5 Best Ways To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

dentist marketing

Connecting with your target audience in the right place at the right time is what marketing is about. Especially with your dental practice, you need to keep in touch with your clients/patients more often to build their trust. 

And in this digital world, most people spend their time online or browsing the internet.

That means you need to meet them there, right? You can start working on your Dental Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and the like… but would you believe that printed collateral still wins the hearts of potential patients looking for reliable dental services?

Though most of us have switched to online advertising and communication, traditional postcards and pamphlet distribution are exceptionally effective to target the health and wellbeing sector, especially in this age of digital fatigue.

Improve Your Dental Patient Marketing Methods

Our Top 5 Printed Collaterals For Dentists

Not only baby boomers, but also younger generations express their love for mail postcards. In the epoch of impersonal online advertising, printed postcards are something highly personalized and unique. 

Printed Discount Vouchers

An essential element of most direct mail campaigns is printed discount vouchers.

You can offer your potential patients the option to exchange their voucher for a discount of services, following a visit to your dental office.

Flyer Marketing


Another useful printed collateral that you can use is the flyers. Dental flyers that are engaging and have interesting information will compel the readers to evaluate their dental health. Especially if it has a great design and is printed with high-quality materials.



Printed postcards are something highly personalised, unique and are cost-effective. It is also a great way to get potential clients to take a closer look at what your dental practice can offer. 



You can also send out brochures to your potential clients/patients.

Your brochure should include relevant images, details about your dental practice and what can you offer them so it’s easy to see why your dental practice is on top of the others.

Catalogues & Pamphlets

direct mail marketing

And last but not the least on our list is catalogue and pamphlet distribution for your dental practice.

Showcase your products and services with eye-catching, full-colour catalogues, pamphlets.

Whether you are offering a discount, have released new products, or are promoting a new service, catalogue & pamphlet distribution can act as powerful marketing tools which allow your dental practice to stand out from the crowd.

How Can Direct Mail Solutions Boost Your Dental Direct Mail Marketing?

We provide a range of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses which will help you reduce your costs and discover efficiencies within your operations.

Direct Mail Solutions provide end-to-end direct mail services; tailored to suit your specific business needs and goals.

Whether you need us to simply handle a mailout or require help identifying the right target market and formulating a comprehensive direct mail marketing strategy, our direct mail specialists will ensure your campaign is a success.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we will print, pack and post your direct mail job.

Next steps…

Want to save money and man-hours by giving us the task of organising your direct mailing campaigns, printing marketing material and stuffing envelopes & packages?

DL Flyer Distribution – A Proven Direct Mail Strategy to Promote Gyms Locally

DL Flyer Distribution for Gym Promotion

Do your gym promotion through DL flyer distribution, it is a no brainer. This has been done for centuries now and there is a reason why it is a popular way to promote local businesses, it’s because it works. It is still one of the best ways to get people to know that the business exists. It spreads the word in a fast and efficient manner.

One of the key strengths of flyer distribution is that when people see this, they know whatever product or service is on the flyer, the business is close by. No one sends out a flyer halfway across the country if the business can only serve its immediate vicinity. And that is very true when it comes to local gyms.

When people see your flyer on their doorstep, they know the gym is at least within driving distance. It can immediately pique their interest.

The Flyer Campaign

When doing gym promotion with flyers, there are a few things that you have to make sure that is in your actual flyer. First, it needs to be able to attract attention. Have a catchy image and headline so people will at least direct their eyes to it and know what the flyer is all about.

When it comes to content, be careful and not put too much into it as the flyer can become cluttered and distracting. Be organised with your thoughts and only put in the most important details such as the gym’s name, address, contact number, and the promotion (if any). If the person is interested, he or she can get more information anyway by contacting you through phone, email, social media, or website that you’ve put in the flyer.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Flyer Letterbox Drops

More often than not, the reason you are doing flyer distribution for your gym is because you have a promotion. Make sure that there is a sense of exclusivity in the promotion and that will create urgency for people who get the flyer. You want them to act as soon as possible after looking at the flyer. Set a time limit on when this promotion would last or else the flyer will simply end up in their bags or pockets and never seen again.

Distribution of the Flyers

You have several different options on How to Distribute the Flyers.

Cost-Effective Door to Door Drops

This is simple, have someone deliver a flyer to each door within the community. This will ensure that most of the town knows about your promotion. Whether they are interested or not is now up to them.

Direct, Hand to Hand

One of the best ways to do flyer distribution when doing gym promotion is to have some of your most fit people hand out flyers in crowded areas close to the gym. This gives a good impression and if ever the person has a question, your staff can answer it immediately. In a sense, the flyer becomes a sales tool wherein your people get to pitch and the flyer serves as a reminder.


