How Bulk Mail can boost your sales on Valentines

It’s the LOVE month! Among the other exciting occasions throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is also one of the most anticipated days. For business owners, this special day opens great possibilities for new products and services aside from heart-shaped chocolates and pink balloons. 🙂

This is a great holiday for companies and businesses to take part and for marketers to start building client/customer relationships, promote their business, and increase sales. 

This is the perfect time to execute your Valentine’s Day Direct Mail. 

Direct Mail Solutions are ready to turn on the mood with direct mail pieces created with TLC (Tender Loving Care)!

Why Choose Direct Mail Solutions?


Direct mail marketing is an excellent illustration of offline marketing.

It’s a common misconception that direct mail isn’t targeted enough. On the contrary, with the correct consumer data, sending collaterals by mail makes it significantly easier for brands to get noticed by their target audience, with tangible marketing.

Some examples of direct mail are letters, postcards and brochures that land directly in the mailbox of your ideal customer.

If you’re customer-focused and are seeking cost-effective, Australia-wide direct mail services, leave it to the industry experts. We’re a highly experienced, Melbourne-based, direct mail services specialist, providing the solution for all of your direct-mail advertising and bulk-mailing needs.

But Why Choose Direct Mail Solutions…

Because we offer a truly customisable business solution.

Take a look at just 4 of the key service areas we offer; solutions that can be commissioned for on an individual basis or, when combined, will create an exceptionally effective campaign – in line with your businesses’ KPI’s and marketing ROI.

1. Targeted Data Solutions

data base

We can provide you with extensive mailing lists, segmented by the industry, demographics and customer behaviour that you require.

Learn how to identify your target audience.

Our data solutions can be integrated with our direct mail marketing services to provide the complete package required to achieve your desired business outcomes.

2. Bulk Mail


We can handle bulk mail jobs of all shapes and sizes at competitive prices.

Printed, packaged and personalised to your exact specifications (on time, every time).

3. Fulfilment Services

common shrink wrapping mistakes

Direct Mail Solutions also offers fulfilment services including storage, full management, packaging, for instance, shrink wrapping services, and distribution of all your sales-fulfilment material, directly from our Melbourne warehouse – to anywhere in Australia.

4. Invoice Mail

invoice mailing

Save money and time with your business invoice mail processing and distribution. With Direct Mail Solutions, you can make sure your staff spend their time on more important activities and improve both your productivity and, in turn, scale and profit.

Customised Business Solutions

Talk to us about your business goals and objectives. Given our wealth of in-house resources, expert knowledge and a vast network of partnerships, we can tailor a service package to meet your specific goals.

We provide end-to-end solutions for both online and offline objectives.

Prompt efficiency, dependability and product accuracy are our promise. We guarantee to provide immediate action; including 24-hour processing.

“On time, every time” is what we do!

It’s a big call, but we put actions into words, maintaining timeline objectives for all direct mail advertising and bulk-mail commissions.

We hasten to add that no job is too big or small for our operational and professional-handling capacity. You will always receive expert, personalised and reliable guidance from our knowledgeable team, with absolute accuracy to ensure the finished product exceeds expectations.

Direct Mail Solutions is an established mail house offering specialised data solutions to help you communicate with your target demographic.

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7 Businesses that benefit from letterbox distribution during Coronavirus

benefits of using letterbox distributions

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted everyone in ways that were unimaginable months ago. It is changing how people around the world are doing activities differently. Businesses that continue to operate are faced with protecting their employees and customers while coming up with creative ways to market and deliver their products.

During this time, everyone looks for information on the internet, due to which traditional forms of advertising have frequently begun to be utilised less and less, but that’s not the case with letterbox advertising.

The overall idea of letterbox distribution is very simple, you take a printed marketing material of your product or service and leave it in people’s letterboxes. It is a simple effective way not only to gather leads but also to keep customers informed about your business operation during this challenging time. The simplistic design doesn’t allow for distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to quickly and effectively get your point across.

The practice of letterbox distribution has endured for such a long time because it has a lot to offer businesses. It also offers the audience with products and services they’re looking for at the right time and have therefore shown increases in return rates currently as more people are quarantined at home. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many businesses have collapsed, but others are overwhelmed by demand.

