Benefits to Outsourcing Invoice Printing?


Invoicing and mailing are important elements for companies no matter what service they are offering. Most smaller businesses try to do all this in-house or within their own means; however, is this really the best way to go about it? Or is it better to outsource invoice mailing solutions?

Any business that prints, processes, and mails out regular statements can save time and money by having others do this task for them. At Direct Mail Solutions, we provide you the best invoice and mailing service for your business. Here’s why you should outsource invoice to us rather than spending too much time and resources in doing this yourself.

Benefits of Invoice Outsourcing.

1. Outsource Invoice Mailing Reduces your Costs

Overall, you spend more money when you try to print your invoices in-house. This is because of the number of machines and materials you need to maintain along with hiring people who have the skills to operate these machines.

At the same time, you will have to cover extra costs of mistakes and misprints. You reduce all these costs through outsourcing.Accuracy is 2.

2. Scale-up with Outsource Invoice Mailing Solutions

By entrusting your outsource invoice to us at Direct Mail Solutions, you can be sure about the accuracy and efficiency of your invoices and mailing. Mistakes and misprints will not only be reduced but eliminated. And if they do happen, you do not have to bear the burden of its cost.

Also, if ever we encounter bad addresses, we will report this immediately to you so that it can be sorted out as soon as possible.

3. Send Customer Invoices on Time

Obviously, your customers and clients cannot pay their bills without a proper invoice. We help ensure that each one is sent out on time so that your company gets paid as soon as possible without risking any delay and disruption to the business.

4. Keep On Track with Outsource Invoice Mailing

By going with our outsource invoice mailing solutions, you can keep up with everything that is happening such as:

  • Allows you to monitor which client was sent an invoice and for what product or service
  • Helps you send the right type of invoice for specific clients who may have special requests on their invoices
  • Track which invoices needs to be sent and when

5. Outsource Invoice Mailing offers Faster Mail Turnaround

Our mailing services are faster than regular post deliveries. This is a very helpful aspect as it ensures clients get their statements on time and you get paid on time which improves your company’s cashflow.

6. Print Significantly Better Invoices

We’ve seen this a lot where business owners don’t give much thought about the look of their invoices. This is a mistake. Customised invoices that carry your branding can go a long way with reminding your clients to pay their bills.

We cam also help create statements properly designed and formatted to maximize clarity while reducing the need for customer service calls regarding the invoice.

7. Free Up Space in the Office

You also get to free up a lot of office space when you outsource invoice mailing solutions. Printers, folding machines, and all that ink and paper will need huge amounts of space and storage space. You can now turn this space into something else that helps employee productivity and morale instead.

8. Focus on growing your Business

And speaking of employees, if you do your printing and mailing services in-house, you either hire an expert to do it for you, which can be expensive, or simply add the task to your existing employees. Most of the time, they are not experts in this field, and they might take a lot of time in accomplishing the printing task. This can lead to mistakes, additional costs, and frustration from the employee.

Outsource invoice mailing solutions changes all of that as it allows your employees to simply focus on their jobs. In the long run, this can provide you with better productivity as well.

Outsource your Invoicing with Direct Mail Solutions

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help your company become more efficient by doing the following tasks for you:

  • Actual printing of invoices and statements
  • Maintenance of machines needed for printing
  • Purchasing of the right materials for your invoices
  • Pre-sorting mail
  • Documenting and reporting any miscommunication, wrong addresses, names, etc. so they can be solved as soon as possible.

Benefits of Letterbox Distribution for a Business

benefits of using letterbox distributions

There’s a wide range of marketing tools readily available to small to medium business today. Even with the advent of digital media advertising, traditional media is still a potent source of prospects if done right.

Today, letterbox distribution has been overlooked but the benefits when it comes to sales is undeniable.

There has been a struggle whether to opt for Social Media Paid advertising or settle for the old letterbox distribution channel.
Most business of any size, have joined the bandwagon and started focusing their marketing efforts online utilizing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram for the simple reason that these platforms offer a wider reach of the target market.

