7 Businesses that benefit from letterbox distribution during Coronavirus

benefits of using letterbox distributions

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted everyone in ways that were unimaginable months ago. It is changing how people around the world are doing activities differently. Businesses that continue to operate are faced with protecting their employees and customers while coming up with creative ways to market and deliver their products.

During this time, everyone looks for information on the internet, due to which traditional forms of advertising have frequently begun to be utilised less and less, but that’s not the case with letterbox advertising.

The overall idea of letterbox distribution is very simple, you take a printed marketing material of your product or service and leave it in people’s letterboxes. It is a simple effective way not only to gather leads but also to keep customers informed about your business operation during this challenging time. The simplistic design doesn’t allow for distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to quickly and effectively get your point across.

The practice of letterbox distribution has endured for such a long time because it has a lot to offer businesses. It also offers the audience with products and services they’re looking for at the right time and have therefore shown increases in return rates currently as more people are quarantined at home. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many businesses have collapsed, but others are overwhelmed by demand.

Here are 7 Businesses that have been thriving and can benefit from the letterbox distribution:

1.    Restaurant and cafes:

This uncertain time has created unique challenges for restaurants and cafes. Staying engaged with customers while your doors are closed has been a major part of weathering this storm. In recent weeks, however, the options have grown enormously as many Restaurants and café owners are making the best out of the situation by turning their businesses into a takeaway or delivery-only operation.

As people are staying in, many people must be tired of cooking or missing the taste from their favorite restaurants so one of the best ways to keep the customers informed about your business operation is through letterbox distribution. As it gets the right information, right at the doorstep of your targeted customers mentioning:

  • Opening and closing times
  • Delivery and take away service and pricing
  • Customised food menu
  • Assuring the audience by mentioning the safety measures taken while preparing and delivering the food

2.    Law firms:

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With sudden changes that have been escalating quickly, there have also been rapid changes in business contracts and guidelines. This has also led to many changes in contracts for employers, employees, contractors and business firms.

At a time when so much seems to be of your control, this could also be a rare opportunity to manage your clients’ legal work and to guide them through a potentially difficult time. And during this time, letterbox distribution is one of the best options to be there for your client as it is delivered right to homes and the best part is there are no permissions needed.

Other benefits include:

  • Communicating about your legal services that are in high demand during these unprecedented times.
  • Less distraction involved as compared to digital advertising
  • Safe and targeted method for reaching out to the right people at the right time
  • More conversion rates

3.    Dental:

Dentistry is predominantly a local business and a great way of getting your message to everyone in your immediate area is via the letterbox. Dental practices have a huge advantage over plenty of other businesses; as they know that their audience will be local.

As the restriction has moved to Level 1 for the dentistry sector, now dental practices can provide more than just emergency appointments so letterbox distribution is a great option to keep your patients well informed about your current operations.

Here are some top reasons why dentistry should consider letterbox distribution now:

  • Inform about your new opening hours
  • Provide a list of treatments that you are now offering

You can also attach a print of decision tree for Level 1 restrictions and assure patients about your practice functioning following the legal guidelines provided by the government

  • Give option about telehealth services that you might have recently started with a brief how-to
  • Right messaging and timings to those who are in severe toothache or other dental emergencies
  • Assuring patients that your practice is safe to visit. You can mention the precautionary measures that you are following to ensure no cross-contamination

4.    Boardgame seller:

With more and more people housebound due to COVID-19, there’s never been a better time for people to spend more time indoors with the family. As people strive to stay social during a time of physical distancing, board games online or offline is seeing a boom in users. With a user base growing each day, and people looking to not only kill time but remain social, it has become one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family during a period of isolation.

With widespread self-quarantines around the world, many of us need fun things we can do while also social distancing. Thus, we can see that the gaming industry appears to be thriving during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and here’s how they can benefit from letterbox advertisements during this challenging time:

  • Sending catalogue of available versions of boardgames online or offline
  • You can make the best use of letterbox distribution if you want to get more installs for your board game, you can also send discount offers and free trials pamphlets, coupons.
  • You can also use attractive images, vibrant colours and customise designs and send out flyers about board game challenges if they are streaming locally to a target audience.
  • You can drop flyers in peoples letterbox highlighting your delivery schemes for example: (If two board games are ordered at the same time you provide free delivery service)

5.    Liquor store:

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, one type of business that seems to have had an increase in activity is liquor stores.

This pandemic has led to extreme circumstances since many people are missing going Bar & Pubs for relaxation and casual drinking.

While liquor, beer and wine are sold in convenience and grocery stores in some areas, liquor stores still serve a market niche.

It has been estimated that 70 % of Australians were drinking more than usual since the COVID-19 outbreak.

This interesting time has become one great opportunity for the liquor store to upscale their business and here’s how it is even more effective through letterbox distribution:

  • Print out flyers with products, delivery service, rates and cycle out them to the letterboxes of targeted local area customers.  
  • You can also attach prints with attractive designs about “Simple Cocktails/Mocktails Recipes” people can prepare at home during this quarantine. It will not only attract the audience but also enable them to purchase and share about your liquor store to other people.  
  • Create the Fear of Missing OUT (FOMO) with exciting limited time offer
  • Showcase exclusive limited collection in areas where people with You can let people know about the limited edition of drink collection available at your store.

