How to make direct mail environmentally friendly

How to make your direct mail environmentally friendly

When it comes to saving the planet, small changes can make a big impact!

And, in both our personal and working lives, it’s important that we all play a conscious role in making environmentally friendly decisions that will ultimately help to save our planet.

After all, there is an increasing amount of evidence that has proven that neglecting our planet is having a catastrophic impact on civilisation, air, water, animal habitats and our food chain.

And, one of the best ways to combat these issues is to recognise the many benefits that come hand in hand with recycling, especially in the workplace.

This is because all businesses should actively monitor their environmental performance by assessing and controlling their recycling processes and waste reduction procedures.

We’ve taken a look at how to make your direct mail environmentally friendly!

First and foremost, there’s a common misconception that direct mail campaigns are not environmentally friendly – this is not true!

Why? Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world, meaning it can be reused for other purposes once it has done its job!

There are lots of ways that you can make your direct mail campaign more environmentally friendly including…

1. Only Work with sustainable paper sources

When implementing any direct mail campaign, you should only ever work with sustainable paper sources!

When looking for sources you should consider whether the paper has been sustainably stocked and you will know this by asking your supplier if their stock has been planted and harvested for paper.

2. Avoid plastic envelopes

Any form of plastic should be avoided at all costs when it comes to saving our environment. This is because plastic has become one of the most common forms of marine debris, causing devastation to our planet’s oceans.

With this in mind, when it comes to initiating your direct mail campaign, you should consider not using any plastic packaging in order to minimise the risks to our environment.

And there are lots of alternatives you can use to plastic if packaging in a necessity including compostable and biodegradable polywrap! This can be disposed of by putting it into a green bin or compost bin at the end of its life.

3. Know your target market

Segmenting your audience by reaching out to only your target market can not only allow you to optimise the success of your direct marketing campaign but it can also help to keep numbers down when it comes to the number of direct mail pieces you are sending out!

To minimise waste and maximise ROI, we offer expert data solutions.

After all, waste can have a huge impact on our environment, especially if you are reaching out to a demographic that you know already has no interest in your product or service.

With this in mind, it certainly pays to clean out your data when creating data lists that are a strong match for new potential customers.

And remember, you should always personalise your direct mail pieces for maximum impact.

It’s the small changes that add up to big differences in our environment. Play your part today!

Next steps…

Direct Mail Solutions is an established mail house offering a range of direct mail services to help you communicate with your target demographic, in an eco-friendly manner 🙂

Printing 101: Sustainability Edition


Climate change seems to be on everyone’s mind, and for good reason. Rising temperatures across the globe, melting ice caps and increasing bushfires through Australia are just some of the consequences. Print marketing, though absolutely invaluable to business, can be bad for the environment. So in this week’s blog, we’ll be giving you more information about how to choose a sustainable printing company.

What are sustainable printing alternatives?

For printed projects, a sustainable option that is widely available is recycled paper. Post consumer waste paper (PCW) is one such example of recycled paper. Having served its intended purpose, PCW is the result of separating paper from solid waste through the paper manufacturing process. This is more environmentally friendly as it reduces the printing industry’s impact on deforestation (Environment Victoria 2010).

Furthermore, getting PCW paper that is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified ensures that the materials chosen for the printing process support forests, wildlife and indigenous groups whose heritage connects them to the land.

What makes a printing company sustainable?

To choose a printing company, choose one where the environmental ethos is echoed through everything the company does. They should specialize in the use of recycled, reclaimed papers and environmentally responsible stocks. By using only vegetable based inks, chemical free CTP printing plates and non toxic chemicals, any company can fully recycle 100% of all paper waste in a paper recovery program. They can also use 100% solar power for all the business requirements.

The most sustainable printing companies aim to reduce, re-use and recycle through all company operations. Beyond this, as business or consumers, we should advocate for the responsible manufacturing of paper through Australia. We also should fight for the preservation and management of native forests throughout Australia. A better future starts with us.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer high-quality laser printing services

Push the Envelope for winning Direct Mail


While there are many important aspects to consider in any given direct mail marketing campaign – the target audience, the copy, the graphics etc. – the first thing that consumers will see, and therefore make judgement on, is the envelope. Envelope’s should not simply be viewed as the vessel that carries your direct mail, but as part of the overall campaign. In this blog, we share a few tips that will help you make your envelopes more alluring, increasing the likelihood of a successful direct mail campaign.

Ensure you have the correct details

This should be obvious, but the fact is that a significant number of direct mail gets lost in the post due to incorrect details like name and address. And even if your direct mail does arrive at the correct address, its recipient won’t feel very inclined to open it if their name has been spelt wrong. So, remember to double check for any errors on your envelope before posting.

Hand done touches

Hand done touches like interesting stamps and hand written addresses will give your envelopes a much needed personal touch, increasing their appeal. Consumers are much more likely to open an envelope with these features than a mass produced, impersonal feeling mailer.

Envelope Art

Envelope art is a great way to make your direct mail stand out; it will make your campaign unique and memorable. Not only does envelope art help to make your direct mail more eye catching, it is also a great branding technique. By including your company colours or logo on the front of your envelope, you can build brand recognition with your customers.

Include a message on your envelope

Direct mail copy doesn’t have to be restricted to inside the envelope. Include a short message on your direct mail envelope to push your readers to take action and find out more. Even a message as simple as “we need your help” or “special event” will make your readers curious about the envelope’s content.

Use recycled paper

More and more, consumers are concerned about sustainability, and a great way to promote yourself as an environmentally conscious, ethical business is through the use of recycled paper. An envelope (along with its contained leaflet or letter) made from recycled paper is a great way to show consumers that you are committed to sustainability.

By using these techniques to make your envelopes stand out among a sea of boring, white mail, you’ll increase the likelihood of a successful direct mail campaign. Direct Mail Solutions offer end-to-end direct mail services, from design to fulfillment.