7 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Printing Service

hiring professional printing service

When outsourcing your business’ printing jobs, it’s important to research which printing company will do the best job. You are likely to already know exactly what you’re looking for, so putting your trust into a printing company is essential. After all, large printing jobs are an important business expense, so you should make sure to get it right. Here are seven things to consider before hiring a professional printing service.

1. Do they offer Exactly what you need?

The first thing to consider is whether the printing company ticks your most basic boxes. What do you need to be printed? What is the quantity of your printing job? Do you have a strict budget?

Some printing companies have a minimum size or expense requirement for printing jobs. Others, including our services at Direct Mail Solutions, are happy to complete jobs of all sizes – be it large or small. We also offer digital printing at a low-cost, to meet small budgets.

Be sure that the printing company can meet the specific goals and requirements that you have for your business.

2. Is there a limit to what They Can Produce?

It is also helpful to think about what your printed design will look like. What colours are being used and how comprehensive is its design? Most printing companies will offer a range of printing methods, which means there is no limit to what design can be printed, whether the print runs in mono, spot colour or full-colour process.

This includes:

Digital printing, which is a cost-effective method that can complete high volume jobs in full colour
Offset printing, a more traditional approach to printing in full colour
Laser printing, both simplex, and duplex

3. Can they show you samples of Work?

Printing, especially in large quantities, can be a big and costly job. That’s why it’s imperative to see samples before the bulk of the job gets done. That way you can see what works and whether any improvements can be made. This is also an effective way to notice any mistakes that may not have been picked up in the initial stages.

This includes testing the printing on different types of paper, including matte, satin and glossy.

Reputable printing companies will work with you along the way to make sure that you’re on the same page throughout every step of the process. Reputable companies will also allow you to see as many samples as you want before approving the full job to be printed, without charging extra.

4. How long will the Project take?

Next, you’ll need to consider your time frame. When do you need the job to be done by and how long will it take the printing company? This is something that you will have to compromise with the printing company. It’s always best to give them a few weeks notice to get the job done, especially if it’s a bulk job. However, most professional companies will prioritise their customer’s schedule and accommodate to their time frame.

5. Are they Easily contactable?

When outsourcing and liaising with other companies, communication is key. Consider whether your printing company of choice is reachable and friendly when liaising with you as a customer. This is something that you’ll notice right away, from when you first enquire within the business. You will also notice whether they take the time to understand what your printing needs are and how they can help you with them. A company that has already proven their diligence is likely to be reliable and contactable at all times throughout the printing process.

6. Do they have good Customer reviews?

If you have already browsed through the printing company’s website, the next helpful step is to read customer reviews. Often, this feedback is one of the most significant factors when hiring a company. If their reviews are positive, it’s a no-brainer. Keep a look out for reviews on jobs or from companies that are similar to yours.

7. Do they offer additional Printing & Distribution services?

You are likely to need services additional to printing, depending on the nature of your job. The most convenient solution is to work with a one-stop-shop. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it also saves you costs and allows you to be a loyal customer to the company.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer both printing and mailing solutions. Our full range of services includes mailout assembly (cutting, folding, collating and binding).

not Hiring a Professional Printing Service? You’re Missing Out.

professional printing service

Whether you’re running a small, medium or large business, you’re certain to come across printing requirements. Perhaps you make and sell products that require printing or perhaps you need to print flyers for marketing purposes or envelopes to send to your loyal customers. Whatever the printing job may be, it’s important to consider how to get it done. Should you try to DIY or should you save all the fuss and go straight to a professional printing service?

Here are some things to consider when making that choice and meeting your business’ printing requirements.


DIY is often known as the budget option, however, this isn’t always the case. Doing the printing yourself means that you’re responsible for purchasing all of the supplies and topping them up once they’ve run out. This includes paper, ink, toners, and labels, not to mention, the printer itself. The cost of the supplies can add up quite a bit, and you’ll notice that it’s more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run to go directly to a professional printing service. That’s because you’re only required to pay for what you need. Unless you’re exceptionally crafty and resourceful, it’s common to make some mistakes if you DIY. Not only does this waste time and effort, but it also wastes money and materials.

We often get asked, at what point is outsourcing the most cost-effective solution? Our answer is that most businesses find it far more cost-effective in the long run, especially if they have large volume requirements. Remember that, like all services, the more units you order, the less the cost per unit becomes.

Professional printing service doesn’t have to run your pocket dry – most also have affordable options to choose from. These affordable options are far better quality than using your own printer and budget supplies. Even with their cheaper options, professional printing service will always provide services superior to DIY methods.