6.    Online Gym Equipment Sellers:

Since the past few months, most gyms and fitness centers have had to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the fitness industry has experienced its fair share of turmoil. However, quarantine has created a huge demand for home fitness equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. Demand has been particularly high for smart exercise equipment, which is why online exercise equipment suppliers have seen a sharp increase in sales as a result.

  • Reach out to your customers, by sending out attractive, well-designed discount coupons.
  • Motivate audience to stay fit
  • Display your catalogue and (contactless) home delivery options
  • Run special limited time offers

7.    Online Homeware Sellers:

Since most people are spending more time at home than ever during the coronavirus, homeowners may be noticing changes they would like to make to give their space a sprucing up. This has led to an increase in the number of online orders for homeware.

People are doing the little things from changing the light bulbs to buying things to assist with minor lawn and garden projects. As, printouts help spread the word about your products, services quick this time could be a good chance to reach new customers – anytime, anywhere.

  • Offer an incentive in your leaflet to encourage a response, provide targeted customers with complimentary products or services
  • Increase awareness about your business through product catalogues
  • Provides potential customers with all the basic information they need including your contact number and how your service has been updating according to recent restrictions

Overall, the trick to running a letterbox campaign is to have the right material. It should stand out and it should be useful for your target audience. Currently, due to the situation, significant changes are implemented to the way it is delivered and operated ensuring employees and customers’ safety following the guidance of national and local public health authorities.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we can help you achieve exactly that. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in bulk mailing and direct marketing. We are a full-service company that can help you with designing, printing, packing, and posting to your specified areas.

And as an Australian-owned company, we know and understand the market.

Safety has been prioritised by taking abundant care to minimize exposure to both employees, using technology whenever possible.

DL Flyer Distribution – A Proven Direct Mail Strategy to Promote Gyms Locally

DL Flyer Distribution for Gym Promotion

Do your gym promotion through DL flyer distribution, it is a no brainer. This has been done for centuries now and there is a reason why it is a popular way to promote local businesses, it’s because it works. It is still one of the best ways to get people to know that the business exists. It spreads the word in a fast and efficient manner.

One of the key strengths of flyer distribution is that when people see this, they know whatever product or service is on the flyer, the business is close by. No one sends out a flyer halfway across the country if the business can only serve its immediate vicinity. And that is very true when it comes to local gyms.

When people see your flyer on their doorstep, they know the gym is at least within driving distance. It can immediately pique their interest.

The Flyer Campaign

When doing gym promotion with flyers, there are a few things that you have to make sure that is in your actual flyer. First, it needs to be able to attract attention. Have a catchy image and headline so people will at least direct their eyes to it and know what the flyer is all about.

When it comes to content, be careful and not put too much into it as the flyer can become cluttered and distracting. Be organised with your thoughts and only put in the most important details such as the gym’s name, address, contact number, and the promotion (if any). If the person is interested, he or she can get more information anyway by contacting you through phone, email, social media, or website that you’ve put in the flyer.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Flyer Letterbox Drops

More often than not, the reason you are doing flyer distribution for your gym is because you have a promotion. Make sure that there is a sense of exclusivity in the promotion and that will create urgency for people who get the flyer. You want them to act as soon as possible after looking at the flyer. Set a time limit on when this promotion would last or else the flyer will simply end up in their bags or pockets and never seen again.

Distribution of the Flyers

You have several different options on How to Distribute the Flyers.

Cost-Effective Door to Door Drops

This is simple, have someone deliver a flyer to each door within the community. This will ensure that most of the town knows about your promotion. Whether they are interested or not is now up to them.

Direct, Hand to Hand

One of the best ways to do flyer distribution when doing gym promotion is to have some of your most fit people hand out flyers in crowded areas close to the gym. This gives a good impression and if ever the person has a question, your staff can answer it immediately. In a sense, the flyer becomes a sales tool wherein your people get to pitch and the flyer serves as a reminder.


Another option is to go to other businesses to hand out your flyers. Ideally these businesses should be related to the gym industry such as a sporting goods shop or a store selling supplements.
If you need to do DL Flyer Distribution to promote your gym, look no further. We can help you with that from creating and printing the perfect flyer to sending them out.

Great Reasons To Outsource Mail Distribution

Mail house

Are you a small or medium business who currently managed their own letterbox distribution requirements? Whilst keeping mail distribution in-house is often necessary for start-ups, it makes little financial or practical sense for an established business. This week, we take a look at a few key reasons why it’s better to outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

Focus on your core competencies

When you outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment needs, you no longer have to waste time and money managing logistics and can instead focus on growing your business and doing what you do best.

Access to the latest technology

Outsourcing your mail distribution requirements to a professional mail house also means that you no longer have to make do with the limited resources you have in-house. Most mail houses will be able to offer you technologically advanced mail marketing solutions which will augment your marketing efforts and ultimately help you run your campaign more effectively.

