipients will open a promotional package if you send it to them. However, due to the significantly more expensive nature of sending promotional packages, this option is only really suited to companies wishing to target a select few customers or more significant direct mail marketing budgets.


For large businesses selling a wide variety of products, catalogues can be used very effectively to visually advertise individual products as well as upcoming promotions or sales. With their bright colours and innumerable product listings, a catalogue has something that will appeal to every consumer. Direct Mail Solutions’ catalogue distribution services make it easy and convenient to use catalogues to showcase your products and services to your target audience.


This format tends to suit enterprises who are advertising costlier products and services. Brochures give you space to inform the potential consumer about the advantages of paying a premium for your goods. The higher quality printing and paper involved in manufacturing these are more of an investment, but they are also more likely to catch the reader’s eye and impart an impression of quality.

If you would like some expert advice on the best direct mail format for your needs and audience, speak to our friendly team today on 1800 70 6245 or email us at sales@directmailsolutions.com.au.