Time saver

Simply put, outsourcing your printing services saves you effort. It saves you an immense amount of time and stress. You’re not expected to be a printing expert, so why force yourself to be? That’s what professional printing companies are for! Printing flyers and other products isn’t just a matter of pressing “print.” It includes setting up your printer (especially if you’ve purchased a new one), learning the procedures and knowing how to tackle any issues you may come across.

Instead, you should put your effort into what really matters to you – your job and the smooth running of your business. Giving you one less thing to worry about increases your business’ efficiency and productivity. Not to mention that an increase in productivity gives your business monetary gain.

Experience and professionalism

Often, it doesn’t take much to notice the difference between a professional job and a DIY attempt. When outsourcing with a professional printing service, you’re guaranteed to get high-quality results every time. Outsourcing your business’ printing jobs is an investment. That is, you’re investing in quality to gain the best results and return on value, and often, this is in the form of customers.

Outsourcing means that you have a dedicated team of experts to work on your printing jobs. It also means that you’re able to work with the same team each time you return to do more printing. This ensures consistency in both the quality and the visuals of the work. This is especially important as consistency strengthens your brand identity and awareness.

Here are 5 more reasons why Hiring Professional Printing Service is a smart idea.

If you decide to outsource with a professional printing company, you’re guaranteed to get only the best services. If you’re not hiring a professional printing service, then you’re missing out on the professionalism and high-quality services that it can offer you.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer full professional solutions including printing, copying and mail distribution services. Our business and envelop printing services offer your business a cost-effective and high-quality solution. We collaborate with you to ensure we meet your specific printing requirements, including deadlines and budget.

4 Simple Steps To A Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Distributor

Once you decide you want to use direct mail marketing for your campaign, you should know how the process actually works step-by-step. Having a good understanding of what you need to do to be successful is the key to achieving your campaign goals. Today, we’re looking at four steps you can take to elevate the success of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Step #1: Identify your target markets

The first step is to identify the general target market. You cannot create a successful direct mail marketing strategy without assessing who you need to target.

You should consider at least some of these factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Location
  • Income

Step #2: Tailor your marketing campaigns to specific market

Once you’ve identified your general demographic, you should try to narrow it down to specifics. For example, you may be targeting women aged 30-50 in the workforce, but you have to be more specific: do they have children? Are they married? What do they do in their spare time?

Determining these factors will allow you to tailor your strategy to this very specific market. Understanding your customers’ habits means you can appeal to their interests and values using your product.

Step #3: Consider integrating your online and offline Marketing campaigns

Regardless of the target market, most consumers regularly engage with some form of online material. A successful strategy, therefore, is one that also engages with online material.

You can integrate online and offline strategies in a number of ways. Some include:

  • Including websites and email addresses in your print material
  • Having printable coupons or extra information online
  • Incorporating a QR code in your print material

Step #4: Source the right distribution Specialist

From a logistic point of view, you need to find a way to print, package and deliver your direct mail marketing. Ideally, you should find a company or service that offers all three to avoid confusion.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we handle your direct mail marketing from start to finish. Our integrated direct mail marketing solutions mean that we help you run through these listed steps; i.e. from identifying your market to packaging and mailing your material.

The Basic Principles of Any Print Marketing Campaign

print marketing campaign

If you’re going to run a print marketing campaign, there are certain things you should consider. What does it mean to market yourself to a particular client of audience, and just how do you go about doing that? In this week’s article, we’ll be running through the basic principles of your next print marketing campaign so you’re set up for success.

Know what sets you apart

When it comes to any kind of marketing, a major piece of the puzzle lies in understanding what makes you different from your competitors. Without knowing what makes you remarkable, it’s impossible to convince an audience of people that you’re worth working with. Go beyond the basics; obviously, you sell quality products, at affordable prices with impeccable service. From here, it’s time to go deeper; get analytical about it! By focusing on specifics, you’ll really be narrowing down on what makes you best choice for your chosen target market.

Know your customer base

Once you’ve established what sets you apart, you have to understand how your specific brand translates into the perfect customer experience for your print marketing campaign. The only way to do this is to understand who your audience is; what do they want? What do they value? What are their demographic features? When you know your customer base, you’ll be much better equipped to develop a good relationship with them.

Know your brand identity

After figuring out what makes you different, as well as identifying the audience you’re aiming to sell to, it’s time to establish a brand identity in the marketplace. Your brand identity is how consumers will recognise your products or services. Built into this identity are choices around visual elements such as logos, typography and colour palettes, as well as your voice in the marketplace. When it comes to creating your next print marketing campaign, you’ll be in a much better position with all three elements considered.

Direct Mail Solutions offers a range of solutions for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

3 Effective Leaflet Distribution Methods

Best Mailing Service

Print marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. It’s tangible, direct and forces your audience to, at the very least, skim your content. If you’re running a print marketing campaign, you want to make sure that your distribution methods are working towards your success. So in this week’s blog, we’ll be running through some of the best leaflet distribution methods for you.