Another option is to go to other businesses to hand out your flyers. Ideally these businesses should be related to the gym industry such as a sporting goods shop or a store selling supplements.
If you need to do DL Flyer Distribution to promote your gym, look no further. We can help you with that from creating and printing the perfect flyer to sending them out.

How do you Prevent Bulk Mailing Campaigns backfiring?

Send Bulk Mail

Bulk mailing campaigns is a direct mail method that allows you to solicit a response from your potential buyers. Some small business owners’ resort to direct mail solutions to obtain immediate sales or find potential buyers for the products and services that they offer. Whatever is the purpose in availing bulk mailing solutions, every business owner must be able to understand with clarity the element of the mailing strategy to ensure success.

What should you Send or Share in Your Bulk Mail?

Send Bulk Mail

A Well-worded Sales Letter goes a long way

Sales letters are proven traditional marketing tool that generates sales. Sales letters must be complete in form and substance. It should generate interest and convince the recipient to initiate a desired action. Sales letters can make the difference in your potential leads to your potential buyers. You should know that a single sales letter cannot do the trick. It takes quite a good mailer to establish rapport with your recipients/potential buyers. You must be able to compel the recipients to get in touch and ask more about your service or product.

clear, Informational flyers spark interest

Informational flyers expand awareness of your company, its products and services. The key ingredient of your informational flyers is not the product features or the service upgrade they can get. It should gently remind your recipients about who you are, what your company is all about and a reminder of the quality of your service or the reason for your products existence.

Newsletters should be informal yet educational

Newsletters are proven to offer greater value to your intended recipients. It may be time consuming, but you cannot underestimate the fact that there are still who appreciate a long good read. Well-drafted newsletters can help improve your credibility and authority in your space. Position yourself as an expert and provide useful tips from your industry that the ordinary reader can relate and put to action immediately. Use your position to advance yourself and your business by implanting good advice.

Seasonal Greeting Cards will show a sign of Goodwill.

We particularly appreciate companies, who take the time to drop a mail and share their well wishes for the holidays. Never ever doubt the value of thoughtful wishes and courteous messages. Never miss an anniversary special to thank your customers for their patronage.

Simple Tips to Make Your Bulk Mailing campaign a success!

Offer incentives to buyers
Offer incentives to buyers

Offer incentives to Your Customers

Everybody loves a good bargain. Special offers make your customer feel valued for their patronage. Establish service or product loyalty by creating irresistible bargains. Incentives have been proven to increase rate of return by 1.5%. A hard offer can be in any form of something free that they can avail when they visit your clinic, store, shop or website. You can offer a FREE DENTAL CLEANING for the first 50 who will turn up your clinic on Monday with the sales letter or coupon you sent.

Customise not just your marketing, but your Envelope

Customise your envelops or papers when sending out your bulk mail. Nothing speaks personal other than a well-designed and carefully chosen envelop or a good art paper used in the printing or a well-meaning postcard for patients. Know your market needs is the ultimate and most basic requirement in marketing.

Test, Test, Test!

Even digital marketers are prompted to test the efficacy of their digital campaigns. For direct mailers, you can test your bulk mail campaigns by sending to small, targeted group. The response rate will tell you if you need to tweak your content and presentation, or upgrade your offer or packaging, or if you are ready to send out to the entire state.

Direct Mail Solutions is one of Australia’s leading mailing service provider that can handle the enormous pain of bulk printing and mailing services. Our in-house mail assembly system provides you with the highest level of professionalism, speed and accuracy in all areas of direct mail solutions.

Promote Your Business With Flyer Distribution This Christmas

Promote your business with flyer distribution this christmas

Despite living in a digital world, some good old marketing techniques such as flyer distributions are still effective in promoting businesses. That’s because they have a range of benefits, that even digital marketing techniques can’t always match.

Stand out

For one, the fact that tangible marketing collateral isn’t as prevalent as digital marketing means that flyer distributions will stand out to consumers.


Using a marketing technique that stands out allows your business to be creative and unique in the design of their flyers. Tangible flyers can be creative with colour, graphics and design, as well as paper type and texture. This includes choosing between glossy or matte paper.

Additionally, flyers can be printed using either digital printing or offset printing. Both are different in method but offer a range of advantages depending on the nature of the printing job. Both methods offer high-quality printing.


Flyer printing and distribution proves to be a very cost-effective marketing technique. It allows businesses to work within a set budget.
Although cost-effective, flyer distributions don’t compromise on quality, results and success.

