5 Common Shrink-Wrapping Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

common shrink wrapping mistakes

Shrink-wrapping is an easy process. It only requires two things to work: the right kind of plastic wrap and heat.  You can waterproof, weatherproof and tamperproof just about anything you have with just a roll of shrink-wrap and a heating source. But even this convenient packaging solution has a couple of potential hiccups. In this post, we cover some of the common shrink-wrapping mistakes and give solutions.

  1. Shrinkwrap Dog Ears

Dog Ears are triangular protrusions from the film on the corners of the package, which resembles a dog’s ear. These are usually around the corners of packages seen in supermarkets. These “ears” are caused by excess shrink-wrapping and are a sign that the film wasn’t shrunk down enough. Here’s how to avoid this mistake:

The first step is to assess the heat of your shrink gun or shrink tunnel. Make sure there is enough heat to properly wrap the package but at the same time, your shrink gun is cool enough to not cause damage to your product.

Also, check the size of your shrink film or tubing. Using a larger film width than needed can cause the dog-ears to show on the corners of your finished product. Wrap the package with less film by minimizing film width. Dog-ears may also arise when using lower-quality films. Polyolefin film is generally pricier but is higher quality.

  1. Shrinkwrap Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are wrinkles spreading from the corners of your packages. Many times when resolving the issue of dog-ears, you will also resolve the issue of crow’s feet.

Crow’s feet can be due to excessive film on the corners of the product. This can be avoided by using smaller shrink-wrap or shrink tubing length/width.

Just like dog-ears, a cause can be due to not heating the package enough. Ensure that your heating element is producing enough heat to adequately shrink the film evenly across your finished goods.

  1. Shrinkwrap Fish Eyes

Fish eyes are round patterns in the plastic on a package that was shrunk badly and gives an unprofessional and untidy appearance.

Lack of heat causes this issue. To resolve it, check your heating element is receiving regular maintenance to reduce the amount of damaged or improperly shrink-wrapped goods.

In addition, check if your heat source is pushing out enough air when applying heat. If not, it will cause the wrap to shrink inconsistently. Slow down your conveyor speed to minimise perforations in the wrap.

  1. Shrinkwrap Angel Hair

These are thin strands of melted plastic, which stretch from the product and the sealed part of the film. If the sealing wire or seal bar is not hot enough will cause Angel hairs. This occurs because the wrap doesn’t have time to cut completely, and the wrap stretches off the wire.

To avoid this shrink wrapping mistake, make sure your sealing wire is working properly. Also check your clamp pressure is correct to avoid the film cuts being uneven.

  1. Shrinkwrap Ballooning

Shrink-wrap ballooning occurs when the shrink film is exposed to hot air after being sealed. When this happens the air inside the bag expands, causing the shrink film to balloon.

Using film with vent holes can prevent this (also called pre-perforated film). Additionally, avoid having excess air in the package as it’s being wrapped.

Wrapping It Up! 

Shrink-wrap is a great packaging solution for products and problems are readily solved. The size of packages, the speed it’s being wrapped and differences in the construction of shrink films can influence the professional look of your wrapped packages. However with a few simple adjustments to your system, these 5 common shrink-wrap problems can be minimised and keep your packages looking flawless.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer tailored shrink wrapping services to your business, and personal use. We assure protection of your direct mails, without compromising your aesthetics.

Why You Need To Hire Professionals For Shrink Wrapping Services

Shrink wrapping services

What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is a form of packaging that encases your product in a transparent and tight layer of plastic. It is a very flexible and cost-effective tool that ensures your print marketing reaches your target audience in a perfect condition. One of the most benefits of this tool is that it prevents materials from being damaged by variables such as moisture, dirt and tampering.

It may sound simple on paper, but shrink wrapping services have a clear objective that MUST be fulfilled or satisfied, otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of its existence. It would just become a plain piece of plastic. It is important to consider the logistical aspects, qualities, efficiencies and effectivity of shrink wrapping services before we build too much confidence in ourselves to tackle a DIY shrink wrapping project.

We have gathered the reasons why you should consider hiring professionals for your shrink wrapping services.

Reliable solutions

We may come up with 1 or 2 solutions to a problem that we are not really familiar with, but professionals come up with hundreds! Professionals tend to think outside of the box, simply because they are extremely knowledgeable in their given field. They have several answers to logistical requirements needed to ensure perfect shipping for your products, as well as accumulated knowledge behind the science of this form of protective wrapping.

Top Quality

Due to the experience and knowledge of a professional, it is expected for them to produce high-quality products or services. With that being said, professionals will also work tirelessly against time constraints, increasing overall productivity. This saves you time and money. Professionals that provide shrink wrapping services will also provide the best results in terms of protection and aesthetics. What more can you want from a service?