Door to door

For B2C print marketing campaigns, door to door leaflet distribution can be incredibly effective. It may take more time, and you will most likely need more leaflets to adequately cover your chosen area, but it will definitely reach your audience. In this method, you can be sure that your leaflets will be seen.


If you are able to, consider collaborating with a business that offers related products or services to your business. This relationship should be built on reaching a shared or similar audience, and your leaflet distribution campaign here should aim to act to complement, not compete. If this company is well-known in the industry, this can be a very clever way to advertise.

Distribute to influencers

In any community, there are people who are influential, and can vouch for or even promote your business’ products and services. If you build positive relationships with these kinds of people, they may pass on information about your company to their network. If possible, send them leaflets about your business, potentially with extras for them to hand out themselves.

While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of leaflet distribution methods, they can provide a starting point for your next print marketing campaign. Direct Mail Solutions offer direct flyer and leaflet distribution to help you engage with your audience.

Tips for Effective Direct Mail Envelopes 


A direct mail envelopes is an essential part of any direct mail package. But with not much space to put your design or copy, it can be difficult to decipher the most important things to include to ensure an effective direct mail envelopes design. That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re breaking down our top tips for effective direct mail envelopes. 

1) Use teaser copy targeted for your specific audience 

Upon receiving your envelope, it should be clear that your message is addressed specifically to your reader. A simple way to do this is to include key words such as “exclusive offer for shoppers inside” or “for serious investors only”. Make sure to select words relevant to your audiences’ interests and identity.  

2) Use directive language 

Entice your reader to open the envelope by using clear, directive language. Examples include “see inside” or “open immediately“. Combine this approach with a benefit the reader will receive, such as “FREE recipes! Look inside” or “How to save hundreds on your taxes! See inside for more information… 

3) Get creative with illustrations or photos 

Pictures are a great visual tool to engage your audience. Furthermore, they communicate instantly. While words are great, pictures can enhance your overall message. For example, a photo of a book with the word “FREE” next to it can be far more effective than several lines of text. 

4) Put your deadline on the outside 

Deadlines inspire action. If you include a clear deadline on the outside of your envelope, there is a greater chance that your audience will be propelled to act. It is best to use a real deadline over a random one as it maintains the honesty and authenticity of your company.  

6 Tips for Getting Clients to Pay Invoices

Invoice Mailing

As a small business owner, having clients who consistently fail to pay their invoices (on time or at all) is more than just an annoyance, it can seriously affect your business cash flow. This week we look at 6 simple ways you can encourage your client base to pay their invoices on time.

  1. Positive reinforcement

Encourage your customers to make their payments on time by offering same kind of incentive such as a discount. However, it’s important to strike a balance by offering your customer something that seems valuable to them, but doesn’t put you at a loss.

  1. Make it easy

Ask your client what the most convenient time and payment format would be for them. Being flexible and illustrating that you are customer service focused increases the likelihood that your client will make their payment on time.

  1. Offer more than one payment option

Consider being a little more flexible in terms of the payment types you are willing to accept. For example, you might expand into online payment, a format which is extremely convenient for the client and low cost.

  1. Follow up

If you have a client who regularly pays their invoices late, get into the habit of following them up with calls or emails in the days leading up to a due date. Aside from reminding them that there is a payment due (if they are indeed forgetting), they will eventually get tired of your pestering and change their payment habit to get you to stop.

  1. Consider negative reinforcement

For some clients, negative reinforcement such as a penalty or late fee can be an effective way of illustrating that you are not willing to put up with late payments. Just like with positive reinforcement, you want to strike a balance between an amount that is large enough to make your customer reconsider their behaviour, but not so large that they leave you for a competitor.

  1. Clean up your invoice design

Sometimes invoices aren’t paid because clients find it difficult to understand the bill and intend to query it but never get around to doing so. Make your invoices easy to understand by showing your calculations clearly down the page and clearly summarising the final payment amount at the bottom. Make sure your number is prominently displayed so that if customers are still confused, it’s easy to get in contact with you.


Direct Mail Solutions offers an invoice mailing service for Melbourne businesses.

How to Prepare your Business for a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

Before constructing a direct mail campaign, you’ll need to make sure your business has clear goals and is ready to take on an influx of new customers. In this blog, we provide you with a checklist to complete before undertaking any major direct mail marketing campaign.

Consolidate your mailing list

Consolidating your mailing list is the first step you should take before designing a campaign, as it will help you to get to know your target market better and ensure you are not wasting campaign materials on out of date addresses or recipients who are not likely to want your products and/or services. Verify customer contact details regularly, either through loyalty programs or follow-up calls from your staff.