Here are the most notable benefits of Letterbox Distribution

Targeted Marketing

target marketing

Letterbox distribution contains a marketing flyer that can grab prospected buyers’ attention geographically at a lower cost. There is a guarantee that the prospected buyer will get a hold of the information himself. A well- presented flyer offers products and services that prospects are looking into at the right time. An example would be a pool cleaning business, they can easily send out flyers as soon as summer comes knocking to residential with private pools.


poster design

Letterbox distribution provides flyers that communicate with easy to read and understand promotional content. Its often time presented in a simple, minimal design that limits distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to convey your message across. Flyers effectively inform your customer why your products and services are useful and should be considered and bought for their home, business or practice.

Easily accessible

man reading from letterbox distribution

Letterbox distribution is effective because of its direct placement into the customer’s view, simply put, it is delivered right at their doorstep. Flyer come in physical form and can’t be easily missed, there’s 90% chance of your flyers being soon as your prospects start checking the rest of their mailbox.

Note also that marketing flyers distributed, gets you instant contact with your prospects and you can easily assess how they respond to your products or services. Imagine during Expos, when all service providers come together and circle the venue with their flyers, almost 80% instantly visits the booth when they get a flyer promotion, allowing you to have a first-hand contact and almost instant conversion as soon as you answer their questions.

Easy to produce

easy to produce

Letterbox promotional content needs no extensive planning. All you need is a design with your offers in it. Have a layout and print it. Unlike any other form of marketing, flyers need no extensive planning.

Letterbox flyers are fast, easy and convenient. It does not take too much planning and understanding. It instantly develops trust in your company. If you offer is beneficial to your prospects you can see results. If you are looking to improve your marketing with the use of letterbox materials, Direct Mail Solutions specializes in flyers and paper mailing.

5 Amazing Benefits of Envelope Printing for Successful Business

envelope printing for succesful business

You may not have given your business envelopes much thought before. Many businesses have long underestimated the positive benefit that a business can enjoy by using customised envelope printing. Envelope printing can enhance your professional image, and help you target offline customers in your local community.

Here are the top five benefits of envelope printing to improve your business success in today’s marketplace:

1. A Hidden promotional tool

The greatest benefit of business envelopes is that it acts as a hidden promotional tool. Your envelope can quickly convey its brand message, colour, logo, etc. This will help your brand stand out from other letters that your target audience receive.

2. Personalised Marketing

You can tailor your envelopes depending on whom you intend to reach. This could be potential or existing customers or another business you’re working in conjunction with. People are more inclined to open your envelope if there is something unique about it. We are flooded with dull white envelopes and marketing material in our letterboxes daily. Your recipients will feel a curiosity to open your letter that contains a unique logo, branding, and colours. A personalised envelope is a perfect way to promote your business in a simple and succinct manner.

3. Highly Cost-effective

Custom envelope printing is a cost-effective marketing tool you can use to get a response from your target market. We can run your campaign to target a specific geographical area or a specific customer demographic. What’s great about this method is that you can achieve a high recall rate by using professionally printed envelopes in a number of colour and printing options.

4. Also Targets offline customers

Currently, the letterbox marketing space is way less cluttered compared to digital marketing channels. The average Australian household receives around two to three pieces of unaddressed promotional items per week. Compared to the hundreds of electronic advertising messages you receive daily, customised envelope printing stands out by being tangible and convenient to use.

5. Improves Direct Mail efficiency

Aside from promotion, you can use them to improve the efficiency of your business. For instance, you can easily break up and organise your daily outgoing mail into convenient categories. This is based on the customised colour coding of your envelope printing, making the task of sending out envelopes a lot more simplified.

Businesses are often quick to assume that electronic mail is the best choice to reach potential and existing customers. However, with technology playing an ever-increasing role in society more and more people appreciate envelope printing as a form of physical marketing.
Direct Mail Solutions is a full-service printing and mailing company for all your envelope printing and mailing needs. We can come to you to discuss which design best suits your requirements.