Here are 7 Businesses that have been thriving and can benefit from the letterbox distribution:

1.    Restaurant and cafes:

This uncertain time has created unique challenges for restaurants and cafes. Staying engaged with customers while your doors are closed has been a major part of weathering this storm. In recent weeks, however, the options have grown enormously as many Restaurants and café owners are making the best out of the situation by turning their businesses into a takeaway or delivery-only operation.

As people are staying in, many people must be tired of cooking or missing the taste from their favorite restaurants so one of the best ways to keep the customers informed about your business operation is through letterbox distribution. As it gets the right information, right at the doorstep of your targeted customers mentioning:

  • Opening and closing times
  • Delivery and take away service and pricing
  • Customised food menu
  • Assuring the audience by mentioning the safety measures taken while preparing and delivering the food

2.    Law firms:

Direct Mail Marketing - Blogger Slider Image

With sudden changes that have been escalating quickly, there have also been rapid changes in business contracts and guidelines. This has also led to many changes in contracts for employers, employees, contractors and business firms.

At a time when so much seems to be of your control, this could also be a rare opportunity to manage your clients’ legal work and to guide them through a potentially difficult time. And during this time, letterbox distribution is one of the best options to be there for your client as it is delivered right to homes and the best part is there are no permissions needed.

Other benefits include:

  • Communicating about your legal services that are in high demand during these unprecedented times.
  • Less distraction involved as compared to digital advertising
  • Safe and targeted method for reaching out to the right people at the right time
  • More conversion rates

3.    Dental:

Dentistry is predominantly a local business and a great way of getting your message to everyone in your immediate area is via the letterbox. Dental practices have a huge advantage over plenty of other businesses; as they know that their audience will be local.

As the restriction has moved to Level 1 for the dentistry sector, now dental practices can provide more than just emergency appointments so letterbox distribution is a great option to keep your patients well informed about your current operations.

Here are some top reasons why dentistry should consider letterbox distribution now:

  • Inform about your new opening hours
  • Provide a list of treatments that you are now offering

You can also attach a print of decision tree for Level 1 restrictions and assure patients about your practice functioning following the legal guidelines provided by the government

  • Give option about telehealth services that you might have recently started with a brief how-to
  • Right messaging and timings to those who are in severe toothache or other dental emergencies
  • Assuring patients that your practice is safe to visit. You can mention the precautionary measures that you are following to ensure no cross-contamination

4.    Boardgame seller:

With more and more people housebound due to COVID-19, there’s never been a better time for people to spend more time indoors with the family. As people strive to stay social during a time of physical distancing, board games online or offline is seeing a boom in users. With a user base growing each day, and people looking to not only kill time but remain social, it has become one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family during a period of isolation.

With widespread self-quarantines around the world, many of us need fun things we can do while also social distancing. Thus, we can see that the gaming industry appears to be thriving during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and here’s how they can benefit from letterbox advertisements during this challenging time:

  • Sending catalogue of available versions of boardgames online or offline
  • You can make the best use of letterbox distribution if you want to get more installs for your board game, you can also send discount offers and free trials pamphlets, coupons.
  • You can also use attractive images, vibrant colours and customise designs and send out flyers about board game challenges if they are streaming locally to a target audience.
  • You can drop flyers in peoples letterbox highlighting your delivery schemes for example: (If two board games are ordered at the same time you provide free delivery service)

5.    Liquor store:

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, one type of business that seems to have had an increase in activity is liquor stores.

This pandemic has led to extreme circumstances since many people are missing going Bar & Pubs for relaxation and casual drinking.

While liquor, beer and wine are sold in convenience and grocery stores in some areas, liquor stores still serve a market niche.

It has been estimated that 70 % of Australians were drinking more than usual since the COVID-19 outbreak.

This interesting time has become one great opportunity for the liquor store to upscale their business and here’s how it is even more effective through letterbox distribution:

  • Print out flyers with products, delivery service, rates and cycle out them to the letterboxes of targeted local area customers.  
  • You can also attach prints with attractive designs about “Simple Cocktails/Mocktails Recipes” people can prepare at home during this quarantine. It will not only attract the audience but also enable them to purchase and share about your liquor store to other people.  
  • Create the Fear of Missing OUT (FOMO) with exciting limited time offer
  • Showcase exclusive limited collection in areas where people with You can let people know about the limited edition of drink collection available at your store.