Many people have felt this confusion about choosing Shrink Wrap or Envelops. But due to the quality of shrink wrap, we would suggest choosing Shrink Wrap over Envelopes.


Shrink wrap uses significantly less material than other wrapping products. It is incredibly cost-effective to use and is virtually weightless, reducing shipping rates. An added benefit to this is knowing that your product is seamlessly prevented by external damages and delivered to target audiences by professionals. This saves time and stress, benefiting both the service provider and your business.

How Do I Get My Products Shrink Wrapped?

The best way to find out about shrink wrapping costs and other logistics is to get in touch with a professional shrink wrapping service. At Direct Mail Solutions, we pride ourselves on our range of shrink wrap solutions tailored to the direct mail products you need to be wrapped.

What You Should Know About Shrink Wrapping

A man checking his mail

While direct mail marketing is a fantastic option to consider, it is quite obvious that this method of marketing is exposed to a variety of elements that can compromise the quality of the product. In today’s blog, we investigate how to prevent the damage of your product from such elements using shrink wrap.

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a plastic film that shrinks tightly around the product it is wrapping when heat is applied. It can be used to wrap a range of items – from boxes, to food and drinks, to magazines and newspapers.

The main purpose of shrink wrap is to protect the products inside from dust, water and other forms of contamination or damage.


Why is shrink wrapping a good choice for me?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider shrink-wrapping your products, especially if they are forms of direct mail marketing (such as for hamper mail-outs, newspaper subscriptions or prospectuses).


  • A major problem that may be faced by those using direct mail marketing is a simple one: the weather! Without any kind of protection, rain or general dirt and dust can ruin the quality of your products.
  • Luckily, shrink wrapping is an easy solution. It protects your products from all kinds of weather, so you no longer have to worry about the quality being compromised by natural elements.

Smart marketing:

  • Not only will shrink wrapping protect your mailed marketing, but transparent shrink wrap film will also display the contents and design of your product, unlike traditional envelopes or cardboard boxes. This captures, engages and interests your target market upon a single glance.


  • Due to its sturdy nature, shrink wrap plastic also protects your mailed marketing from potential transport and handling damage. Such damage may include tearing and page folding.


  • Shrink wrapping is a far more space-efficient option when compared to boxes or bulky envelopes. This makes it a more convenient choice for your business (in terms of storage and transportation) and also for consumers; mailboxes aren’t big!

How do I get my products shrink wrapped?

The best way to find out about shrink wrapping costs and other logistics is to get in touch with a professional shrink wrapping service. At Direct Mail Solutions, we pride ourselves on our range of shrink wrap solutions tailored to the direct mail products you need to be wrapped.

Is Shrink Wrap The Best Choice For You?

Shrink wrapped direct mail

If you’re embarking on any kind of print marketing campaign, it may be a good idea to consider the use of shrink wrap. From its protective qualities to its durability, there are many reasons why this material could aid your marketing adventures. In this week’s article, we’ll be running through three key reasons why shrink wrap may be the logistical solution of your dreams.

Reliable protection

If you want your print marketing campaign to reach your audience in pristine condition, shrink wrap is one of the best options out there for you. By limiting exposure to elements such as moisture and dirt, shrink wrap ensures that the possibility of damage to your mail is virtually nil. Even more impressively, it reflects sunlight while maintaining a consistent temperature inside to reduce moisture build up in your product. The end result? Your marketing material lands safe at its destination, just as visually stunning as it was when it first rolled off the printing press!


Made from very sturdy, durable plastic, shrink wrap offers unparalleled protection against the elements. However, due to its long-lasting quality, it won’t shrink or weaken through the journey to its destination. This also protects against tampering- because shrink wrap is so durable, you’ll for sure be able to tell if it’s been tampered with at all along the way.


When it comes to considering packaging materials, shrink wrap is one of the most affordable options on the market. Furthermore, shrink wrapped products take up much less space, without requiring the use of bulky packaging such as boxes. Saved space is better for business- this will save you money it terms of storage and transport in the long run.

If you’re wondering where to get more information on shrink wrapping, Direct Mail Solutions offer a comprehensive range of shrink wrapping solutions, designed to suit your needs.

Why You Should Choose Shrinkwrap Over Envelopes

shrink wrap

Deciding on the right packaging for your next advertising campaign can be a bit of a conundrum. Whilst the humble envelope is the most common choice amongst advertisers, it’s not the only option and in fact often falls short when it comes to protecting your material from the elements. In our opinion, shrink wrapping is the future for direct mail marketing services and we will explain why this packaging is superior to the traditional envelope.


One of the biggest hurdles direct mail marketers must get over is finding a way to get their audience to open the envelope and read their content. A lot of the time, envelopes which the reader identifies as marketing material are thrown out, regardless of the potential value or appeal of the message inside. Shrink wrap on the other hand, eliminates this problem as the core message of your marketing material is visible to the reader from the moment they pull it out of the mailbox.


