Why Letterbox Marketing is Still Remarkably cost-Effective?

Letterbox Marketing

We live today in the digital age wherein everyone looks for information on the internet. Websites, social media, and emails are the most powerful channels today that companies focus on with their marketing efforts. So, it comes to no surprise that they’ve overlooked the power of letterbox marketing.

The overall idea of letterbox distribution is very simple, you take a printed marketing material of your product or service and leave it in people’s letterboxes. It is simple and it is an effective way to gather leads.

The Appeal of Letterbox Marketing

One of the major appeals of this is that since it is delivered directly to the person, it somehow feels more personal. The materials can be tailored further based on the area and demographic they will be sending to.

Much like in email and other digital campaigns, letterbox distribution marketing can be targeted despite what others might think. This is because you also get other information such as demographic data and the address provides a location which can be used for proper targeting as well.

Another appeal of letterboxing is the fact that every household has a letterbox. In essence, it can reach everyone! Unlike with digital assets, there are some people who are not tech savvy yet or they choose not to participate in anything digital. This is not a problem for sending a flyer into their letterbox because they will surely see it.

In Australia, physical catalogues have been a staple for so long. This has become a normal, and even expected, part from many businesses especially supermarkets and retail chains.

Also, today’s technology allows for very sophisticated designs on paper like never before. Vibrant colours, unique elements, and new materials provide a wide range of options for letterbox marketing and for your marketing material to leave a lasting impression on the customer.

Last but certainly not the least, letterboxing is wide open nowadays. Since most companies have transitioned to digital and are fighting for every piece of ad space they can find there, people’s letterboxes have become uncluttered. This opens up a huge possibility for your business to send a promotional material and be sure that people will find it and get their attention.

Running a Letterbox Marketing Campaign is deceptively straightforward.

This is not to say that letterbox distribution marketing can replace any other digital or print campaigns. The point is that there is a huge opportunity with letterboxing and can even be a great compliment to any other marketing campaigns that you do.

This can be done by first, having a single voice on your communication. Everything should be consistent from naming conventions to prices and other important information. Next, the design should be unanimous as well and people should know they are looking at the same company when they see your flyer and your website.

Overall, the trick to running a letterbox marketing campaign is to have the right material. It should stand out and it should be useful for your target audience. And at Direct Mail Solutions, we can help you achieve exactly that. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in bulk mailing and direct marketing. And as an Australian-owned company, we know and understand the market.

So if you are looking to do a letterbox marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about how we can ensure your campaign deliver results.

Benefits of Letterbox Distribution for a Business

benefits of using letterbox distributions

There’s a wide range of marketing tools readily available to small to medium business today. Even with the advent of digital media advertising, traditional media is still a potent source of prospects if done right.

Today, letterbox distribution has been overlooked but the benefits when it comes to sales is undeniable.

There has been a struggle whether to opt for Social Media Paid advertising or settle for the old letterbox distribution channel.
Most business of any size, have joined the bandwagon and started focusing their marketing efforts online utilizing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram for the simple reason that these platforms offer a wider reach of the target market.

Here are the most notable benefits of Letterbox Distribution

Targeted Marketing

target marketing

Letterbox distribution contains a marketing flyer that can grab prospected buyers’ attention geographically at a lower cost. There is a guarantee that the prospected buyer will get a hold of the information himself. A well- presented flyer offers products and services that prospects are looking into at the right time. An example would be a pool cleaning business, they can easily send out flyers as soon as summer comes knocking to residential with private pools.


poster design

Letterbox distribution provides flyers that communicate with easy to read and understand promotional content. Its often time presented in a simple, minimal design that limits distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to convey your message across. Flyers effectively inform your customer why your products and services are useful and should be considered and bought for their home, business or practice.

Easily accessible

man reading from letterbox distribution

Letterbox distribution is effective because of its direct placement into the customer’s view, simply put, it is delivered right at their doorstep. Flyer come in physical form and can’t be easily missed, there’s 90% chance of your flyers being soon as your prospects start checking the rest of their mailbox.

Note also that marketing flyers distributed, gets you instant contact with your prospects and you can easily assess how they respond to your products or services. Imagine during Expos, when all service providers come together and circle the venue with their flyers, almost 80% instantly visits the booth when they get a flyer promotion, allowing you to have a first-hand contact and almost instant conversion as soon as you answer their questions.