6.    Online Gym Equipment Sellers:

Since the past few months, most gyms and fitness centers have had to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the fitness industry has experienced its fair share of turmoil. However, quarantine has created a huge demand for home fitness equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. Demand has been particularly high for smart exercise equipment, which is why online exercise equipment suppliers have seen a sharp increase in sales as a result.

  • Reach out to your customers, by sending out attractive, well-designed discount coupons.
  • Motivate audience to stay fit
  • Display your catalogue and (contactless) home delivery options
  • Run special limited time offers

7.    Online Homeware Sellers:

Since most people are spending more time at home than ever during the coronavirus, homeowners may be noticing changes they would like to make to give their space a sprucing up. This has led to an increase in the number of online orders for homeware.

People are doing the little things from changing the light bulbs to buying things to assist with minor lawn and garden projects. As, printouts help spread the word about your products, services quick this time could be a good chance to reach new customers – anytime, anywhere.

  • Offer an incentive in your leaflet to encourage a response, provide targeted customers with complimentary products or services
  • Increase awareness about your business through product catalogues
  • Provides potential customers with all the basic information they need including your contact number and how your service has been updating according to recent restrictions

Overall, the trick to running a letterbox campaign is to have the right material. It should stand out and it should be useful for your target audience. Currently, due to the situation, significant changes are implemented to the way it is delivered and operated ensuring employees and customers’ safety following the guidance of national and local public health authorities.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help you achieve exactly that. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in bulk mailing and direct marketing. We are a full-service company that can help you with designing, printing, packing, and posting to your specified areas.

And as an Australian-owned company, we know and understand the market.

Safety has been prioritised by taking abundant care to minimize exposure to both employees, using technology whenever possible.

Why Your Business Should Consider Bulk Mailing

The main factor that can affect business growth and the need for any business to keep in touch and promote their products and services to its consumers is to execute it using an efficient and effective mode of communication. With the power of Internet marketing and its benefits, it seems that bulk mailing has lost its significance in companies’ marketing strategies. But did you know that bulk mailing services can save you time, money, it can also have a positive impact on your marketing and grow your customer base? 

Why your business should consider bulk mailing? 


Sending large quantities of mail is costly. Using bulk mail instead of manually composing and sending promotional material through a mailing house can be quite cost-efficient. But, this still depends on the size of the company and their needs for mailing services to homes and offices. You can get great deals on bulk mail services that will definitely fit within your financial plan especially if your marketing plan requires sending promotional material to households on a monthly basis.

Better targeting

Targeting is a critical part of any letterbox distribution strategy. Poor targeting simply means that the message you’ve been trying to convey has been sent to the wrong audience, that’s why the whole marketing plan has failed. 🙁

Targeting with bulk mail can be at the highest level because mailing lists from mail houses are most reliable, unlike e-mail listings. Mail houses provide up-to-date and real customer information.

Higher customer response

Compared to other direct marketing media like e-mail, radio, TV, bulk mailing can be more effective in reaching a targeted audience. We can all agree that TV and radio services can reach millions of customers, right? But how effective are these marketing channels in terms of receptivity or response?  In simple words, you may notice a promotional message on your TV or radio but the question is, are you really paying attention to it? Bulk mailing services can have a better effect. People still read their mail so the messages will be delivered to them.

Get help with your mailing list!

Let Direct Mail Solutions handle your regular billing, invoice mailouts, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, marketing materials or prospectuses for shareholders. 

We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications, and most importantly – on time, every time.

Why Letterbox Marketing is Still Remarkably cost-Effective?

Letterbox Marketing

We live today in the digital age wherein everyone looks for information on the internet. Websites, social media, and emails are the most powerful channels today that companies focus on with their marketing efforts. So, it comes to no surprise that they’ve overlooked the power of letterbox marketing.

The overall idea of letterbox distribution is very simple, you take a printed marketing material of your product or service and leave it in people’s letterboxes. It is simple and it is an effective way to gather leads.

The Appeal of Letterbox Marketing

One of the major appeals of this is that since it is delivered directly to the person, it somehow feels more personal. The materials can be tailored further based on the area and demographic they will be sending to.

