5 Best Ways To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

dentist marketing

Connecting with your target audience in the right place at the right time is what marketing is about. Especially with your dental practice, you need to keep in touch with your clients/patients more often to build their trust. 

And in this digital world, most people spend their time online or browsing the internet.

That means you need to meet them there, right? You can start working on your Dental Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and the like… but would you believe that printed collateral still wins the hearts of potential patients looking for reliable dental services?

Though most of us have switched to online advertising and communication, traditional postcards and pamphlet distribution are exceptionally effective to target the health and wellbeing sector, especially in this age of digital fatigue.

Improve Your Dental Patient Marketing Methods

Our Top 5 Printed Collaterals For Dentists

Not only baby boomers, but also younger generations express their love for mail postcards. In the epoch of impersonal online advertising, printed postcards are something highly personalized and unique. 

Printed Discount Vouchers

An essential element of most direct mail campaigns is printed discount vouchers.

You can offer your potential patients the option to exchange their voucher for a discount of services, following a visit to your dental office.

Flyer Marketing


Another useful printed collateral that you can use is the flyers. Dental flyers that are engaging and have interesting information will compel the readers to evaluate their dental health. Especially if it has a great design and is printed with high-quality materials.



Printed postcards are something highly personalised, unique and are cost-effective. It is also a great way to get potential clients to take a closer look at what your dental practice can offer. 



You can also send out brochures to your potential clients/patients.

Your brochure should include relevant images, details about your dental practice and what can you offer them so it’s easy to see why your dental practice is on top of the others.

Catalogues & Pamphlets

direct mail marketing

And last but not the least on our list is catalogue and pamphlet distribution for your dental practice.

Showcase your products and services with eye-catching, full-colour catalogues, pamphlets.

Whether you are offering a discount, have released new products, or are promoting a new service, catalogue & pamphlet distribution can act as powerful marketing tools which allow your dental practice to stand out from the crowd.

How Can Direct Mail Solutions Boost Your Dental Direct Mail Marketing?

We provide a range of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses which will help you reduce your costs and discover efficiencies within your operations.

Direct Mail Solutions provide end-to-end direct mail services; tailored to suit your specific business needs and goals.

Whether you need us to simply handle a mailout or require help identifying the right target market and formulating a comprehensive direct mail marketing strategy, our direct mail specialists will ensure your campaign is a success.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we will print, pack and post your direct mail job.

Next steps…

Want to save money and man-hours by giving us the task of organising your direct mailing campaigns, printing marketing material and stuffing envelopes & packages?

Construct an Effective Catalogue Marketing Campaign

Catalogue printing

If you have an e-commerce business, a physical store, or a combination of the two, one of the best ways to market your products is with a dedicated catalogue. Catalogues are a great way to attract new customers, and offer impressively high ROI compared to other print marketing mediums. To work, a catalogue must be engaging, attractive and full of all the information needed for easy conversions. To design and distribute a winning catalogue campaign, try implementing the following tactics.

Build brand identity

You should treat each catalogue you send out as a way to represent and build your brand identity. Choose a design aesthetic that fits with your existing logo and theme and stick with it. If you’re selling luxury items, you’ll need to give your catalogue a luxury feel with elements such as embossing, metallic trims and a glossy or high quality matte paper grade. If you’re targeting families, family friendly imagery, clear, clean fonts, and bright colours are all good design choices. Most importantly, you need a standout cover that clearly displays what your brand offers, while also maintaining a sense of intrigue and encourages recipients to learn more.

Enticing product descriptions and photos are a must

The level of detail you put into your product descriptions will depend on how you are selling them. If you’re selling products online, you can save the bulk of your product descriptions for your online listings, if you’re selling products in a physical store, you will want to provide a short but detailed description for each item which can be followed up on when buyers come to check them out in person, and finally, if you’re selling directly through the catalogue, the product description should be as detailed as possible. Since catalogues are highly visual, you will need to include professional, styled photographs of your products. Real life settings are the best way to showcase your products: You want to give consumers an idea of what your products will look like in their home, or warn by them etc.

Promotions and exclusive offers

Recipients of your catalogue will be much more likely to make a purchase or otherwise interact with your brand if you offer them some sort of special deal, such as a coupon/discount code, a free gift with their purchase, or even product samples. Encourage repeat purchases with a loyalty program and put a time limit on exclusive offers to create a sense of urgency.

By ensuring these elements are included in your next catalogue marketing campaign, you can maximise your ROI. Direct Mail Solutions offer end-to-end direct mail services, including catalogue mailing. Our catalogue mailing services don’t just cover distribution, but also design, printing, and targeted mailing lists.

Target lapsed customers with personalised direct mail campaigns

While many marketing regimes focus on targeting new customers, it’s also important to regularly engage with existing customers, especially those whose patronage has lapped. Find out how to reengage existing customers in 5 easy steps with a targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

Determine why customers are inactive

It should be relatively easy to determine your inactive customers by simply looking through your customer data. If you don’t have sufficient data, it’s a good idea to invest in professional data solutions so you can better track your customer’s spending habits and organise your mailing list accordingly. After identifying which of your customers are no longer purchasing your products, you need to determine why they are no longer spending money on your business. Some businesses work on a one-time purchase model, however it’s important for businesses relying on repeat customers to maintain regular contact with their client base.