Benefits of Using Bulk Mailing Services for Small Businesses

In this digitally fuelled generation, businesses are tirelessly looking for new and innovative methods in the hopes to stand out from its competitors. But the one thing that identifies a “great” business from other “good” businesses, is persistence. Some older marketing methods such as word-of-mouth (WOM), bulk mailing services and flyer advertising don’t die down very easily.

Bulk Mail is physical mail that is commercially prepared in large volumes and mailed at reduced costs through mass letterbox distribution. Bulk mail may consist of letters, pamphlets, newsletters and other similar products. Dating back to the “good old days”, bulk mail is still identified as a strong marketing tool that has greater potential in generating high impressions and reach that effectively converts readers into potential customers.

We have gathered the most important benefits of bulk mailing services that will surely convert you into consideration!

Cheaper costs

Generally, when you purchase items in “bulk” volumes, you receive a discount of some sort. This also applies to bulk mailing services. Bulk mail is a cost-efficient method that can be used to save your business some money. If you’re preparing to send a large number of mail to potential customers for promotional purposes, these services will give you the best possible postage rates and the highest reach!

Saves Precious Time

What’s as good as saving costs? Saving time! Instead of spending countless numbers of hours and energy sorting, preparing and addressing mails by yourself, you can save time and hire a bulk mail service to do the job more effectively for you. This allows for you to focus on the other aspects of your business, while at the same time, knowing that your bulk mail is being received by potential and existing customers.

Attract a larger number of potential customers

Specializing in large quantities of mail, means reaching a larger audience. Compared to other marketing methods such as TV advertising or the usage of social media marketing, mailing services can have a better and quicker effect. This is simply because people still read their mail, which ensures that the message will be delivered. For one person on the bulk mailing list, times this with hundreds more and the result will reach a higher audience impact.

Ready to take advantage of your bulk mail service benefits? At Direct Mail Solutions, we can take care of all your bulk mail needs. We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Printers 

A laser printer is a popular type of printer that uses a non-impact, photocopier technology to create images on paper. Laser printers are relatively high-speed printers that are most common in the office environment, although inkjet printers are gaining momentum too. When a document is sent to the printer, the laser bream “draws” on a selenium-coated drum using electrical charges. In this week’s blog, we discuss the pros and cons of laser printers.  

1) Up-front costs 

While laser printers used to be too expensive for the home users, prices have dropped substantially in recent years. Laser prints used to cost a few thousand dollars. Whereas, you can find great laser printers today for only a few hundred dollars. While these more expensive models still exist, the price difference is typically reflected in quality and functionality.  

2) Cost-effective printing supplies 

With laser printers, you get more value for your money with printing cartridges in comparison to inkjet printers. This is because toner cartridges, which are designed for laser printers, are more long-lasting than an inkjet cartridge. Although toner cartridges are more expensive up-front, their longer life span ensures you get much greater value for your money.  

3) Speed 

Laser printers are incredibly quick. In fact, for basic, monochrome jobs, laser printers can produce more than 40 pages per minute.  

4) Colour 

Historically, laser has been the more economical and efficient choice for coloured printing. However, if your printing only requires a limited number of pages, the cost of colour toner cartridges can be unreasonably high. Printing coloured pages with a laser printer is therefore best for large jobs. Laser printers are also not created to produce photo-prints because the mechanics of toner formulation don’t lend themselves to quality and durability like inkjet printers do.  

5) Durability 

Laser printers also have a lot of moving parts that can easily break down. However, luckily, these parts can be replaced or repaired. Besides from this, laser printers typically last many years so are a great investment. 

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer high-quality laser printing services.

The Benefits of Bulk Mail

Benefits of Bulk Mail

If you need to send out a mass mail order of 500 items or more by post, bulk mail is an efficient tool. It will not only help save time and manpower but also help cut costs. In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of bulk mail.  


Bulk mail can be quite an effective way to save money. Depending on the size of your company and mailing service needs, bulk mail can be cheaper than distributing promotional material through a mailing house. If you’re preparing a large-scale event and require hundreds or thousands of leaflets for a specific, target audience, bulk mail can be financially advantageous. Or if you need monthly promotional materials delivered to your target market, bulk mail might be the way to go.  

