Customised Christmas Cards – Give Something Unique

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Put a unique spin on your holiday greetings this year by sending out customised Christmas cards. Are you not exactly a graphic design expert and want a hassle-free solution to sending out customised Christmas cards to your clients, employees, and associates? We recommend looking no further than ordering customised cards from a Christmas card printing service.

There are a few important reasons for your business to show off its Christmas spirit. Whether you celebrate the festive season or not, sending out customised Christmas cards will help market your business. Here are some reasons why business Christmas cards will help:

1. Generate Goodwill

Sending a festive greeting to your clients, vendors and other contacts is a great way to greet them in a non-salesy way. Sending a customised message can reinforce the personal nature of your business. A message that is specific to the client or contact will show that you have put some thought into the sentiment.

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.
– Charles M. Schulz

2. Stand Out

The New Year is a period where clients resolve to make changes to their suppliers or re-evaluate their commitments. So, your Christmas card will be readily available to leave your company at the forefront of someone’s thoughts when they decide to make changes. Also, customised Christmas cards are a great way to break through the noise. A direct mail campaign or promotional material may not be read, but most prospective and current clients will open a holiday greeting card.

3. Offer Gratitude

With a Christmas card, you can say “thank you for your business” or other positive messages that are relevant. Customised cards are a great way to show that you value the client or contact.

4. Market Your Services

It’s most likely that Christmas cards will be displayed throughout the festive period. Hence, a card can be a good piece of marketing that’s subtle. Christmas cards are usually displayed until early January, whether it is pinned to a noticeboard or sitting on a mantelpiece. You can also send holiday cards todead” clients, which might restore your business with them.

Give your clients and associates customized Christmas wishes this holiday season. Direct mail solutions is a one-stop solution for Christmas cards, envelopes printing, direct mailing and much more. Our Customer Service team will help you to decide which options best suit your business.

Promote Your Business With Flyer Distribution This Christmas

Promote your business with flyer distribution this christmas

Despite living in a digital world, some good old marketing techniques such as flyer distributions are still effective in promoting businesses. That’s because they have a range of benefits, that even digital marketing techniques can’t always match.

Stand out

For one, the fact that tangible marketing collateral isn’t as prevalent as digital marketing means that flyer distributions will stand out to consumers.


Using a marketing technique that stands out allows your business to be creative and unique in the design of their flyers. Tangible flyers can be creative with colour, graphics and design, as well as paper type and texture. This includes choosing between glossy or matte paper.

Additionally, flyers can be printed using either digital printing or offset printing. Both are different in method but offer a range of advantages depending on the nature of the printing job. Both methods offer high-quality printing.


Flyer printing and distribution proves to be a very cost-effective marketing technique. It allows businesses to work within a set budget.
Although cost-effective, flyer distributions don’t compromise on quality, results and success.

Highly targeted

In fact, flyer distribution is one of the most highly targeted marketing techniques. It lands on your consumer’s doorsteps, so it’s a perfect ideal for promoting local businesses and proves to be highly effective for lead generation.

Flyer and leaflet distribution also generate measurable results, as it determines the success of their marketing campaigns.

So how can it promote your business at Christmas time?

Christmas time is often a preferred time of the year to promote your business. This includes retailers, where customers buy presents and dinnerware for celebrations, grocery shops and local food stores. It even extends to Boxing Day.

A flyer promotion is a perfect way to market your business to consumers who are preparing for Christmas. It’s a busy time of year so consumers will want to shop locally as much as possible. Promoting your business to a targeted audience is highly effective and will be very convenient for your consumers.

Not only does this work well for Christmas flash sales and Boxing Day sales, but also for festive events, if your business runs an event and invites the general public.

Promotional flyers can be creative at Christmas time, as they can be designed to look like invitations, and will grab the consumers attention.

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, and receiving a Christmas-themed promotional flyer in the mail is sure to entice consumers and generate leads for your business.

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11 Interesting Statistics About Christmas Consumer Habits in Australia

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring ways you can harness the spike in consumer activity over the pre-Christmas period through catalogue, flyer, and brochure advertising. If you’re a small business owner, your Christmas campaign is no doubt well underway by now, but we thought we’d take a look at some of the statistics floating around out there about the Christmas trading period in Australia this year. On the whole, predictions suggest retailers will enjoy strong Christmas returns this year with another record breaking spending period, so if you’ve invested time and money into a direct mail marketing campaign, you’re probably set to enjoy a good ROI. With Christmas just 11 days away, here are 11 interesting facts and statistics about Australia’s seasonal spending habits.

1. The Australian Retailers Association and Roy Morgan Research have released annual Christmas spending figures suggesting shoppers will be spending $48.1 billion in retail stores over the pre Christmas trading period (November 15 to December 24) this year. This is a 2.3% growth compared to 2015 when sales hit $47 billion.