Much like in email and other digital campaigns, letterbox distribution marketing can be targeted despite what others might think. This is because you also get other information such as demographic data and the address provides a location which can be used for proper targeting as well.

Another appeal of letterboxing is the fact that every household has a letterbox. In essence, it can reach everyone! Unlike with digital assets, there are some people who are not tech savvy yet or they choose not to participate in anything digital. This is not a problem for sending a flyer into their letterbox because they will surely see it.

In Australia, physical catalogues have been a staple for so long. This has become a normal, and even expected, part from many businesses especially supermarkets and retail chains.

Also, today’s technology allows for very sophisticated designs on paper like never before. Vibrant colours, unique elements, and new materials provide a wide range of options for letterbox marketing and for your marketing material to leave a lasting impression on the customer.

Last but certainly not the least, letterboxing is wide open nowadays. Since most companies have transitioned to digital and are fighting for every piece of ad space they can find there, people’s letterboxes have become uncluttered. This opens up a huge possibility for your business to send a promotional material and be sure that people will find it and get their attention.

Running a Letterbox Marketing Campaign is deceptively straightforward.

This is not to say that letterbox distribution marketing can replace any other digital or print campaigns. The point is that there is a huge opportunity with letterboxing and can even be a great compliment to any other marketing campaigns that you do.

This can be done by first, having a single voice on your communication. Everything should be consistent from naming conventions to prices and other important information. Next, the design should be unanimous as well and people should know they are looking at the same company when they see your flyer and your website.

Overall, the trick to running a letterbox marketing campaign is to have the right material. It should stand out and it should be useful for your target audience. And at Direct Mail Solutions, we can help you achieve exactly that. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in bulk mailing and direct marketing. And as an Australian-owned company, we know and understand the market.

So if you are looking to do a letterbox marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about how we can ensure your campaign deliver results.

How do you Prevent Bulk Mailing Campaigns backfiring?

Send Bulk Mail

Bulk mailing campaigns is a direct mail method that allows you to solicit a response from your potential buyers. Some small business owners’ resort to direct mail solutions to obtain immediate sales or find potential buyers for the products and services that they offer. Whatever is the purpose in availing bulk mailing solutions, every business owner must be able to understand with clarity the element of the mailing strategy to ensure success.

What should you Send or Share in Your Bulk Mail?

Send Bulk Mail

A Well-worded Sales Letter goes a long way

Sales letters are proven traditional marketing tool that generates sales. Sales letters must be complete in form and substance. It should generate interest and convince the recipient to initiate a desired action. Sales letters can make the difference in your potential leads to your potential buyers. You should know that a single sales letter cannot do the trick. It takes quite a good mailer to establish rapport with your recipients/potential buyers. You must be able to compel the recipients to get in touch and ask more about your service or product.

clear, Informational flyers spark interest

Informational flyers expand awareness of your company, its products and services. The key ingredient of your informational flyers is not the product features or the service upgrade they can get. It should gently remind your recipients about who you are, what your company is all about and a reminder of the quality of your service or the reason for your products existence.

Newsletters should be informal yet educational

Newsletters are proven to offer greater value to your intended recipients. It may be time consuming, but you cannot underestimate the fact that there are still who appreciate a long good read. Well-drafted newsletters can help improve your credibility and authority in your space. Position yourself as an expert and provide useful tips from your industry that the ordinary reader can relate and put to action immediately. Use your position to advance yourself and your business by implanting good advice.

Seasonal Greeting Cards will show a sign of Goodwill.

We particularly appreciate companies, who take the time to drop a mail and share their well wishes for the holidays. Never ever doubt the value of thoughtful wishes and courteous messages. Never miss an anniversary special to thank your customers for their patronage.

Simple Tips to Make Your Bulk Mailing campaign a success!

Offer incentives to buyers
Offer incentives to buyers

Offer incentives to Your Customers

Everybody loves a good bargain. Special offers make your customer feel valued for their patronage. Establish service or product loyalty by creating irresistible bargains. Incentives have been proven to increase rate of return by 1.5%. A hard offer can be in any form of something free that they can avail when they visit your clinic, store, shop or website. You can offer a FREE DENTAL CLEANING for the first 50 who will turn up your clinic on Monday with the sales letter or coupon you sent.