More specific, impactful targeting 

Another benefits of bulk mail is that that your targeting is more focused and impactful. While email listings can contain thousands of addresses, many of which are not interested in the product or service one is selling, mail houses provide true and up-to-date contact information. Bulk mail therefore allows you to target at the highest level because mail houses are reliable. Having an appropriately targeted database is important as effective targeting is key to any successful marketing strategy. Poor target results in the message being sent to the wrong audience, rendering your whole marketing plan ineffective.  

Increased customer receptivity  

While digital realms provide amazing platforms to reach large numbers of people, they can be highly saturated, calling their effectiveness into question. The extent to which people are truly reading and engaging with marketing messages online is disputed. This is where traditional forms of advertising like bulk mailing stand apart. Mailing services can be more effective as people are more likely to read their email and give their full attention to it as they read.  

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can take care of all your bulk mail needs. We ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications.

Great Reasons To Outsource Mail Distribution

Mail house

Are you a small or medium business who currently managed their own letterbox distribution requirements? Whilst keeping mail distribution in-house is often necessary for start-ups, it makes little financial or practical sense for an established business. This week, we take a look at a few key reasons why it’s better to outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

Focus on your core competencies

When you outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment needs, you no longer have to waste time and money managing logistics and can instead focus on growing your business and doing what you do best.

Access to the latest technology

Outsourcing your mail distribution requirements to a professional mail house also means that you no longer have to make do with the limited resources you have in-house. Most mail houses will be able to offer you technologically advanced mail marketing solutions which will augment your marketing efforts and ultimately help you run your campaign more effectively.

Cost effective

Whilst managing your requirements in-house might seem like a cost effective solution, it actually works out to be more expensive than outsourcing. Factors like storage space, moving equipment, utilities, packing suppliers, racking, maintenance, security and insurance can become quite costly if you’re a small or medium sized business. A professional mail distribution house on the other hand is able to distribute these types of costs across multiple clients, to keep costs low for you.

Fully scalable

A mail distribution house offers services which are totally scalable, so you only ever have to pay for the services you need. This means fulfilment expenses are predictable and can be scaled up or down depending on your business requirements.

More efficient storage and distribution

If you’re not a mailing house, wasting valuable office space on mail distribution and fulfilment is a waste of space you could otherwise be using for productivity purposes. Distribution is also more time consuming and expensive if you do it in-house, as most SME’s aren’t partnered with logistics companies in the way that professional mail houses are.

Direct Mail Solutions are an established mailing house that can seamlessly manage your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

The Benefits of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

In our highly saturated digital marketing world, qualities such as, engagement and retention have never been more important. This is what direct mail offers: a powerful form of advertising to captivate your customers’ attention. 

So, keep reading to find out the top four benefits of direct mail and why it is an effective form of marketing in the Digital Age.

Direct mail is trustworthy

As people living in the information society, we’re constantly being bombarded by advertisements. This results in a social media landscape which is highly saturated. From fake news to clickbait headlines, consumers are slowly becoming less trusting of content distributed in the digital realm. This is a perk of direct mail and letterbox distribution: it has a certain level of authority which digital media is struggling to maintain. 

We’re wired for print

A study at a Canadian Neuromarketing firm on the effects of paper marketing versus digital media revealed that direct mail required 21% less cognitive effort process than digital media. This means that direct mail is more memorable and easy to comprehend, resulting in greater retention rates of your brand and message.

Direct mail encourages undivided attention from potential customers

As a general rule of thumb, approximately 2% of the advertisements we see each day hold our valued attention. This translates to only 100 out of every 5,000 ads producing any meaningful impact on the consumer. Unlike digital marketing which constantly competes and struggles to capture your undivided attention, print media, such as direct mail, commands your complete concentration. It is ‘quiet’ and allows people to engage fully with what is being advertised.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer a range of direct mail services. From direct mail marketing and bulk mailing to business printing and data solutions, we have numerous services to suit your needs. With over 15 years experience dealing with all aspects of mail-based marketing communications to customer databases, Direct Mail Solutions are leaders in the field of direct mail marketing.

