Can Direct Mail Marketing & Online Marketing Really Co-Exist?


“Direct mail is dead, you should invest more in online marketing”.

You may have heard this many times, what are your thoughts?

Direct mail has been around for a long time and it is one of the most powerful tools that many businesses use in order to engage with their customers and spread the word about their products or services. It has better response rate with 4.4% of campaigns receiving a response when delivered through the mail, compared to just 0.12% online.

But with the advancement of technology, although it is being said that direct mail has better response rate, most companies nowadays are still starting to switch to online marketing.

We now have digital and social media marketing, which are undeniably effective. It reaches the target audience fast, in just a click. So, which is which? Is Direct Mail marketing really dead? Should we focus more in online marketing? As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, what if we incorporate the traditional way of marketing to today’s era? Can direct mail marketing and online marketing co-exist?? The answer is a big YES!

It Bridges the gap –

With Direct mail, you can bridge the gap between the digital world and the real one. Reach potential customers who might never heard about you, let’s admit it, not everyone has enough know-how when it comes to technology and doing the traditional way of marketing or sending a direct mail can be the best solution for that.

Combining with Email –

Most businesses are using emails, but are not combining it with their direct mail campaigns. You should start combining those two. You can start sending your customers an email first as this helps build curiosity about your direct mail piece.

And Facebook Ads –

You can match your direct mail data file to Facebook. This will allow you to send targeted ads to your customers or potential clients. They will be able to see ads in their News Feed. Most of your potential clients and customers spend a lot of time browsing Facebook and using these ads can help you to be on top of their mind.

To increase response rates, you should also increase your exposure with your customers and prospects, and by adding a digital component to your direct mail you can increase sales. Take a look at your audience and think about whether direct mail marketing or online marketing could extend your reach. Make your channel open for everyone.

Even though we are now in a digitally-dominated world, direct mail marketing is still an effective and valuable way to reach customers and prospects and with the power of internet marketing you can give it a boost.

4 Simple Steps To A Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Distributor

Once you decide you want to use direct mail marketing for your campaign, you should know how the process actually works step-by-step. Having a good understanding of what you need to do to be successful is the key to achieving your campaign goals. Today, we’re looking at four steps you can take to elevate the success of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Step #1: Identify your target markets

The first step is to identify the general target market. You cannot create a successful direct mail marketing strategy without assessing who you need to target.

You should consider at least some of these factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Location
  • Income

Step #2: Tailor your marketing campaigns to specific market

Once you’ve identified your general demographic, you should try to narrow it down to specifics. For example, you may be targeting women aged 30-50 in the workforce, but you have to be more specific: do they have children? Are they married? What do they do in their spare time?

Determining these factors will allow you to tailor your strategy to this very specific market. Understanding your customers’ habits means you can appeal to their interests and values using your product.

Step #3: Consider integrating your online and offline Marketing campaigns

Regardless of the target market, most consumers regularly engage with some form of online material. A successful strategy, therefore, is one that also engages with online material.

You can integrate online and offline strategies in a number of ways. Some include:

  • Including websites and email addresses in your print material
  • Having printable coupons or extra information online
  • Incorporating a QR code in your print material

Step #4: Source the right distribution Specialist

From a logistic point of view, you need to find a way to print, package and deliver your direct mail marketing. Ideally, you should find a company or service that offers all three to avoid confusion.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we handle your direct mail marketing from start to finish. Our integrated direct mail marketing solutions mean that we help you run through these listed steps; i.e. from identifying your market to packaging and mailing your material.

The Benefits of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

In our highly saturated digital marketing world, qualities such as, engagement and retention have never been more important. This is what direct mail offers: a powerful form of advertising to captivate your customers’ attention. 

So, keep reading to find out the top four benefits of direct mail and why it is an effective form of marketing in the Digital Age.