Examine your recent marketing efforts to see where you may have neglected lapsing customers. You may need to make your marketing towards these customers more personal, or perhaps you’ve bombarded them with too much material. Whatever the reason, the better you try to understand your customers’ individual circumstances, the easier it will be to win them back.

Tailor your direct mail campaign

Once you’ve figured out why your existing customers are no longer purchasing your products or services, you can then use this information along with personal details to create a targeted marketing campaign. Design a campaign that is able to be tailored to each individual customers wants and needs, taking into account their transaction history and personal preferences. Put an emphasis on personalised approach by including your customer’s name in the mail out and notifying them of new products or services that align with their spending history. If possible, it’s also a good idea to use A/B testing on lapsed customers to figure out how best to reengage similar customers in the future.

Win them back with rewards

If a customer has strayed from your business, steps need to be taken to show them they are still valued and appreciated. A great way to do this is with rewards such as discount coupons, special offers or even free gifts. Rewards should be clear in their intent and should communicate a sense of exclusivity: you’re offering this reward to the customer because you noticed their lack of activity and value their custom. Rewards should be as personalised as possible (without being creepy) and a friendly “We miss you” message never goes astray.

Direct Mail is a fantastic way to communicate with lapsed customers as it lets them know you’re thinking of them and can be personalised to ensure repeat business. Direct Mail Solutions specialise in targeted direct mail marketing campaigns, from data solutions and design, right through to fulfillment.

3 involvement devices to use in your direct mail

direct mail involvement strategies

While direct mail marketing is much more likely to be opened by consumers than an email, provisions should be taken to ensure the target audience becomes actively involved with the mail outs they receive, rather than just throwing them in the bin. Direct mail involvement devices are a great way to engage consumers and increase the likelihood of them purchasing a product or service from your business. Here are 3 involvement devices to use in your next campaign to increase customer involvement and sales.

direct mail involvement strategies

Quizzes and checklists

Quizzes and checklists are a great way to get potential customers to take notice of your product or service as they can prompt readers into realising needs or wants they were previously unaware of. Quizzes should be structured to elicit as many “yes” answers from the prospect as possible, as each yes answer brings them a step closer to realising they qualify for, want, or even need, a particular product or service.  Similarly, checklists can also alert potential customers to products or services that may benefit them.

Discount codes or coupons

A great way to get readers to interact with your direct mail is by providing them with perks such as discount codes or coupons. Most people appreciate a good bargain, which is why including discount offers (either a percentage off or a set dollar amount) or other deals (e.g. free gift with purchase, buy one get one free) in your mail outs is such an effective way to drive sales. Ensuring your offers come with a clear, approaching expiration date to encourage quick purchases and ensure readers do not forget about the offer.

Coupons also serve as a great way to collect customer data, without the need for surveys or questionnaires. By including tracking codes in each mail out you will easily be able to measure ROI when a coupon is redeemed, either in-store or online.

Free samples

In the same vain as coupons, free samples are also a great way to generate sales as consumers respond very well to freebies and bonuses. Samples are a great way to introduce consumers to new products; the consumer is excited about receiving something for free, and, once the sample runs out, they may be inclined to buy more. Samples work particularly well for cross-promotion, for example if your brand incorporates a range of products, you may send a sample of a new product to someone who has previously shown brand loyalty as they will be more likely to purchase the new item.

There are many ways you can involve readers in your direct mail campaigns to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Direct Mail Solutions have many years of experience designing and distributing direct mail campaigns and can incorporate involvement strategies perfectly suited to your business.

Direct mail and your website: an unlikely duo

People often consider direct mail as outdated and at odds with more contemporary digital marketing. Many businesses treat each marketing technique as mutually exclusive instead of complementary and tend to side with only one technique. Experts, however, recommend coupling direct mail marketing with digital strategies to boost online presence and increase e-commerce sales. If you want to achieve this for your business, here are some simple tips to guide you.

Create an online incentive

A great way to boost your sales is to incorporate online offers into your direct marketing materials, along with your key marketing message or information. If you want to gain traffic and sales on your website, consider hosting competitions or offering online discounts or giveaways as incentives. Ensure that the link to your website is clearly displayed on your mail-outs with a tagline such as “for more information, visit our website” or “visit our website for the chance to win”. If your budget allows, you can even incorporate QR codes or clickable paper.

Make offers time-sensitive

If you decide to include incentives on your direct mail-outs, ensure they are time limited. Placing a time frame on offers creates a sense of urgency and increases the likelihood impulse purchases. If customers are afraid of missing out on a deal, they are more likely to ignore costs and decide to spend money more rapidly.

Make your offers clear

If you decide to include a link to your website, ensure the link you give is short and clear. The longer and more complicated your website’s URL is, the less likely people are to visit it, as they will be disinclined to type something too complicated. If you decide to offer a coupon code in your direct mail to be redeemed online, ensure that you include simple, straightforward instructions. A great way to do this is with bullet points or a step-by-step guide.