Set S.M.A.R.T goals

Before constructing a direct mail campaign, you’ll need to figure out what you want it to achieve. Rather than having vague aims like “increase sales”, your goals should be as specific as possible. Put a number to what it is you want to achieve, for example 500 new leads, 100 new trial starts or 50 referrals.

Consolidate your website and platforms

Successful direct mail marketing can’t be expected to stand alone, which is why you’ll need to consolidate your website before setting up a new campaign. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date, ensure the website is visually pleasing and clear in explaining your business’ products and services, and don’t forget to optimise for mobile. It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated landing page for your specific direct mail campaign too so you can track engagement.

Stay very competitive

In order to make conversions, you will need to assess whether the pricing of your products or services is competitive. You may have a great direct mail campaign, however if your products are significantly more expensive than those of your competitors without clearly stating why (better quality, more versatile etc.), potential customers will simply look for a cheaper option. Conduct a competitive analysis to consolidate your pricing and ensure your products and services are in line with current industry trends.

By doing some preparation work before a direct mail campaign, you will increase the likelihood of conversions and ensure your campaign is a success. Direct Mail Solutions offer a full range of direct mail services and will help you prime your business for success.

Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Planning & Running a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

This week we’ve come up with ten quick tips to help your next direct mail marketing campaign run smoothly and successfully.

  1. Include the three basic elements

Every direct mail campaign needs an offer, enough information to induce the reader to accept the offer and a mechanism for responding to the offer.

  1. Repurpose

Repurpose extra copies of your direct mail as flyers instore, at networking events, and in information packs for vendors.

  1. Use data to inform your editorial choices

Whilst direct mail marketing isn’t an exact science, there are some techniques which prove to be effective time and time again including:

  • A yes/no option is more effective than a campaign without a no option
  • A negative option offer is more effective than a positive option offer
  • Offers with a time limit are more effective than offers without
  • A gift is more effective than a discount
  • Sweepstakes increase the order volume for impulse items
  • Listing benefits is more effective than listing features
  • Audience involvement encourages readership
  • Envelope packages are more effective than self-mailers
  1. Test first

Before you invest in any large-scale print marketing campaign, it’s important to test out your campaign with a smaller market to make sure it’s worth the money by determining the rate of return. If you have the budget, try testing several different campaigns to determine what’s most effective.

  1. Follow up

Actively pursue both responders and non-responders with a phone call to capture any possible conversions and assess responses.

  1. Personalise

Find opportunities to make a personal connection with your target audience by using their name as much as possible in the copy, and including pictures of your staff and business to foster a sense of familiarity.

  1. Integrate

To be truly effective, direct mail needs to be integrated into a larger campaign that uses other channels (such as digital or telemarketing) as repeat exposure helps customers become more familiar with your brand. A series of mailings is also more effective than a standalone communication for the same reason.

  1. Make sure your database is up to date

Make sure your database records are up to date before mailing out a large campaign. This includes removing bounce back addresses and touching base with your existing customer base regularly to ensure all details are current.

  1. Appeal to emotion, back up with reason

Studies suggest that decision making is governed by emotion and backed up by logic so to get a sale, your pitch should first make an emotional appeal and then use reasons to finalise the transaction.

  1. Invest in a graphic designer

To give your mailings a professional polish, invest in the services of a graphic designer who will be able to present your marketing message in the best possible light.


How to Boost a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Response Rate

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the world of direct mail marketing is not getting your target to open your mail, but getting a response in the form of a qualified lead. This week, we thought we’d look at a few key tactics which can be employed to boost the response rate of your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Make sure your database is clean

Take the time to eliminate duplicates, run your database through the change of address database, and check that all addresses you have are complete. Making sure your database is relevant and up to date can help you save on postage costs and make an accurate estimation of the kind of response rate you can expect.

Test on the small scale before launching

If you’re planning on investing in a large-scale mailing campaign, it’s well worth testing out your pitch on a smaller scale to see what type of response you get. Try testing out just a single variable, such as the type of offer you make (i.e. buy one get one free vs. 50% off) , the way the offer is phrased (i.e. 50% off vs. half price), or the medium the offer is made in (i.e. flyers vs. postcards) and then using the data you get back to inform your larger campaign.

Personalise wherever possible

Addressing your mail to a specific person both on the envelope and in the material inside, as well as making mention of products they previously purchased are three key ways you can grab the attention of your target audience, make them feel like a valued customer, and make them feel obliged to return the courtesy.

Create a custom letter shape

Pique the curiosity of your target audience with an envelope or package that doesn’t conform with standard mail dimensions. Irregular shapes, postcard sizes, or putting in a small promotional item to create an intriguingly lumpy package are all great ways to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Direct Mail Solutions specialise in helping Melbourne businesses succeed in with their direct mail campaigns.