Direct mail is trustworthy

As people living in the information society, we’re constantly being bombarded by advertisements. This results in a social media landscape which is highly saturated. From fake news to clickbait headlines, consumers are slowly becoming less trusting of content distributed in the digital realm. This is a perk of direct mail and letterbox distribution: it has a certain level of authority which digital media is struggling to maintain. 

We’re wired for print

A study at a Canadian Neuromarketing firm on the effects of paper marketing versus digital media revealed that direct mail required 21% less cognitive effort process than digital media. This means that direct mail is more memorable and easy to comprehend, resulting in greater retention rates of your brand and message.

Direct mail encourages undivided attention from potential customers

As a general rule of thumb, approximately 2% of the advertisements we see each day hold our valued attention. This translates to only 100 out of every 5,000 ads producing any meaningful impact on the consumer. Unlike digital marketing which constantly competes and struggles to capture your undivided attention, print media, such as direct mail, commands your complete concentration. It is ‘quiet’ and allows people to engage fully with what is being advertised.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer a range of direct mail services. From direct mail marketing and bulk mailing to business printing and data solutions, we have numerous services to suit your needs. With over 15 years experience dealing with all aspects of mail-based marketing communications to customer databases, Direct Mail Solutions are leaders in the field of direct mail marketing.

Innovative Examples of Digital & Print Integration

On this blog, we often talk about the importance of integrating your print and digital marketing platforms to achieve a stronger response rate. This week, we thought we’d take a look at a few different brands that have successfully pioneered digital and print integration methods.


In 2013, the car company created a print ad which could be placed over an iPad to animate the car and highlight it’s features through a stunning audio-visual display.


The German car company created a print ad which could be used to ‘test drive’ the car via a corresponding app. Volkswagen wanted to foreground the many technical innovations features in their latest model but felt restricted by the print medium. Their solution was to create a downloadable app to showcase several features such as their Lane Assist mode (where the phone vibrates as the car approaches the side of the road delineated on the print add), an Adaptive Lights mode (where the lights of the car follow the curve of the road), and an Adaptive Cruise Control mode where the car maintains a certain distance from the far in front. This progressive augmented reality approach of course plays a dual purpose as it not only demonstrated the technical features of the car, but also positions the brand as technologically innovative.


Ford created a series of three print ads which had a QR code which could be scanned and a place to line the phone up on the ad (which displayed various driving situations such as parking, driving in traffic, and unloading the car) to show the car in action.


Dutch fashion chain C&A created a print ad displaying two different looks with a ‘like’ button beneath each. Readers could show their preference for one look by pressing the like button on the ad, which was linked to a Facebook account. The data was then displayed on a leader board instore. This clever ad is not only a great way to get the target audience involved with the brand, it also entices them to visit a retail outlet to see the results.

Direct Mail Solutions offer a range of commercial mail distribution services for Melbourne based businesses.

5 Reasons Direct Mail is Still Effective

In this dynamic digital age we spend a large portion of our day on our internet-enabled devices and are bombarded by thousands of online advertisements. As relatively new digital advertising formats such as video advertising, sponsored content and native advertising expand their reach, is there still a place for direct mail in the marketing world? Recent research tells us the answer is ‘yes’.

Australian consumers have cited direct mail as more effective in influencing purchase decisions than email and tele-marketing plus outdoor, social media and online display advertising.  Let’s examine the top 5 reasons why direct mail is still having a major impact on consumer behaviour in an environment dominated by digital communication.

You Can Touch It

Direct mail delivers a tactile experience and extra dimension to the brand experience that online advertisements cannot. You can feel the glossy pages of a catalogue, the quality of an envelope or the weight of a package. Receiving something shiny and colourful in the mail can actually brighten up a day filled with endless emails and text messages.

It’s Targeted

One of the many benefits of direct mail marketing is that it can be tailored precisely to the needs of your target audience. You are likely to open a mail item that is relevant to your interests or appeals to your preferences. A mum who’s always on the lookout for healthy meal ideas for her children is likely to be interested in a grocery store magazine containing recipes for nutritious and fun cuisine.