In the same vein, because your marketing material is not obscured or hidden by an envelope, any images or design elements are clearly visible and will catch the eye of your reader. Packaging your marketing material in this way can also help to improve brand awareness.


Envelopes only really work for rectangular marketing material and don’t perform very well when it comes to bulky objects. Shrink wrap on the other hand can be moulded to securely wrap almost any product shape or size. Shrink wrap is also far more effective when it comes to protecting your carefully designed marketing material from the elements (dirt, humidity and moisture).


Plastic is a lot harder to damage than paper, so shrink wrapping is particularly useful to protect marketing material from damage during transit. Shrink wrapped catalogues and promotional products packaged in an envelope are particularly vulnerable to damage when in transit, as they tend to more around inside the packaging. Shrink wrap however, holds your marketing material firmly in place, ensuring it arrives to your target audience’s mailbox in pristine condition.


Shrink wrap is far superior to envelopes in terms of weight and material use. Because it uses so much less material than say corrugated cardboard products and produces minimal offcuts, shrink wrap is incredibly cost effective to use and is virtually weightless, helping to keep shipping rates low.

Direct Mail Solutions offer a convenient and cost effective shrink wrapping service for Melbourne businesses.

Best Ways to Boost the Appeal of a Direct Mail Campaign

In the world of advertising, first impressions are everything and in the world or direct mail marketing, the name of the game is to get your target audience to take a second look. To make a good impression and draw the readers curiosity, your mail needs to look interesting. This week, we take a look at four key ways you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your direct mail.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrapping is a great way to protect and display your mail. Shrink wrap is impervious to dirt, humidity, and water, and will ensure your marketing content arrives in the mailbox of your target audience in pristine condition. Shrink wrap is also a unique packaging option because it doesn’t obscure your advertising material, so a headline or image can catch the readers eye the moment they collect their mail. DMS offer premium shrink wrapping services for Australian SMEs.


Colour can be a powerful tool to evoke emotions and build brand association, but it can also be used to draw the reader in and make a bold visual statement. Coloured envelopes in particular are a great way to differentiate your business from the competition and ensure your direct mail piques the interest of your target audience.


High quality images can help transform your advertising into a piece of art that readers may keep for it’s aesthetic value alone. For example, if you were to run a postcard campaign that advertises your local gardening business on the back, and has the image of a beautiful garden landscape, flowers or trees on the front, your reader may hold on to the postcard for it’s aesthetic value. This helps build brand recognition.


A big design trend in advertising at the moment is minimalism. Minimalism is a great vehicle to convey a simple, powerful message and pique the interest of the reader. The restrained palettes, sans serif fonts, and abstract shapes that characterise minimalist advertising are certainly a departure from traditional copy which tends to pack every square inch with bold headlines, pictures, snippets of information and offers and it marks a new approach to marketing wherein the advertiser strives to inspire with a concept, rather than overwhelm with information and offers.

DMS can help you conceptualise, develop and execute a successful mail marketing campaign.


4 Benefits of Shrink Wrapping your Mail

Making sure your direct mail arrives in the hands of your target audience in pristine can be a bit of a tricky process, with factors like the elements and awkwardly shaped mailboxes often compromising the quality of your carefully thought out advertising material. Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways to manage this problem and one of the best protective measures you can take is shrink wrapping your mail. This week, we take a look at four key benefits associated with shrink wrapping.


Shrink wrap is incredibly hard to damage and is thus the perfect option if you need to transport advertising materials over long distances. Once your products and shrink-wrapped, they can be stored in virtually any conditions without deterioration as shrink wrap is impervious to elements like moisture and humidity. When your mail does reach your target audience, the packaging creates a minimal mess and can be easily scrunched up and disposed of.


From a marketing perspective, shrink wrap is a great way to protect your products without obscuring their appearance. This kind of packaging makes it easy for consumers to see your marketing material, and can also help to increase brand awareness.


Finding packaging that can be adapted to a range of product shapes and sizes is often a challenge, but the flexibility of shrink wrap means it can be used to securely wrap and protect even the most awkward or uneven shapes. Shrink wrap can be used to fully enclose items and protect them from dirt, humidity and moisture. The ability of this packaging to wrap tightly around your product also means that it cannot move around and become damaged during transit.


When compared with other packaging options, shrink wrap is incredibly cost effective. Not only is the packaging itself low cost, uses 75% less material than corrugated products and produces minimal offcuts, it’s low volume and weight help to keep shipping costs to a minimum. From an environmental perspective, shrink wrap uses fewer resources and energy than any other packaging option.

If you are worried that shrink wrap is not the best option for you, read this article. Is Shrink Wrap The Best Choice For You?

Direct Mail Solutions offer a premium shrink wrapping service for clients around Australia.