Easy to produce

easy to produce

Letterbox promotional content needs no extensive planning. All you need is a design with your offers in it. Have a layout and print it. Unlike any other form of marketing, flyers need no extensive planning.

Letterbox flyers are fast, easy and convenient. It does not take too much planning and understanding. It instantly develops trust in your company. If you offer is beneficial to your prospects you can see results. If you are looking to improve your marketing with the use of letterbox materials, Direct Mail Solutions specializes in flyers and paper mailing.

Ways your Business Can Benefit from a Letter Drop Service

Why you should invest in a letter drop service

Direct Mail Solutions is proud to support Melbourne businesses with a comprehensive letter drop service that makes it simple and affordable for our clients to advertise their business in print format. This week, we look at some of the reasons why so many Melbourne businesses choose to take advantage of our letter drop service.

Focus on core competencies

Choosing to outsource your letter drop requirements enables you to focus on growing your business and leaves the logistic aspects of a direct mail campaign in the hands of experts. As a specialised mail house, Direct Mail Solutions has the resources, experience and skills to ensure your letter drop campaign is professionally executed.


Outsourcing your letter drop requirements to a company that specialises in direct mail marketing means you don’t have to worry about quality control issues as a high standard is guaranteed as part of our service delivery assurances.

Database access

Working with a professional letter drop service provider also enables businesses to access quality mail databases. This is ideal for businesses looking to introduce their brand to a new customer base. Direct Mail Solutions offers access to high quality mailing databases and can help you find a suitable database for your business needs.

Delivery guarantee

Engaging letter drop services ensures that your mail will be delivered in a timely fashion that will align with your other campaign activities. As a side note, choosing to run a print campaign ensures that your message is not only delivered, but also read as the direct mail marketing route is currently underused in Australia. The average Australian household receives less than two unaddressed promotional items per week, so it’s far more likely that a customer will read your promotional message on the walk back from the mailbox as opposed to opening one of the dozens of spam emails they receive every day.

Cost effective

Outsourcing your letter drop requirements is generally much more cost effective than doing it yourself as it saves time as well as printing, and delivery costs.

Direct Mail Solutions offer letter drop services to businesses of all sizes throughout Melbourne.

How to Keep Your Existing Client Base Loyal With Mailbox Marketing

In today’s commercial environment of two week free trials and introductory discounts, building up and retaining a loyal client base is easier said than done. Although many businesses still dedicate a substantial proportion of their marketing budget to sustaining clients, making the jaded modern consumer feel appreciated and retaining their interest can be a herculean challenge. The modern consumer responds well to things that are unique, unexpected, and personalized. These are all characteristics which you can incorporate into your mailing strategy to charm your customer. Below are a few ways you can remind a loyal customer that they are valued.

Textured paper and quality graphics

With a plethora of flimsy advertising material and blurry promotional graphics showing up in our mailboxes everyday, its little wonder that many of the catalogues and flyers sent out are immediately relegated to the recycling bin. Try distinguishing your correspondence from the rest by investing in higher quality materials or graphics. Sending a vibrant, glossy postcard with a bold design can help catch your customer’s eye and make them feel as though you are investing in their interest. Similarly, investing in high grade paper can further enhance the tactile appeal of your promotional material and specialized effects like pop outs and scalloped edges can also help restore the reputation of your brand in the mind of your customer.

A small gift or token of appreciation

Gifting your client something as a reward for their patronization is a great way to make them feel valued. There are many studies which testify to the power of promotional gifts, rewards vouchers and loyal client discounts when it comes to improving your brand image, boosting sales, and increasing client retention.


Everyone likes to be recognized as an individual. Let your client be surprised that you remember their birthday, the anniversary of their signing on with your business or even their nickname. Using customer data to send the personalized promotional material or product information is a great way to make your customers feel appreciated, recognised, and cared for.

Don’t let your direct mailing strategy become lost in a sea of of stock standard roll-outs; instead, invest that little bit extra and keep your customers excited when they open their mailbox and see a letter from your company. When your customers are pleased to hear from you, you’re more likely to hear from them.