The Advantages of Marketing in Colour

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If you can possibly afford it, marketing in colour has several huge advantages over working in black and white. This week, we take a look at some of the proven reasons why colour helps you get the result you want when it comes to direct mail marketing.  

Colour draws in the eye

Perhaps most obviously, printing in colour helps catch your target audience’s eye at a glance, which is crucial if they’re only rifling through letters on the walk back from the mailbox.

Colour is ideal for invoicing

If the due date on a bill is highlighted, people are 43% more likely to pay it and 31% more likely to pay it in full.

Colour gets the message across

Not only are readers 54% more likely to read content if it is in colour, they are 69% more likely to understand it.

Colour can be used for more effective audience targeting

You can use colour to communicate to a demographic that your advertising is for them. For example, using ‘millennial pink’ in your print marketing will signify to the younger millennial demographic that your products or services are designed for them.

Colour helps memory

Audiences are anywhere between 25-75% more likely to remember the message of your advertising if it is in colour as it will create a stronger visual impact.

Colour helps decision making

Consumers find it 60% easier to make an acceptance or rejection decision and some studies also suggest it can boost the likelihood of purchase up by as much as 80%.

Colour is easier to design in

When working in monochrome, it’s much more difficult for a designer to highlight the core message of your advertising. Instead of using colour, designers usually have to vary either font or size, which can upset the spatial balance of the design. However, using just two different colours for an advertising campaign makes it simple for a designer to highlight a heading or core message.

Colour makes your brand stand out

Colour plays a crucial role in many brand identities, so if your brand as a distinct colour scheme, printing it in monochrome will make it much harder for your target audience to recognise it.

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How to get consumers to open your direct mail Marketing envelopes

Person preparing mailing envelopes

Direct mail can be an extremely effective way to market your brand, products or services to your target audience, as long as you can get them to open your envelopes. So, how  can you make sure the recipient notices your envelopes and is enticed to open them? Let’s explore 6 great tips for making your envelopes your secret direct mail weapon.

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Best Ways to Boost the Appeal of a Direct Mail Campaign

In the world of advertising, first impressions are everything and in the world or direct mail marketing, the name of the game is to get your target audience to take a second look. To make a good impression and draw the readers curiosity, your mail needs to look interesting. This week, we take a look at four key ways you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your direct mail.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrapping is a great way to protect and display your mail. Shrink wrap is impervious to dirt, humidity, and water, and will ensure your marketing content arrives in the mailbox of your target audience in pristine condition. Shrink wrap is also a unique packaging option because it doesn’t obscure your advertising material, so a headline or image can catch the readers eye the moment they collect their mail. DMS offer premium shrink wrapping services for Australian SMEs.


Colour can be a powerful tool to evoke emotions and build brand association, but it can also be used to draw the reader in and make a bold visual statement. Coloured envelopes in particular are a great way to differentiate your business from the competition and ensure your direct mail piques the interest of your target audience.


High quality images can help transform your advertising into a piece of art that readers may keep for it’s aesthetic value alone. For example, if you were to run a postcard campaign that advertises your local gardening business on the back, and has the image of a beautiful garden landscape, flowers or trees on the front, your reader may hold on to the postcard for it’s aesthetic value. This helps build brand recognition.


A big design trend in advertising at the moment is minimalism. Minimalism is a great vehicle to convey a simple, powerful message and pique the interest of the reader. The restrained palettes, sans serif fonts, and abstract shapes that characterise minimalist advertising are certainly a departure from traditional copy which tends to pack every square inch with bold headlines, pictures, snippets of information and offers and it marks a new approach to marketing wherein the advertiser strives to inspire with a concept, rather than overwhelm with information and offers.

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The DMS Guide to Spring Marketing

With spring less than two days away, it’s time to think about adjusting your marketing for the warmer months. Seasonal marketing is a great way to keep your business relevant, and tailor your branding to the current mood of your customers. This week, we take a look at four key ways you can incorporate a spring theme into your marketing.

Use bright colours

Vibrant spring colours are a great way to break away from a weary winter mentality and visually revitalise your business. Be bold and use whimsical fonts, contrasting colours, and vibrant graphics. Using traditional spring pastels such as sky blue, blush, lilac and mint are a great way to signify something fresh and new.

Push renewal

Spring is all about things waking up and coming to life after the long winter, but the concept of renewal can also be extended into the world of business. As such, spring is the perfect time to debut new branding, launch a new campaign, promote a new product or service, and start up a new social media channel.

Run a spring cleaning sale

Springtime is traditionally a dry period in terms of sales, as most retailers tend to save up for the rush after Christmas, but it can be good to buck the trend and mix things up by offering discounts or specials as part of a spring cleaning concept. Alternately, encourage your customer base to clean out their closets and homes by debuting your new product range.

Capitalise on the good weather

The end of winter means the beginning of the sunny weather and whole host of exciting end of year events that get people going outdoors again. As a business, you can capitalise on this by talking about the good weather on your social channels, or by finding a way to align your product or service with this desire to get outdoors. One example of this might be if you are a cleaning company, emphasise how your services will cut the client’s household chores in half, so they can spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather.

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8 Fast Facts About Colour Psychology in Advertising

Humans are highly visual creatures, and the way we view the world is strongly influenced by colours. Although colour psychology is often relegated to stereotypical colour associations, in reality, the way that colour influences our thought and behaviour is far more complex, and powerful than is often suggested. This week, we run through eight telling facts about colour psychology, to help you design a more strategic mail campaign.

  1. The colour of packaging can have a huge influence on snap decisions

90% of snap purchasing decisions are made based on the colour of a product alone.

  1. Pink for girls and blue for boys is a myth

Studies suggest that both men and women prefer the colour blue.

  1. Coding emotions and colours is oversimplification

Sweeping generalisations about colours such like yellow connoting positivity or purple connoting depression are too broad to encompass the diversity of human experience, cultural differences and personal taste.

  1. Colour plays an integral role in your branding

Using a particular colour (or colour scheme) to symbolise your brand can increase brand recognition by as much as 80%. Colour can also influence the way consumers perceive your brand’s personality.

  1. Different colours attract different kinds of buyers

Studies suggest that royal blue, black, orange and red appeal to impulse shoppers, whilst navy and teal tend to draw in budget conscious shoppers.

  1. The ‘colour appropriateness’ of a product is important

Colours should help to provoke the emotional triggers which lead your customers to buy a product. It’s much more important to use colour in order to support the emotion you want your product to evoke, rather than try to make your product align with generic colour associations.

  1. Nuance can mean everything when marketing to different genders

Studies suggest that men prefer strong colours whilst women show a preference for softer hues.

  1. Putting your advertisements in colour can make a big difference

Studies suggest that advertisements printed in colour are viewed 42% more than those printed in black and white. Coloured ads also get recognised 26% more than black and white designs. 

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