Customise not just your marketing, but your Envelope

Customise your envelops or papers when sending out your bulk mail. Nothing speaks personal other than a well-designed and carefully chosen envelop or a good art paper used in the printing or a well-meaning postcard for patients. Know your market needs is the ultimate and most basic requirement in marketing.

Test, Test, Test!

Even digital marketers are prompted to test the efficacy of their digital campaigns. For direct mailers, you can test your bulk mail campaigns by sending to small, targeted group. The response rate will tell you if you need to tweak your content and presentation, or upgrade your offer or packaging, or if you are ready to send out to the entire state.

Direct Mail Solutions is one of Australia’s leading mailing service provider that can handle the enormous pain of bulk printing and mailing services. Our in-house mail assembly system provides you with the highest level of professionalism, speed and accuracy in all areas of direct mail solutions.

Benefits of Letterbox Distribution for a Business

benefits of using letterbox distributions

There’s a wide range of marketing tools readily available to small to medium business today. Even with the advent of digital media advertising, traditional media is still a potent source of prospects if done right.

Today, letterbox distribution has been overlooked but the benefits when it comes to sales is undeniable.

There has been a struggle whether to opt for Social Media Paid advertising or settle for the old letterbox distribution channel.
Most business of any size, have joined the bandwagon and started focusing their marketing efforts online utilizing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram for the simple reason that these platforms offer a wider reach of the target market.

Here are the most notable benefits of Letterbox Distribution

Targeted Marketing

target marketing

Letterbox distribution contains a marketing flyer that can grab prospected buyers’ attention geographically at a lower cost. There is a guarantee that the prospected buyer will get a hold of the information himself. A well- presented flyer offers products and services that prospects are looking into at the right time. An example would be a pool cleaning business, they can easily send out flyers as soon as summer comes knocking to residential with private pools.


poster design

Letterbox distribution provides flyers that communicate with easy to read and understand promotional content. Its often time presented in a simple, minimal design that limits distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to convey your message across. Flyers effectively inform your customer why your products and services are useful and should be considered and bought for their home, business or practice.

Easily accessible

man reading from letterbox distribution

Letterbox distribution is effective because of its direct placement into the customer’s view, simply put, it is delivered right at their doorstep. Flyer come in physical form and can’t be easily missed, there’s 90% chance of your flyers being soon as your prospects start checking the rest of their mailbox.

Note also that marketing flyers distributed, gets you instant contact with your prospects and you can easily assess how they respond to your products or services. Imagine during Expos, when all service providers come together and circle the venue with their flyers, almost 80% instantly visits the booth when they get a flyer promotion, allowing you to have a first-hand contact and almost instant conversion as soon as you answer their questions.

Easy to produce

easy to produce

Letterbox promotional content needs no extensive planning. All you need is a design with your offers in it. Have a layout and print it. Unlike any other form of marketing, flyers need no extensive planning.

Letterbox flyers are fast, easy and convenient. It does not take too much planning and understanding. It instantly develops trust in your company. If you offer is beneficial to your prospects you can see results. If you are looking to improve your marketing with the use of letterbox materials, Direct Mail Solutions specializes in flyers and paper mailing.

Benefits of Using Bulk Mailing Services for Small Businesses

In this digitally fuelled generation, businesses are tirelessly looking for new and innovative methods in the hopes to stand out from its competitors. But the one thing that identifies a “great” business from other “good” businesses, is persistence. Some older marketing methods such as word-of-mouth (WOM), bulk mailing services and flyer advertising don’t die down very easily.

Bulk Mail is physical mail that is commercially prepared in large volumes and mailed at reduced costs through mass letterbox distribution. Bulk mail may consist of letters, pamphlets, newsletters and other similar products. Dating back to the “good old days”, bulk mail is still identified as a strong marketing tool that has greater potential in generating high impressions and reach that effectively converts readers into potential customers.

We have gathered the most important benefits of bulk mailing services that will surely convert you into consideration!

Cheaper costs

Generally, when you purchase items in “bulk” volumes, you receive a discount of some sort. This also applies to bulk mailing services. Bulk mail is a cost-efficient method that can be used to save your business some money. If you’re preparing to send a large number of mail to potential customers for promotional purposes, these services will give you the best possible postage rates and the highest reach!