Highly targeted

In fact, flyer distribution is one of the most highly targeted marketing techniques. It lands on your consumer’s doorsteps, so it’s a perfect ideal for promoting local businesses and proves to be highly effective for lead generation.

Flyer and leaflet distribution also generate measurable results, as it determines the success of their marketing campaigns.

So how can it promote your business at Christmas time?

Christmas time is often a preferred time of the year to promote your business. This includes retailers, where customers buy presents and dinnerware for celebrations, grocery shops and local food stores. It even extends to Boxing Day.

A flyer promotion is a perfect way to market your business to consumers who are preparing for Christmas. It’s a busy time of year so consumers will want to shop locally as much as possible. Promoting your business to a targeted audience is highly effective and will be very convenient for your consumers.

Not only does this work well for Christmas flash sales and Boxing Day sales, but also for festive events, if your business runs an event and invites the general public.

Promotional flyers can be creative at Christmas time, as they can be designed to look like invitations, and will grab the consumers attention.

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, and receiving a Christmas-themed promotional flyer in the mail is sure to entice consumers and generate leads for your business.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help with all your flyer distribution needs.

3 Ways Where Flyers Can Help Your Business Succeed

3 Ways Flyer Distribution

It’s no secret that the success of a business relies on their marketing and advertising strategy. From TV advertisements to email campaigns, to word of mouth, there are few options that are more efficient and cost-effective than flyers. In their ability to present both graphics and text to an audience in a way that is visually appealing and communicates a specific message, flyer distribution can be a highly practical advertising tool for many businesses. In this article, we’ll be outlining why flyers may be a good investment for you.

Flyers Are Very Cost Effective

Unlike television advertisements, flyer printing and distribution is a relatively affordable option. For minimal cost, flyers can be printed in bulk, and with the correct audience and distribution strategy, they can be extremely effective. By understanding the audience, flyers can be distributed in targeted locations to ensure a maximum response from consumers.

Flyers Help You Communicate Directly With Your Audience

Flyers may contain supporting facts, interesting ideas and persuasive arguments that may engage audiences and compel them to seek out specific products and services. Through the addition of colourful photos and enticing graphics, flyers are useful to communicate a message directly, in a way that is visually pleasing.

Flyers Are Very Tangible, Who Doesn’t Love That?

Because they are a print resource, flyers can be kept on hand by the target demographic, such as on the kitchen counter or fridge, creating constant exposure to the flyer’s message. And the fact that consumers will physically hold the flyer means that they are halfway to fully engaging with your message. A well-designed flyer with a quality print finish will make a big difference in your marketing strategy.

While we’re moving into an increasingly digital age, there are still so many benefits that come from incorporating a printed flyer into your marketing or advertising campaign. Well designed, eye-catching flyers attract attention and engage with potential customers to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

For help with your flyer distribution, Direct Mail Solutions offer affordable, professional printing Service and distribution assistance. Get in touch today by calling 1800 706 245.

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Is Flyer Distribution Right for Your Business?

Flyer marketing is a highly effective platform that can be used to generate an instant response and quickly build up a customer base but there are certain instances where flyer distribution can be especially beneficial for a business. This week, we look at four different factors which may make flyer distribution the ideal marketing channel for your business. 

You don’t have an established client base

One of the great strengths of print marketing is you don’t need an established customer base or an email list to advertise. Flyer dropping is a great way to spread brand awareness amongst consumers who don’t know anything about your business, and is an ideal first step for new businesses looking to build up their customer base.

You have an attractive offer or an event

This style of marketing is ideal if you are offering the recipient a beneficial deal or information about an event. When a proposition such as ‘get 30% off when you present this flyer’, or ‘use this flyer as your ticket to our next event’, the paper itself becomes valuable and is thus much more likely to be held onto and read through. In this sense, the flyer transforms from an unwanted piece of paper into a gift from the advertiser to the consumer.

You want to target consumers geographically

Flyer marketing (whether delivered through letterbox distribution or handed out) is most effective when you want to target consumers by their geographical location as opposed to less tangible demographics such as their job title or personal interests. Flyer marketing is therefore idea if you are a local business wanting to announce your presence in the community.

You want to target millennials

Unsurprisingly, different age demographics prefer different types of advertising. What may come as a surprise however is that 92% of Millennials (according to DMR) prefer direct mail marketing and use it to make purchasing decisions. This preference is thought to arise from the fact that mail is a welcome novelty for the digital generation who are by and large desensitised to digital marketing strategies such as EDM and banner advertising.


Direct Mail Solutions offer a dynamic range of direct mail marketing services for Melbourne businesses including flyer distribution.