Cost effective

Whilst managing your requirements in-house might seem like a cost effective solution, it actually works out to be more expensive than outsourcing. Factors like storage space, moving equipment, utilities, packing suppliers, racking, maintenance, security and insurance can become quite costly if you’re a small or medium sized business. A professional mail distribution house on the other hand is able to distribute these types of costs across multiple clients, to keep costs low for you.

Fully scalable

A mail distribution house offers services which are totally scalable, so you only ever have to pay for the services you need. This means fulfilment expenses are predictable and can be scaled up or down depending on your business requirements.

More efficient storage and distribution

If you’re not a mailing house, wasting valuable office space on mail distribution and fulfilment is a waste of space you could otherwise be using for productivity purposes. Distribution is also more time consuming and expensive if you do it in-house, as most SME’s aren’t partnered with logistics companies in the way that professional mail houses are.

Direct Mail Solutions are an established mailing house that can seamlessly manage your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

10 Facts About the History of Mail Distribution

Mail distribution has a long and often comical history. This week, we look at ten facts you may not have known about where the modern postage system came from.

  1. The first recorded mail distribution system was invented in Egypt in 2400 BC

It was used by Pharaohs to distribute their decrees.

  1. The first widespread use of a postal system comes from Ancient Persia

In 550 BC King Cyrus the Great decreed that every province in the kingdom needed to organise a mail reception and delivery service to it’s citizens. Negotiations with neighbouring countries were also undertaken to extend out the mail routes and a road was built between Western Iran and the Eastern city of Hakha to facilitate delivery.

  1. Mail hasn’t always been delivered in a truck

Homing pigeons or the ‘pigeon post’ was heavily used throughout the Middle Ages and prior. Some other mail delivery methods include submarine, mule, rocket, dogsled, ski, and pneumatic tubes.

  1. The Hope Diamond was sent to the Smithsonian via post

Valued at between $200-250 million dollars, it was mailed to the museum in 1958 in a plain brown box.

  1. The Israeli postal service delivers letters addressed to ‘God’ to the Western Wall

Every year the postal service receives over 1,000 letters addressed to the almighty, but instead of disposing or archiving them workers open them and put the letters in cracks within the Western Wall which encases the Temple Mount, where in Judaism is believed to be the place where God’s divine presence manifests more than anywhere else.

  1. Australia’s postal service was started by a former convict

In 1809, former convict Isaac Nichols was put in charge of mail arriving in the colony of New South Wales. The names of people who had received mail were advertised in the Sydney Gazette and could be collected from Nichols home at a cost of a shilling per letter with parcels costing more depending on weight.

  1. In America, it is legal to send live animals in the mail

Provided the animal can survive in transit without food or water, is not dangerous, diseased, bad smelling or loud.

  1. Until 1915, it was also legal to post a human in America

This was taken advantage of once in 1914 when parents decided to save on the train fare and post their 5-year-old daughter May to her grandparents. She rode in the mail car and was delivered to the house of her grandparents by the mail clerk.

  1. 1872 saw the invention of the mail order catalogue

It was a single piece pf paper measuring 8X12 inches, with pictures of merchandise for sale and ordering instructions.

  1. The Melbourne General Post Office opened to the public in 1867

Visitors however did not go inside the building but rather made purchases from stamp windows along the footpath. The GPO’s bell tower also played entertaining tunes every quarter hour.


Is Flyer Distribution Right for Your Business?

Flyer marketing is a highly effective platform that can be used to generate an instant response and quickly build up a customer base but there are certain instances where flyer distribution can be especially beneficial for a business. This week, we look at four different factors which may make flyer distribution the ideal marketing channel for your business. 

You don’t have an established client base

One of the great strengths of print marketing is you don’t need an established customer base or an email list to advertise. Flyer dropping is a great way to spread brand awareness amongst consumers who don’t know anything about your business, and is an ideal first step for new businesses looking to build up their customer base.

You have an attractive offer or an event

This style of marketing is ideal if you are offering the recipient a beneficial deal or information about an event. When a proposition such as ‘get 30% off when you present this flyer’, or ‘use this flyer as your ticket to our next event’, the paper itself becomes valuable and is thus much more likely to be held onto and read through. In this sense, the flyer transforms from an unwanted piece of paper into a gift from the advertiser to the consumer.

You want to target consumers geographically

Flyer marketing (whether delivered through letterbox distribution or handed out) is most effective when you want to target consumers by their geographical location as opposed to less tangible demographics such as their job title or personal interests. Flyer marketing is therefore idea if you are a local business wanting to announce your presence in the community.

You want to target millennials

Unsurprisingly, different age demographics prefer different types of advertising. What may come as a surprise however is that 92% of Millennials (according to DMR) prefer direct mail marketing and use it to make purchasing decisions. This preference is thought to arise from the fact that mail is a welcome novelty for the digital generation who are by and large desensitised to digital marketing strategies such as EDM and banner advertising.


Direct Mail Solutions offer a dynamic range of direct mail marketing services for Melbourne businesses including flyer distribution.