Saves Precious Time

What’s as good as saving costs? Saving time! Instead of spending countless numbers of hours and energy sorting, preparing and addressing mails by yourself, you can save time and hire a bulk mail service to do the job more effectively for you. This allows for you to focus on the other aspects of your business, while at the same time, knowing that your bulk mail is being received by potential and existing customers.

Attract a larger number of potential customers

Specializing in large quantities of mail, means reaching a larger audience. Compared to other marketing methods such as TV advertising or the usage of social media marketing, mailing services can have a better and quicker effect. This is simply because people still read their mail, which ensures that the message will be delivered. For one person on the bulk mailing list, times this with hundreds more and the result will reach a higher audience impact.

Ready to take advantage of your bulk mail service benefits? At Direct Mail Solutions, we can take care of all your bulk mail needs. We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications.

The Benefits of Bulk Mail

Benefits of Bulk Mail

If you need to send out a mass mail order of 500 items or more by post, bulk mail is an efficient tool. It will not only help save time and manpower but also help cut costs. In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of bulk mail.  


Bulk mail can be quite an effective way to save money. Depending on the size of your company and mailing service needs, bulk mail can be cheaper than distributing promotional material through a mailing house. If you’re preparing a large-scale event and require hundreds or thousands of leaflets for a specific, target audience, bulk mail can be financially advantageous. Or if you need monthly promotional materials delivered to your target market, bulk mail might be the way to go.  

More specific, impactful targeting 

Another benefits of bulk mail is that that your targeting is more focused and impactful. While email listings can contain thousands of addresses, many of which are not interested in the product or service one is selling, mail houses provide true and up-to-date contact information. Bulk mail therefore allows you to target at the highest level because mail houses are reliable. Having an appropriately targeted database is important as effective targeting is key to any successful marketing strategy. Poor target results in the message being sent to the wrong audience, rendering your whole marketing plan ineffective.  

Increased customer receptivity  

While digital realms provide amazing platforms to reach large numbers of people, they can be highly saturated, calling their effectiveness into question. The extent to which people are truly reading and engaging with marketing messages online is disputed. This is where traditional forms of advertising like bulk mailing stand apart. Mailing services can be more effective as people are more likely to read their email and give their full attention to it as they read.  

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can take care of all your bulk mail needs. We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications.

How to Avoid the Junk Mail Stigma

Whilst there is plenty of evidence to suggest that bulk mail is more effective than digital marketing, many business owners are reticent to use this marketing channel for fear of being perceived as junk mail advertisers. Junk mail is defined as advertising mail that is not wanted, so the challenge for bulk mail advertisers is to create print advertising that is valued and appreciated by the target audience. This week, we look at three key things advertisers can do to avoid having their bulk mail labelled as junk.

Offer the customer something valuable

Traditionally, junk mail advertising uses obnoxious hard sell tactics to promote a business. Whilst this juggernaut approach certainly builds brand familiarity, it comes with the wrong kinds of connotations. Instead of pushing your brand message, try reaching out to the consumer with a voucher or offer that lets them sample your products and services at a discounted rate. Using this approach not only encourages the consumer to take action and approach your business of their own volition, it also attaches a literal value to the advertising you send, thus reducing possibility of it being seen as useless junk.

Invest in quality paper

Another common characteristic of junk mail is the flimsy, low quality paper it’s printed on. Whilst this might seem like a trivial thing, the thickness of the paper you use conveys a lot about the quality of what is printed on it. Classic junk mail advertising is flimsy and lightweight, with GSM somewhere between 50 and 70, but by investing a little more in a properly printed design with a GSM of 120-150 and a gloss or semi matte finish, you can create an aesthetically pleasing document that conveys a message of quality.

Address the target audience

One of the biggest reasons that junk mail is ineffective is because it takes a scattergun approach and tries to apply a homogenous advertising tactic to a broad consumer base. In reality, an effective piece of bulk mail will address the specific challenges faced by it’s target audience and offer a solution, it may also use tactics like addressing envelopes to further individualise the recipient and make them feel valued.

Direct Mail Solutions specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses run successful bulk mail campaigns.