If you want to increase awareness about your company, while boosting your online presence and sales, consider marketing your website with a direct mail or bulk mail campaign. Direct Mail Solutions are experienced direct mail professionals, and will work with you to create a successful campaign to compliment your digital strategy.

Five tips to succeed in a direct mail campaign

While many people opt to receive information about retailers and services via email, consumers still value direct mail. It is easy to miss a promotional or informative email about a company when your inbox is littered with bulk mail. Believe it or not, most people are more responsive to direct mail campaigns than they are to e-campaigns. If you are considering launching a direct mail campaign for your business, consider these five tips.

Tailor your mailing list

Before sending any direct mail, be sure to create a targeted mailing list. Decide on your target customers and then buy a list of addresses relating to specific postcodes or people who have opted to receive promotional offers. By targeting people of a certain demographic or location, you can improve your response rates and increase the success of your campaign.

Consider your design

When it comes to advertising, everything’s aesthetic! If you can, collaborate with a professional graphic designer and ask them to organise your direct mail content so it has the greatest impact on your target customers. Ensure that your company’s associated colours, logos and trademarks are included on your mail, to foster a more memorable brand.

Words are important

Word choice is also pivotal to a successful direct mail campaign. It is a good idea to consult a professional copywriter in order to reach your target audience with a clear, concise and engaging message and tagline.

Include promotional incentives

Promotions such as discounts, competitions and giveaways are proven to enhance your response rates. If you do choose to market promotions, ensure that your budget will allow you to adequately deliver on your offers.

Be responsible

Before beginning a direct marketing campaign, ensure that you have considered relevant privacy rights and regulations. Direct mail campaigns are responsible for collecting and holding personal information and you must ensure that you are taking your responsibilities seriously.

If done well, direct mail campaigns can become an incredibly effective form of marketing. They can encourage timely responses and boost your business’s brand. Direct Mail Solutions are experts in successful direct mail marketing. Our friendly staff are happy to listen to your needs in order to create the perfect, targeted direct mail campaign to suit your business.

6 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2016

New Year’s is all about making a fresh start and planning for a successful year ahead. There’s no better time to launch a new direct mail marketing campaign than when all of your customers are open to change and looking for ways to improve their lives.

Here are our top six New Year’s direct marketing ideas for beginning 2016 with a bang:

Launch new products & services

New Year’s is the ideal time to add new products and services to your offering. You might like to kick off the campaign with a New Year’s Day sale in which you launch your new product and offer a discount or giveaway when customers purchase this new item. You can tell your existing customers and members of your mailing list about this campaign in your 2016 catalogue or in eye-catching campaign flyers. You could make the flyers look like VIP invitations to a glamorous New Year’s Eve party or tickets to the event. Your customers will then need to bring the invitation to your store or office to gain access to the discount or giveaway. You can add a discount code to the flyer for online orders. That way you can track your campaign success effectively.

Run a New Year’s themed promotion

You don’t need to have a new product or service to run a promotion. After the festivities are over, you can show your customers that you appreciate that finances are often tough at the start of the year after Christmas expenses. Your direct mail marketing campaign could encourage customers to take advantage of “Summer Savers” or “New Year’s Day Deals” where they are given access to discounts on particular products or even all their January orders. You campaign could prove to be the difference between a sluggish or vibrant start to your 2016.

Celebrate Australia Day

Another great occasion on which to run direct mail marketing campaigns is Australia Day, especially if your products are made in Australia or your company is Australian owned. It’s the perfect chance to highlight your “Australianness” and celebrate all things Australian by giving your customers or members something special such as a free gift, discount or invitation to an event.

Help everyone make New Year’s resolutions

Everyone loves making New Year’s resolutions. You can give your customers ideas for potential resolutions to follow in the New Year with your direct mail marketing campaign. Try telling them how they can have a better year in 2016 by using your product or service, or explain how switching to your brand from a competitor will make their lives better.

Here are a couple of examples:

“This year I am going to get fit with Company ABC’s fantastic new personal training program.”

“Get organised in 2016 with our wonderful new range of personal organisers and diaries.”

You could even suggest your customers resolve to stop paying high prices or putting up with poor customer service and switch to your company. Alternatively, you could tell your customers what your resolutions are for the new year e.g. “This year, we will offer all of our loyal customers more benefits than ever before including free gifts, VIP events and exclusive offers.”

Update your mailing list

As with any direct mail campaign, your New Year’s promotions should be targeted at the right audience. You should review and update your mailing list of your current customers to make sure your message is going to arrive at the right destinations. Alternatively, Direct Mail Solutions can help you choose the right target audience and the right way to reach them with our expert data solutions. A good database is essential to the success of your New Year’s direct mail marketing campaign.

Get help from the experts

Get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign by outsourcing your mailing to direct mail specialists like the team at DMS! Our direct mailing team will take care of every step of the mailing process from print to delivery, and we can even help you with campaign planning.

Use these direct mail tips to keep your business “front of mind” for your target audience both in the new year and beyond. Happy New Year!