Less Distractions

When you collect your mail these days a direct mail piece may be one of just a few items you find in your letterbox. During those few seconds in which we open the mail we don’t have to worry about a barrage of emails, display ads, and in-app notifications all bidding for our attention simultaneously.

People Love Free Stuff

Today the majority of consumers are looking for value for money and convenience. If you found a coupon in your letterbox which entitled you to a freebie or discount at local business and the product or service was something you needed, would you be likely to use it? My point, exactly.

We’re Wired for Print Marketing

Recent research suggests direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, inferring that it’s easier to understand and more memorable.

Best Ways to Integrate Digital & Direct Marketing

Integrate Digital and Mail Marketing

Digital integration is becoming an increasingly important factor in direct mail marketing but it can be difficult to strike a harmonious balance between the two platforms. In this article, we look at 4 simple ways you can effectively integrate your digital and print marketing.  

  1. Add a digital link in your print media
    Creating a digital tie in to link your digital and print campaigns not only assists in integration, it also means you can do a lot more with this sometimes limiting medium both creatively and in terms of data tracking. Customised URLs are the most obvious digital tie in option and can be used so that customers can easily access a landing page, or even link to exclusive creative content that builds upon the brand identity you’ve set out in the print media.
  2. Offer exclusive benefits for mail subscribers
    One of the key reasons that people sign up to mailing lists is the promise of exclusive benefits like early access to sales and deals, as well as the latest industry news. This is an ideal option for businesses with an online store who need to remain competitive and ensures your target audience will remain engaged and interested in your print marketing.
  3. Be consistent
    Inconsistency and overlapping and two of the biggest threats to effective integration for small businesses. Often, businesses will have a website, several social feeds, and a mail marketing campaign that run independently to one another and in doing this, fail to effectively convey a consistent brand identity or offer consumers new and engaging content. One of the keys to integration is ensuring all of your marketing channels work in tandem as opposed to independently, with each channel offering slightly different content, benefits, or information so that your target audience is compelled to use more than one. This means creating a comprehensive marketing plan which covers what each channel will be working towards in a given period, and then ensuring the message and format is consistent with your brand identity.

Direct Mail Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to helping SME’s develop print marketing solutions that effectively engage with their target audience, and perfectly align with their digital channels.

Direct mail and your website: an unlikely duo

People often consider direct mail as outdated and at odds with more contemporary digital marketing. Many businesses treat each marketing technique as mutually exclusive instead of complementary and tend to side with only one technique. Experts, however, recommend coupling direct mail marketing with digital strategies to boost online presence and increase e-commerce sales. If you want to achieve this for your business, here are some simple tips to guide you.

Create an online incentive

A great way to boost your sales is to incorporate online offers into your direct marketing materials, along with your key marketing message or information. If you want to gain traffic and sales on your website, consider hosting competitions or offering online discounts or giveaways as incentives. Ensure that the link to your website is clearly displayed on your mail-outs with a tagline such as “for more information, visit our website” or “visit our website for the chance to win”. If your budget allows, you can even incorporate QR codes or clickable paper.

Make offers time-sensitive

If you decide to include incentives on your direct mail-outs, ensure they are time limited. Placing a time frame on offers creates a sense of urgency and increases the likelihood impulse purchases. If customers are afraid of missing out on a deal, they are more likely to ignore costs and decide to spend money more rapidly.

Make your offers clear

If you decide to include a link to your website, ensure the link you give is short and clear. The longer and more complicated your website’s URL is, the less likely people are to visit it, as they will be disinclined to type something too complicated. If you decide to offer a coupon code in your direct mail to be redeemed online, ensure that you include simple, straightforward instructions. A great way to do this is with bullet points or a step-by-step guide.

If you want to increase awareness about your company, while boosting your online presence and sales, consider marketing your website with a direct mail or bulk mail campaign. Direct Mail Solutions are experienced direct mail professionals, and will work with you to create a successful campaign to compliment your digital strategy.