The Benefits of Business Outsourcing

While owners of small and medium sized businesses may be tempted to run everything themselves, this can prove counterproductive in many cases. Business owners and employees should be focused on tasks specific to their designated role, rather than inefficiently trying to juggle multiple roles at once. In this blog, we go through some of the major benefits of business outsourcing, from reducing training costs to boosting productivity.

Gain control over capital costs

Outsourcing various business duties will allow you more control over your capital costs, which can only be a good thing. Through outsourcing various tasks, you can ensure you only pay for the exact services required, rather than having these costs factored into an employee’s wage. This, in turn, gives you more available funds to pump back into the business, to fuel things like brand development and marketing.

Streamline your labor force

Through outsourcing specialist tasks such as accounting and data entry, you will not only ensure that these tasks are being handled by someone with the appropriate skillset, but you’ll also minimise training and hiring costs. Outsourcing is also a great way to manage short term projects, as it allows you to work around the need for temporary staff. Most importantly, outsourcing will allow you to improve on your existing human resources.

Boost productivity and morale

When hiring staff, you’re obviously going to select people whose skills match the job description, so it seems counterproductive to start piling your staff with duties outside of their area of expertise. Outsourcing excess business requirements will allow your staff to focus on their specific duties, which is great for productivity and overall staff morale.

Increase turnover

Outsourcing will allow you to complete projects at a faster rate, which will boost your overall turnover. Once your core staff have completed their duties on a project, the final details can be passed onto contractors, allowing your staff to take on new projects sooner than ever before.

Compete with bigger businesses

Larger businesses usually have an advantage over small businesses as they can provide their customers with many more services, on a much larger scale. Through outsourcing certain services to other businesses, small businesses can offer clients a wider range of services without the overhead costs, allowing them to better compete with big business.

If you have business duties such as logistics, data solutions, invoicing and bulk mailing that would be better managed through outsourcing, Direct Mail Solutions is here to help. We take care of all your direct mail marketing and fulfillment needs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

5 Reasons Direct Mail is Still Effective

In this dynamic digital age we spend a large portion of our day on our internet-enabled devices and are bombarded by thousands of online advertisements. As relatively new digital advertising formats such as video advertising, sponsored content and native advertising expand their reach, is there still a place for direct mail in the marketing world? Recent research tells us the answer is ‘yes’.

Australian consumers have cited direct mail as more effective in influencing purchase decisions than email and tele-marketing plus outdoor, social media and online display advertising.  Let’s examine the top 5 reasons why direct mail is still having a major impact on consumer behaviour in an environment dominated by digital communication.

You Can Touch It

Direct mail delivers a tactile experience and extra dimension to the brand experience that online advertisements cannot. You can feel the glossy pages of a catalogue, the quality of an envelope or the weight of a package. Receiving something shiny and colourful in the mail can actually brighten up a day filled with endless emails and text messages.

It’s Targeted

One of the many benefits of direct mail marketing is that it can be tailored precisely to the needs of your target audience. You are likely to open a mail item that is relevant to your interests or appeals to your preferences. A mum who’s always on the lookout for healthy meal ideas for her children is likely to be interested in a grocery store magazine containing recipes for nutritious and fun cuisine.

Less Distractions

When you collect your mail these days a direct mail piece may be one of just a few items you find in your letterbox. During those few seconds in which we open the mail we don’t have to worry about a barrage of emails, display ads, and in-app notifications all bidding for our attention simultaneously.

People Love Free Stuff

Today the majority of consumers are looking for value for money and convenience. If you found a coupon in your letterbox which entitled you to a freebie or discount at local business and the product or service was something you needed, would you be likely to use it? My point, exactly.

We’re Wired for Print Marketing

Recent research suggests direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, inferring that it’s easier to understand and more memorable.