2. In the 30 days leading up to Christmas, Australians are predicted to spend $4.9 billion online. To put that in perspective, eBay is recording a rate of 6 gifts per second being bought online this week.

3. Due to a falling Australian dollar, The Retail Council predicts that consumer spending will be more local than it has been in previous years.

4. 81% of Australians surveyed by McCrindle Research feel that shops begin their Christmas campaigns too early. 49.1% of those surveyed would like Christmas campaigns to begin in late November or early December.

5. Monday the 12th of December, was the biggest parcel delivery day in Australia’s postal history with more than two million parcels moving through the postal network. There has been a 15.9% growth in online shopping this year and statistically, 30% of all online purchases occur in the three months leading up to Christmas.

6. Despite the growth in online sales, a 2015 ‘Christmas Pain Points Survey’ by American Express found that 72% of shoppers would like to see a product in person before making a purchasing decision. 43.3% of those surveyed wanted to support their local stores and retailers, and 51.5% of the study group expressed a desire to receive the item immediately. However, 21% of surveyed shoppers stated that they would be prevented from shopping in brick and mortar stores this Christmas due to the opening hours clashing with their schedules.

7. 33% of retailers surveyed by Deloitte stated that they intended to begin discounting their products in early December this year. However, the American Express survey findings suggest that holiday discounts aren’t high priorities for consumers. The study found that the top five considerations were: a desire for tailored services like gift wrapping, personal shopping, and customised ordering, the latest and most technologically advanced trends and products, the ability to earn reward points and use discount vouchers, ‘old fashioned’ personalised service and convenience.

8. Six out of seven Australians surveyed by The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment survey said they expected to spend the same or less on gifts in 2016. 34% of those surveyed stated that they intended to ‘spend less’, 52% planned to spend ‘the same’ and 14% said ‘more’.

9. The Commonwealth Bank XMAS Spending Study suggests that one quarter of Australian will do the majority of their Christmas shopping this Saturday (17th December). The other big days predicted for retailers are Sunday the 18th and Thursday the 22nd. The survey also found that women will do their shopping earlier around the first two weeks of December (key dates include the 1st, 3rd, and 10th) whilst men will wait until Thursday the 22nd and Friday 23rd to make their purchases.

10. 60% of Australians won’t set themselves a budget for presents this year and $9.9billion is the expected amount that Australians will spend on gifts. Of that number, women will buy $5.2 billion dollars’ worth of the presents, and generation wise, Gen Y will spend $3.3 billion (overspending by $247 million) whilst Baby Boomers will spend $2.8 billion (overspending by $179 million).

11. Present spending has grown 31% since 2014, with Australians predicted to spend on average $599 each on presents. In 2012, the average spend was $475.

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BestvWays to Incorporate a Christmas Theme In Your Marketing

Christmas is without a doubt one of the biggest retail events of the year. In 2015, Australian retail sales surged to a new high in the pre-Christmas trading period between November 15 to December 25 of $47 billion Australian dollars, or 4.2% more than was spent on Christmas in 2014. 2016 is shaping up to be another record breaking retail season but to get the most out of this time of year, business owners really need to get into the festive spirit with a thematically based marketing campaign. This week, we take a look at 5 Christmas marketing ideas that small businesses can incorporate into their seasonal advertising campaign.

  1. Consider sending greeting cards

Bolster your relationship with your established client base with a non-soliciting greeting card that expresses your appreciation for their custom over the course of the year. These greeting cards should be seen as an exercise in branding and customer appreciation to build loyalty, so avoid making a sales pitch or soliciting a purchase. For especially loyal or big spending customers, consider writing a personal message acknowledging their support and generosity.

  1. Get in early

The best kind of Christmas marketing campaign is a sustained one that starts at the beginning of the pre-Christmas trading period and advertises all the way through to boxing day. Start with a catalogue mailing campaign in mid November and then follow up with postcards and flyers reminding your consumer base of what’s on offer.

  1. Celebrate with an event

Christmas is all about community and there are plenty of festive activities you can harness to get customers engaging with your brand including concerts, Santa visits, carolling and of course parties.

  1. Get involved in charity

Generosity to those less fortunate is a strong theme which emerges during the Christmas season and it is the perfect opportunity for your business to give back to a worth cause. Charity participation also has plenty of benefits for businesses as it can help you network and build your brand profile. The best way to get your business involved in charity is by running an event or campaign that gets your customers involved such as a food drive or giving tree.

  1. Keep your target audience in focus

Because so much of the money spent in the pre-Christmas retail period is on presents, you need to keep in mind that your target audience during this period is not necessarily the person who will be using the product, but rather the person who will be gifting it. As such, your marketing should be focused on solving the problem of the gifter which is namely, finding the right kind of present. One of the best ways to market to this type of consumer is with flyers and posters that have slogans like ‘the ultimate gift for the person who has everything’.